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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Burns Bog Burning...

Burns Bog has been burning for three days. It is the largest undeveloped urban land mass in North America containing 12 individual eco-systems...
The critters are probably completely freaked-out.
We, here in White Rock are under a blanket of smoke that is covering the gulf islands and probably way beyond. Can't tell past the shore line what's out there.
Our large and very vocal seagull population - along with the crows, sparrows and all other birds has been completely silenced - or vanished? Relocated?

There is that profound "9/11 silence" and stillness hanging in the air...can almost be touched, like the smoke that is (bitter) and ticking the back of my throat. Like the lingering mild headache.
The moon reflecting on the bay last night was just as eerie - like staring at a post card - beautiful but lifeless!
This is enormously sad. I feel my heart participating in the loss/transformation of the environment and the fear of critters big and small that inhabit the area...


PS.: 5:00PM the gulls are back "full force"... smoke moved South/somewhere with breeze...sun "shining" for the last couple of hours - it appears that the fire is under control!

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