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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The "truckload" of stuff I need to get off my chest

The "truckload" of stuff I need to get off my chest, may not be as huge/heavy a load as how it actually feels.

There is a saying in Spanish: "If you sleep with children, you'll wake up wet".
That is how my years on FB have been. "Mostly sleeping well but, waking up truly soaked with the urine of this "young diluted souls" involved in the management of the same.

Goes back to education. One thing is to have a degree. Another, is to have an education. Actually, a person can have various degrees but still be an ignorant imbecile. Still does not necessarily be cultured, worldly... "Education" is not entirely acquired in a building with one or another prestigious or not name above the entrance door. It is something, gifted by family, in the milieu of each individual, the company he/she keeps, the books read, the movies or TV selected for viewing, travel, observation, variety and depth of interests, social circle, and so on. It is unlimited and always open to "the new".... in other words: Every minute, every situation, every day an unending source of richness to file that, for some of will continue until our last breath.

I will miss the interaction with some creatives that have become dear friends, some of whom I met personally and became family. BUT, There was life before and I am sure there will still be a rich life after FB. Which, I cannot entire leave as I have group commitments and my art page. Again, who knows when I find a way to "circumvent" the bad.

This time, as other times, I am utterly pissed off at their "censorship" methods. Last night they literally cornered me into "disliking" some groups they alleged were doing one thing or another (?) and also some issue with some minor trivia on post I had to agree to delete to access use.

The most offensive was the allegation of a nudity, claiming I posted and image not complying with "their standards". MY STANDARDS are HIGHER than FB will have!!

For one, I can differentiate between an art nude and naughty nakedness (plenty of those annoying ones, keeping women's existence as objects alive!)

So, someone must have complained. Someone with malice as it happened before, or a new "sick/perverted" bastard or bitch. I have eliminated a couple of people before that I suspected of "denouncing" me, and been in peace ever since... This time I don't have the time nor the inclination to investigate any further than requesting they have the courtesy to show me the so called "offensive image".
By the way, I do not recall even sharing the nude work of a colleague these past few weeks. The only one I would share, I don't, simply because his images are of skeletal women (I find unhealthy and a further promotion of diet neurosis). So, I am at a loss for what to do other than focus on something else, particularly now, that I am busy preparing for our "5 Nuts and Squirrel" month long event at the PopUp Gallery coming up in late May-June.

I will post my nude works at my @ Alicia M B Ballard blog - at my heart's content, knowing that Google standards include a cultured agenda.

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

It's been a while, I been busy with "bigger things"

I produced MEDUSA this last year while working hard as Artistic Director for Outside the Box, White Rock

“Medusa”                                          $3800.-
Acrylic/Mixed Media 4' x 5' on canvas

Very briefly:
Medusa’s story slightly varies in time and depending of whom the narrator is.
Often contradictory, her stories gravitate between victim and villain.
A guardian and protectress, representing birth and earth. Medusa ultimately “became” a monster, a Gorgon with a hideous face and living venomous snakes in place of hair. Greek mythological figures came to life during the Iron and Bronze Ages. Medusa was known for her mesmerizing beauty and was turned into a monster by Athena in a fit of jealousy; apparently Medusa (also had) made love with her brother in Athena’s Temple - the last straw!.
Anyone looking at the ravishing Medusa would turn into stone!
Eventually, Perseus, after a prolonged and convoluted journey managed to approach her from the rear (with the help of some local witches) and, decapitated her.  He later handed Medusa’s head to Athena to place it on her shield.
However, this is where it becomes even more complicated as Pegasus was her son,  some stories say Pegasus came/flew out of the wound inflicted on her neck while being decapitated by Perseus.
The ring of fire represents war and calamities, as ofter in ancient time fire was set to eliminate the enemy. Dagger and shield representing both the iron and bronce age respectively.
In classical antiquity the image of Medusa appears in evil averting devises know as Gorgonion.... (Which, is not a Gargoyle).
It took over a year of a succession of discarded plans to complete this work. 
Torn between the concepts of “beauty and ugliness” I eventually decided to obscure her face in order to solve my dilemma and also to spare us all from turning to stone.

Friday, January 01, 2016

Morning reflections: January 1, TGIF!

I woke up this sunny morning morning and the first thought was on a "sunny" new year! A bright and warm omen. I'd like to believe. Then, immediately after the pessimist in me reminded me it was just "Friday". Another Friday. A Friday like all others following a Thursday, yet it feels different because culturally we come to see January 1 as an entire new world, with a life full of dreams and promises that were not existent nor possible mere seconds ago.

I like this practice as in the Spanish saying "borrón y cuenta nueva" (loosely translated as "erase and begin anew". I love this capability of ours to move forward at the strike of midnight into another life. A better, healthier, happier, accomplished, loving, successful, peaceful one. One born of our desire and imagination. So much positive energy around the world on a single date we are all united around the world...... Maybe, maybe the problems for the true lack of change is that this huge positive, vibrant light filled energy only last a few seconds past the midnight blasts. I can only imagine all that we could accomplish if the level of forward thinking euphoria would last just a little longer to allow the possibility of a mega shift.

If we could only remain on even the "fumes" of it....
how many marriages would be saved, how many children would be fed, refugees rescued, homeless permanently sheltered, workers getting promotions and raises, bosses be more humane, whale colonies and dolphin pods saved, elephant tusks and rhine horn not poached, no clear cutting, nor water and oil gauging, pets and all other animals given respect. No fear, only hope. All hoping for a better life, a better world....
But in essence, it is only Friday. Just a Friday like any other Friday. Although, the sun is shinning! Hopeful.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Seasonal Reflections

I hope I have the energy to actually finish this post... Not much of that these days. As a matter of fact I don't feel much of anything lately; Perhaps, just an urgency for time to pass. Time that seems to have come to a halt, where Jingle Bells is stuck in the album groove. At times I hum along (that's the spirit!) at others,it is white noise (I wish).
As it happens I am "riding out" one hell of a depression spell, can't remember when was the last one like this, although this feels very unique as getting out of bed and do something away from the bedroom is the only accomplishment on the days I leave the house with a definite purpose.
Of course, the grey, rainy-stormy weather does not add to the merriment at all, it contributes to all the gloom! (S.A.D.: great acronym).
Despite being in the thick of it and, not wanting to be there, my mind finds ways to otherwise "stimulate" me. Instead of inspiring me to paint, or to write as I did today, my mind steals the tender dawn "twilight time" to give me supposedly cheering up ideas of what to do with myself to leave this depression behind. No, it is not a Christmas induced one. It has descended on me sometime in early October with a nasty non-descript cold of sorts. I got really accustomed to enjoy being in bed, without any compulsion to exit it as I had for many decades in the past, when I felt I had "enough" and my body ached.
Maybe it is also an age thing (no one tells you these things!) And as my body does not ache, I take it as a sign of quiet acceptance and secret indulgence.
So, as I was telling you, my creative "twilight time" has become a taunting mechanism which provides a number of "cheer-me up" ideas on some given days (mainly sunny ones) to cheer me up and abandon this depression and my cozy bed for the day or, the duration of the cheer-me up project.
The first one, unselfish one, happened to be also a creative one... to find something to hang on the door, photograph it and make a greeting seasonal card with it. Not very cheery, although the project took a few hours, pleasant ones, I like to add.... However  the results ended reflecting my mood and not the other way around. No greeting cards!

While it is a perfectly acceptable, pleasant arrangement for the Christmas Observation, it is not even close to being "cheerful" - Failed, back to bed (not so much to read but to watch TV in all its meaningless yet engaging company).

Brilliant get well "twilight project" two: Get my hair coloured.
I wanted it red as It was many, many years ago (and I had more fun as a redhead!). Too chicken to tackle the job myself and also too short of funds for my newly discovered super stylist in town, I opted for one, a third less in price option, at a Vancouver Stylist School-Salon.

What could possibly go wrong? Not much with all the supervision, one would think!

But no. Failed, again; Twice now! Back to bed and not leaving the apartment until further notice or finding a better, less embarrassing colour. I must admit I did manage to get home and leave the house and was not stared at by anyone. People have gotten so used to see bizarre they are not even slightly tickled by it!

Third "twilight assignment": go to large hated chain  supermarket and gift myself with a good underwire bra and some eye cream.
I must say, I miraculously found a good and fitting bra for a price I did not need a loan for.... One for me. Back to bed.

The last "twilight outing  cheer-me up assignment" was to find a "suitable" hair colour for an artist my age, a red for my age, not the circus - no matter how spectacular the colour and its intensity were... Seriously, it is a wonderful colour but it does not suit me, never mind my present mood. Did not even manage to cheer me up a little. Of course, this is confirmed by the fact that there was a "before" photo but the salon manager did not find it her (either) to take an "after" photo, thus confirming my perception. Which as usual did not stop me from thanking them and even leaving a tip for the student. Because that is what I do when I go to a salon - any salon in my long life for a "cheer-me" and someone royally crews up. I thank and tip with a smile! But there was also the overall condition of the hair colour... it was/is uneven.... I cannot image why as they did not mince with the amount they applied nor the time it was left on. O well. Failed: for a third time!!! YAY

On with last outing before Christmas "twilight cheer-me up and me alone assignment" since my last merry making experience sits heavy in my heart, I do not want to be anyone's pity guest (As that was what it turned out to be, I am embarrassed even now to share what happened on such supposedly lovely occasion and subsequently and how loosely we use the words friends and family - much better alone!)


Alright, I needed to say that. Now to the best yet... OK, I followed the assignment almost to the letter, as I left the book buying out - it became out of my way as I forgot my wallet home and had to walk back. Walking is not as enjoyable as it used to be... Particularly, when one must do grocery shopping around the neighbourhood, but I was determined to "cheer-up". Since the car was damaged while a robbery in progress and I could not replace it to this date... That, is how I went by the butcher and availed myself of some bargains (better than at the supermarket, I might add. Then to the little gift store in the mall for a couple of little gifts in the eventuality someone drops by unexpected (It happened in the past, does not mean at all it is going to happen ever again, still I can put the items to good use. Then, on to get my favourite bread, some chicken wings for dinner too since I am there, walking by them.....
On  to the "other" chain store nearby, advertising almost all of the hair colour on sale - must make a mad run for it and give it a try before my birthday on January .... for when I really have some "Twilight Plans" I am looking forward to. OK, yes it is a New Year's resolution I am most certainly looking forward to, one I have been contemplating for several months, one that one comes around once a month... A "can do" one!
The new hair colour dye looks quiet a bit more civilized than the one I am sporting for this short while. Actually, it looks very much like the colour I originally intended. O well.... I did not make any savings whatsoever.... except, I would have done better if I would have done it myself...
OK. form there I went to Liquor store - what a crazy idea/concept we still subscribe to. Going to a Government operated booze store!!!!
I managed to buy some wine, a delicious berry wine (who would have though it!) and I gave myself a bottle of scotch, the brand I like, not some fancy smoked single malt stuff I finally managed to get used to. And smooth too, once one gets over the "added inspiration".

Over all I did well, although I do not feel better at all, I managed to secure myself a new good, pretty bra and my favourite scotch, some meat and bread assure me I can survive the holidays in my cave with no need to leave the bed/house (perhaps to get the studio in order, although that "twilight project" does not appear to come to fruition these days... who knows, maybe a bit of breakfast would give me the push I now need.


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Dear car thieves

I'll go straight to the point as it has been days I been meaning to write to you. You are not only criminals but also monumental nitwits.
How come?
Simple; I am a senior on limited income.
This/my car was the only car I had. You think ICBC is the one you are screwing, not the car owner.
Well, let me tell you. ICBC is an institution where people work for a salary, are not personally affected at all. They are mostly nice people. They follow a set of rules.
Often those rules do not quiet fully compensate the car owner, despite their coverage.
For myself, I though I was safe from the likes of you. My car was a sensible 1991 Toyota Corolla. Its entire monthly maintenance y enjoyment less than a monthly 3 zone bus pass.
For your information nitwits, as it took more than one of you to disable my ignition and thus starting my  punishment for existing!
When you disabled the ignition you did such a bad job, that not only you could not move it, even the towing company had an almost impossible time with it.
So... AS ICBC was 5 days behind in the claims department I was not eligible for the coverage of a rental car, which I found out, it is covered in its entirety if your vehicle is deemed repairable and while such repairs take  place. Or a new replacement id found. So, no free mobility. You, inconsiderate nitwits ended it.
As the "claims adjustor" passed sentence, he phoned also to advise me  to pick up my belongings at the nearest claims office.
The insurance agent called the following day to inform me a cheque (for a truly laughable amount...). Warned that this may most likely happen, I immediately recalled on line prices 3 and 3.5 times higher than the offer at hand. After reevaluation another, more "reasonable offer" was accepted later on that same day.

I was to make this amount, in addition to my deductible stretch to cover the cost of a similar car...

HM! That has not happen yet, A month and some after you gentlemen, ruined a perfect little car, and along with it a suitable lifestyle.
Oh yeah, you did not know that they only go by year and model, not condition or emotional attachment, for that matter. I admit it was not in mint condition, but it sure was in an excellent one....a few age blemishes that the spray paint cans I have already purchased would not have corrected.
So you see, car insure in this case ( and many others) is a blooming ban-aid and you dear car thieves left me the owner high and dry.
Actually, I cannot say "dry" as I find myself chasing shuttle busses in the rain to do my grocery shopping. Highly inconvenient I find at my age and in my budget zone.
You see, you altered more than my mode of transportation. You altered my lifestyle. The lifestyle of a retiree bent of continuing living with her life filled with art activities, in peace and harmony with the world, untouched and un altered by thugs like you.
At the end. you really screwed me, and me alone.
The car you wanted to steal, never left its underground, secured parking stall. You never drove it out, just ruined it.

I don't even have the consolation of knowing that your damage causing rampage in our garage will ever be punished.

being moved by shear muscle!

Friday, October 02, 2015

First visit to Nordstrom in Vancouver.....

.... most likely the last.

Entering Nordstrum on our first recognizance trip found it impressing, a smart suited, handsome doorman directed us to the Concierge station at the other end of where we entered. We were most impressed by the lighting and tasteful displays of delicious merchandise, with even more "delicious" prices for the retailer... 
As we walked around the main floor we began to confirm  the "too pricey" rumours - as some conspicuous prices began to allow themselves be found. We promptly proceeded to follow our plan to have lunch, via a drink at the bar, which was full.  I must say that we were accommodated promptly and courteously addressed by the barman whom gave us the inside scoop of the waiting time for a table at Bistro Verde on the 3rd floor (with an elevator direct from the street bellow too).

On our way, we got amused and distracted by the ever increasing prices and some of the "far out" items they merchandized for nutty rock-and-rollers wanting to be hip... (?) or some lost raper, such as this pair of filthy looking ripped jeans for a mere $960+ dollars - which, could be easily found under $10, cleaner, at a raunchy second hand store.... But, we were told they were "designer" jeans.... Who cares, garbage is garbage, even when "designed" by an unknown (possibly only to us) someone with little creativity and aesthetic savvy. However, not withstanding the "built in filth look"- That, was spot on!

These tasteful star studded runners were under lock and key in this display case, which I found irresistible  to photograph.... We never found out if the cost came over $1,000.- We loved them! We admired lots of things...

Among them, these pair of shoes, they were the coolest, funkiest shoes I could dare to wear would I have the wardrobe and $$$$$$+ to waste (on a trip to Europe for instance!?).

Now that Jimmy came to his senses and is also making shoes for comfortable, sensible walking... this little number made it "top one" in the huge assortment of big (and not so big designer) footwear section. Good for Jimmy, but so "impractical" at over $400!! Or so. My budget will only accommodate Balenciaga perfumes... (when I am in an exceptionally good mood).

The staff throughout the store, present at every turn, was eager and very pleasant. Our top choice, were  the bartenders for the courtesy and charming service. Our  award of the day goes to them! 

The gigantic chandelier by the escalators from ceiling to ground floor in nothing short of spectacular and well worth the trip, if nothing else, to look at it! This photo does not begin to do it justice.... Totally fab, if you ask me!

In summary, it is most likely that we will not return to Nordstrom's any day soon to do any shopping, let alone lunching. I must also share that the smoked salmon with hot radish sauce and fried capers we ordered, was an absolute disaster. And I am not exaggerating because my dear friend Juliet returned hers too. She, whom otherwise would normally suffer than offend by refusing to eat what she is served!
How bad was it. I "chopped" the chef... immediately  And explained to the gracious waiter that the sauce had pepper chunks I was chewing on (too coarsely grinned, but what for?), the capers were burned to a crisp, and someone forgot to "smoke" the salmon (within and topping pancakes), which was served in large chunks as if a leftover from another, past meal. We ordered a pizza. It was OK. But not for the price.... It is not a matter of being cheap, but a matter of expecting and demanding a better standard, they just opened (after all)! We will definitely return to lunch a the Vancouver Art Gallery  as we had done many times in the past as I also pointed out ....

This experience was definitely made better by the staff. (made me wonder what kind of "salary program" are they on: salary and commission or, straight commission?
They should get paid handsomely, as they are the first responders to many complaints to come when the illusion vanishes.
If  any establishment wants the public to perceive excellence. They must be, do "excellent". 
I am not easily impressed by pricey merchandize and attentive staff, although the later is simply divine.... No one poked my eye out with fantasy and glamour yet.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Morning Reflections from The Observatory: Outrage replacing Conscious Citizenry on Kardashian,"Manage", Ghomeshi and Parliament Hill.

Since when an artist’s expression requires such an outrage? Isn’t it the “job” of an artist to bring forth that which is not comfortable, pretty or pure complacency?

It has been three days now that we have been bombarded with Kim Kardashian's monumental ass, Nicki Manage’s “nazi” images and longer with the “Sexual harassment” of the rogue Parliamentarians. None of these warrants one more minute air time than the plight of refugees from Syria, Palestine or de Mexican vanished students, yet, we hear outraged voices popping up in all media on these marginal “news”.

Where, why and when have we switched off the the ability to pass judgement for ourselves and file it?
I have not gone on a lengthy research extravaganza regarding “Nazi” imagery, but I am certain of having seen these along with little characters marching in their army fashion in Saturday morning cartoons. Not a peep out of anyone!
So why does it become such an issue now? I obviously have my opinions on those that jump on the latest outrage band wagon and it is clearly fashionable to be outraged at anything and labeling it Nazi. It was tiring in Europe (while I was visiting last year) and is equally tiring now in North America...
I never cared for  anything Manage or Kardashian and, as for sexual harassment, nothing as a well given slap to stop the nonsense, instead of all the whinnying about “trauma” inflicted, to the dilusionals whom think this is the way to make a difference, creating victims out of an eternally male/female tension. Time to grow up and view things the way they really are and giving each the weight they deserve.
Not that K.K.'s formidable ass does not deserve some pondering, whether Photoshopped, implanted or a plain formidable muscle structure... Still, we shall move on.
N.M. on the other hand, with an enormous following, to which I cannot imagine ever belonging equally falls under my label of simply “vulgar” . A word and concept that is all but lost in our contemporary culture which, most certainly applies to these to personalities.

The parliamentary sexual intrigue is even more childish given the age and position of the parties... how and why were these people elected? Sure, there are a number of nincompoops in office, but, seriously, 10 solid days of this topic is enough for those of us having to suffer all the stupid rhetoric including the endless repetition of “victimized” and "traumatized". Is there a secret campaign to make us all asexual. Not that situations of unbalance in the workplace using sexual harassment as a domination tool do not exist and should be swiftly dealt with. However, I see this as an individual effort supported by some clearly defined guidelines.... And I am also lumping this later with the Jian Ghomeshi debacle. I say this having arrived at a nice ripe age as a blond woman, and have “survived” it all. Love the new overinflated phrase of “survivor of sexual harassment".... Seriously?

© Maggie Balogh/October 14, 2014

Thursday, June 16, 2011

White Rock Parking - Never say another bad word!!!

I was just wrapping up an afternoon of photography, taking advantage of the wonderful afternoon and ample parking available due to the Stanley Cup hockey final.

As I was returning to my car two, not one, Parking Officers were scouring the parking lot west of the Museum... my "little guy" obscured by a van....
A stepped up towards the unknown when one of them asked me if the car was mine... One handsome young man I thought - when the other one came into sight!
Hmmmm, White Rock stepping up the Public Relations with these two hunks?

OK, never mind "the hunks", serious business at hand, why is one of them ready to ticket me?

I got a parking sticker.
- No, you don't.
Yes, I do... got the sticker on my windshield - there!
- No... this is an orange sticker, you need a yellow one.
The yellow one is last year's, this year's it's orange.
- No, it is yellow, you got a Centennial sticker...
What (the hell) is a Centenial sticker?
- For the Centennial Arena, you can park there... you need to pay to park here.
(Why would I need to pay here?) Why would I need a sticker for Centennial? What's Centennial? OH!  I only go there to get the sticker! This is the one for this year...
- No, look what it says... Didn't you read it?
Why would I read it? It is the sticker they gave me when I asked for one.
- He reads it aloud for me while I watch in dis-be-lief! 
(I got a blooming Arena parking sticker!!!???) That's why I only paid $15.00 for it, I assumed they came to their senses and began prorating it...
It also explains why they did not asked me for proof or residence.... hmmmmm

I look at "the hunk" and smile as blond as I can (well... there's no denying!) I think he got "it" before I even tried! I am offfffff here, so offffffffff that I confess and, tell him (them) I have been parking all over the city for a couple for months now.... (I think I perceive a bulging smile, but he continues with a stern face.) (Not a parking ticket pleeeeeease!).

His energy was good throughout the entire interaction, while I think he was in as much disbelief as I was (so must have been the second officer, spotted hunk number one, as I felt him standing nearby, behind me).
I was let off - this time - with, a verbal "warning" / strong recommendation get sticker changed.

After this experience, my experience,  I will never ever allow anyone to say anything bad about our darling parking officers - no more "parking nazis" references will be allowed!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Politics? Liberals? What's a blond to do in White Rock?

So, what am going to do?!

I did not attend the candidate nominating meeting, somehow that Sunday evening meeting around the corner just flew out of my head, therefore, I almost feel guilty to utter an opinion! Then, I read in the paper who got nominated (OMG!) and elected (OOOHMG!!!) will not say his name....

Here I am a card holding Liberal. A die hard Liberal. One, that has been asked to run for MP many years ago, when we were in office... when we were still a respected bunch (if not for Alberta!)... Now, facing a crucial election with a wonderfully worldly, charming intellectual as Mr Ignatieff at the helm and, a White Rock-South Surrey candidate, none of which I feel could/would hold the job.
One, because does not know how to be a leader/is not a leader - one is born into that sort of thing... (Or, bluffs or bullies his way into it, as Harper did.)
The other, well... from personal experience in a committee/public setting (I had to remove myself from due to his unacceptable behavior) I concluded - he - was a barbarian.
Most certainly, not the one to represent me - or anyone else - god forbid!

So, to add further distress to the ongoing dilemma is this... when I volunteer on voting day at the polling station, do I kill myself first?
~ * ~
(If I would have labels, this will be under "Things that come back to bite you in the ass")

Friday, April 01, 2011

Convocatoria/Artist Call

FiberFusion: International Mural Project 
Express yourself! (Some rules apply to common areas)

September 2011, "Outside the Box" Festival, a celebration of fiber and textiles. 
White Rock (Vancouver), BC Canada.

This Exhibit will afterward became an itinerant show traveling south through the Americas, then onto Europe.

Virtuosi Infraganti Collective: Artist without borders, sharing, educating and promoting...
Deadline: April 13
Selection: April 15

* Having only a few spaces, artists expressing themselves in an individual, original and diverse manner will be selected. (Minimal registration fee)

For details write to: Info@VirtuosiInfraganti.org

Looking forward to your participation. 
✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ 

Mural FiberFusion: Projecto Internacional
Expresate! (algunas reglas en cuanto a espacio común)

Septiembre 2011 "Fuera de la Caja"
una celebracion de fibras y textiles.
White rock, BC Canada.
Esta expor luego se convertira en una muestra itinerante viajando hacia al sur por las Americas, para luego pasar a Europa...

Colectivo Virtuosi Infraganti: Artistas sin fronteras, compartiendo, educando, promoviendo...
Plazo: Abril 13
Seleccion: Abril 15

Para mas detalles: Info@VirtuosiInfraganti.org

*Habiendo solamente unos pocos espacios, aquellos artitas que se expresen de una forma individual, original y diversa seran seleccionados. (Minima cuota de participacion con registro)

Las/los esperamos

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Bullying is alive and thriving in White Rock

Simply, a ship without a captain.
In a  less than adequate City Council:
ignorance is proportional to the lack of leadership,
and common "contemporary" sense.

It is further disturbing to find that bullying has taken another turn... now, slashing tires! How sick and sad an example to show our youth.
But, then... why am I even surprised about such thing!
These sick bastards feed on each other and believe they are powerful...
There must be some sane people also in this city and I hope they speak up at the next elections.

Monday, February 14, 2011

White Rock Council continues with its traditional "stupidity"

So, they call it "View preservation" Enhancement?
What are they thinking, I ask again, after having a conversation with rightful owner of the property which these particular tress happen to be living.

Are they thinking greedily - more money/more taxes if developers buy out these properties and do away with them? The property immediate increases its value by $200.000 'coz it has an "enhanced" view!!!

I am not sure I could have had the fortitude to fight two councils for a period of 8 years as the  Karen and Doug Ellerbik have - not to mention, Karen tells me, they are not even being extended the minimum courtesy to be heard in chamber!

How would you feel if someone was bullying you for 8 years to do away with trees on your property that you love and believe in?

Let's save the trees form Council's bullying.
Of course we can!
15140 Royal Ave. White Rock, BC

Of frogs and princes and lovers: a contemporary take

It is with a bit of sad humor that I dwell into this topic, as I find the contemporary male-female interactive scenario in practically shambles; at a time when relationships have decidedly taken a turn for the absurd in so far as to the expectations of the genders.
Never before, at least not in the last century - no matter how dysfunctional we may think the the past to be - have man, generally speaking, been so overtly aggressive, vulgar and overall undesirable to women, yet full of irrational expectations and, demands!

"Waiting for Barbie"

she is "Waiting for the Prince"

While women, appear to have never heard of self esteem and dignity - never mind the women's movement that, however screwed, provided a lot of the rights that today go unacknowledged and ignored ... in order to fit, into an outdated mold of dreary lifestyles, where the proverbial prince is nothing more than a scoundrel with pants down his ass or a 50 something with airs of don Juan (on Viagra!)

They were for a while both available exclusively at the Torrego Art Gallery in Sao Paulo, Brazil - back in Canada now.... albeit in storage!

Friday, February 11, 2011

White Rock City Council has "obligation to save the views"

by allowing cutting down of obtrusive trees

 Added my valentines, 
they say "Alicia Ballard ♡ trees"

Well, well, well!  I cannot imagine any sane, educated, socially conscious, responsible, savvy  citizen actually utter such, incredible nonsense - let alone vote in favor of it!!!!!!!!????

Comments on the latest news follow-up suggest elections. But, that presents a problem, who is actually going to run? Would there even be a choice. There really wasn't any.
All the good people apparently have moved to Surrey and are moving the city forward with incredible efficiency and heart.
Now, where are our power women?
At the new cosmetics counter of Shoppers? But, that is another story all together, did not mean to digress.

I love tress, and since I moved to White Rock I have witnessed in despair the systematic damaging, mutilation and elimination of trees - this disregard for nature, is reflected in most everything that goes down in this town.
Ignorance and disrespect are generally the norm.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Modesty..., fanatics, evangelicals and degenerates. This is 2011!!!

As a hypocrite I catch myself "talking about modesty"...
But, I simply could not leave it alone; me, so easily agreeing to it... maybe, it was being challenged to"whip your boob out" that caught me off guard... although it was not directed specially to me...

And it is about that, isn't it, when facebook shuts down the page for a breast feeding mother's profile pic.
What kind of imbecile attitude am I accepting?

What point of degeneration am I inviting, hosting in my life, while I profess that our biology is health?

I decided to "whip my boob out" just like that.
But, not really just like that... but because I find injustice, ignorance and abuse nauseating.

My biology, our biology is "normal", it is life, must be respected and celebrated, not hidden... penalized.

In solidarity to al breast feeding women and dedicated to all women in celebration of our magical biology.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Women, Secrets and confidences....

 "The circle of Life: Spring" 4x6" 
Acrylic on paper, original

Spliced. Her, and seven episodes:
The waning.
The comings and goings.
The broken heart.
The treason.
The Waiting.
The dark.
The flight.
What's hers.

23X38" acrylic on paper
(digital reproduction)

 "Rainforest Goddess"

The three works above will take part of this International Exhibit,
to be shown twice in Barcelona and moving on to Colombia, S.A.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Wolves: what people still do to them in the name of "Conservation" or, whatever!

I have had the opportunity to live close to a situation where a wolf cub was taken form the pack to be raised as a "dog".

It was very eerie to hear this unusual cry, not quiet that off a dog, not quiet that of a baby... where did it come from? Who, what, could make those heart breaking sounds/cries... for hours?
Very perturbing indeed.
A good couple of months went by until the source was located.... the conditions this scared and scrawny animal was in, was devastating to find.
Tied at the end of a heavy chain, with a padlock on its thick leather collar weighing him down. Only a narrow corridor between junk was his daily life.

The S.P.C.A was called.
The local Animal Control was repeatedly called, followed up...
Well, the animal had water and it was "legally tethered" - nothing could be done by either one.

The young wolf was growing and getting accustomed to a faint whistle indicating a friend coming by but, he could still be heard crying for hours on end! Although a dog was brought into the yard, nothing changed.
In all this time, despite claims to the contrary, this wolf, kept as a rabid dog, was never seen walking outside his tight surroundings.
Summer came, hot days - no water. They were given water by their friend; filling their empty bowl by sneaking into the compound.
Eight months went by... no change for the wolf. No help either.
Nothing could be done!? Nothing!?

There are animal rescue organizations that truly look for the welfare of the animal - regardless of the exiting "norm" and, outdated regulations/laws.
A couple were contacted. One offered to help.
A plan of action was devised. It would take some time. The companion dog could not "bark" with the approaching of "strangers".
Fortunately wolves are extremely clever pack animals and learn fast, instinctively I'd say, and as he got on "with the program" without even a faint whistle, so did his companion, the chubby dog with the smiling face.
So the program was unfolding faster than anticipated.

One evening the call came in. A volunteer would be around about 10:00PM to rescue/remove the wolf and take him to a home, 500 km away, in the country, to be with another mature female, also a "domesticated" rescue.
A risky "operation" for all practical purposes.

The volunteer went by the compound and the racket those two made could be heard at quiet a distance, reverberating and bouncing sound of the taller buildings in the neighborhood...
The volunteer could not get anywhere near them, just observe from half a block away...
Now, what?
This rescue operation had to be done that same night or there was no knowing when it could be arranged next.

After a little while, with inexperience in this matters, and enormous trepidation, the wolf's friend  approached in the usual quiet manner, by now it was almost unnecessary to even signal but, one thing was "being friends" across the fence, an another was actually touching, freeing the wolf from his predicament.
The approach was swifter than anticipated, reaching over the thorny blackberry bushes, at the lowest point of the fence the two met up. Hand reached over, grabbed collar - padlock on (!) - but, somehow the padlock remained with the chain. (?)
The young wolf was free! It took only a second coaxing and a little pull for him to jump the fence and run around the corner of the alley to the waiting volunteer and his van. As "rehearsed", not a peep out of either animal. Wolf and friend reached the van.
Both volunteer and friend realized at the same time the wolf had never been in a vehicle of any kind.
Jumping to the back seat and coaxing did wonders as he reluctantly followed. Extraordinary! He was "glued" to the friend! (Friend was shaking and crying of joy. Disbelieving to actually have become the rescuer.)
There was no way this trust could be so soon broken, the wolf had to feel safe!
Quick thinking! Drive into the parking lot and, hope, really hope, that he will be quiet until a quick change of clothing and a bite before the trip... he did remarkably well, although it was obvious he was scared.
It did not take long for him to squeeze his furry self over the lap of the friend. half in the front half over the gearshift box... He stayed there, like that, the entire trip. The friend held on to him, moved, the entire trip, except for the two road breaks in the middle of the night. One for coffee and another for the three of them. He stayed close, not quiet pulling the leash.

The "contingent" arrived to their destination at 7:00AM.
All pout of the van, the mature female wolf came to greet him. Peaceful encounter, acceptance. Very moving. Tears flowed...
At the back of the property he run free for the first time in his life... he got into "recognizance" mode.
The mature wolf's "family/pack" became his.
Volunteer and now, lifetime friend, quietly left - a long, peace-filled drive home was awaiting after breakfast, with the understanding of having done the right thing.

PS.: There are Rescue Organizations and there are others that call themselves so, such as the one in the link... It took one quick look to see, assess, understand. I am horrified that these wonderful, sensitive animals are treated no better than circus bears some years back. It is unacceptable! In the name of "conservation",  my foot!
There is absolutely no need to do what these misinformed people are doing. What surprises me is that animal loving Brits are buying into this abuse.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Human relations, are often inhuman relations tangled by language.

When we interact with each other, family as well as strangers, language - about the only thing that we think separates us, from animals - gets in the way...
Use or, disuse/misuse/manipulation of it, immediate transports us to a surreal place where the sounds that normally would clear the way, actually fog-up the panorama, and set the stage for unequal footing.
Some English modisms, such us “I don’t want to impose on you”  which, sound clear enough to be understood as not wanting to be a bother... actually, is often used as a substitute for “I want to get the hell out of here and it is easier to use you and the situation as an excuse, while I appear to be a sensible and considerate guest - and you, an intolerant fool!
Yes, yes... no two ways about it. The farce has began!
A farce yes, but not a comedy.
So, the lie/farce may be played by one or (often) by both parties.
The inhuman relations occur, with the former as the interaction moves forward in two distinct directions - only to arrive to a sudden, unexpected, chaotic disruption.
As in an animated conversation of two deaf individuals, each convincingly pursuing their own agenda as if comprehended by the other.
The situation gets reality interesting when, the one party that made the false statement is “trapped” by the hospitality and good will of the host/hostess and desperately, hastily must exit to carry out their own personal, private agenda, and chooses to further muck-it-all-up by continuing to “build” on the false statement.
Once the “inhuman relations” cease and the fog dissipates, one can clearly see “the farce” and be knowledgeable not to be in the same spot ever again.
Moral of the story, for human relations: Mean what you say. Say what you mean. Walk the talk!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Democratically, and fairly speaking....

This effort is endorsed by Antiwar.com, Noam Chomsky, Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, Daniel Ellsberg, Jody Evans, Chris Hedges, Jeff Paterson, Bill Quigley, Kevin Zeeseand others...

We, the undersigned, stand in defense of Julian Assange, WikiLeaks and their courageous actions to safeguard and advance democracy, transparency and government accountability, as protected under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

So, let us look at his calmly...

A man, any man (a, person like you and me) sets up a website to share with us all around the world information that it is "kept" from us ... As such we, cannot make proper/adequate decisions about just anything.
Because, while the intentions may not be sinister, are mostly based in outdated concepts and,  as this has never changed since the dawn of civilization, it only serves the interests of a precious minority/few.

That does not benefit us personally nor, does it benefit society as a whole, wich, at this point in time, is finding itself in a seriously desperate global financial, as well as intellectual and emotional, highly charged state of affairs.
This has come to fruition as a result of a number of things, among them, the lack of proper information and/or its substitution for the now common "spin". The safe-keepinf of the satatus quo and other minor and major interests. As a result, a great number of the north american population is getting even a greater distortion of our reality as it is regurgitated by some insanely ignorant and word power drunks that have managed to captivate a hungry audience with their sugar coated venom.
These are the ones that call themselves "patriotic" and scoff and scorn anyone sane enough to be able to see the difference...
How sad it is to observe the slow demise of a nation, through the acts of a handful of public figures, wolves dressed in sheep's clothing...

It is these people that ought to be charged with treason... OK, at the very least  with malicious public mischief,  if we don't want to get overly dramatic and, in the name of freedom of speech.
While I believe they have the right to think and say what they want, they do not have the right soil and prejudice others, let alone those that have actually have something to contribute.
We all know that desperate times drives us to desperate measures.

Rape allegation aside (as tremendously serious as they could potentially be), Jason Assange is a daring man. And, I believe that we can only come out of the current chaos with a huge reality doses, and among those leaks is, what really, truly is going on in the international scene - behind the scene!

Those of us that are alert, either rationally "suspect" (or the gut feelings don't let us sleep) of all we are hearing now.
Don't tell me any of these "leaks" are "news" to anyone!!!???
What they are, is a confirmation, they are the dotting of the i's and the crossing of the t's.

So, I ask... why such accusations of terrorism? Why calls for assassination?
We be better served as a society, if we ask why accusations of terrorism, calls for assassination... suggestion of "hunting him down".
Wow, it does stop my breath....

From the BBC: Assange Arrested earlier today in the UK

From CBC: Earlier this week
Calgary Police to probe ....

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Why is it that people are upset with the truth and embrace all the reckless spinning?

Soooooooo, how come family secrets are toxic - and governement secrets are not!?? Ah??? Someone send a counselling team to the officials of the various governments affected by Wikileaks - and a special one for that Palin woman!
Where are the civil libertarians right now? Wat has suddenly happened to freedom of speech, etc.

Dec. 6, 2010
Finally, one lone voice... Reporters Without Borders cautioning US to overreacting - and falling into the same practices China does when Gov. does not like something - urging them to respect freedom of expression, among others.
Reported this
 AM the CBC

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tough times on the Peninsula! (Yeah!)

Underground parking at WalMart
Mercedes and BMW's seeking refuge from the rain...
Flanking my VW! lol

I thought it is sooooooo telling of our times. 
Us, whom attend Social Justice Film Festivals, while having taken some time, have broken down and shop at our local (albeit, the largest in Canada, as an affluent peninsula should have lol) the largest store of its kind in the country.
And, I might add, not a retail box either.... no siree, we made them fit into the architectural design of the shopping complex... 
Now, that's power!