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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Welcome - Warm greetings to you!

Have you noticed all those times when you are going happy-go-lucky (or so you think) about your daily business and you end up in a totally different place, doing a totally different thing? (Or, perhaps you insisted in forcing the situation and ended up having struggled throughout a brutal day?)

Well, that is what I refer to as "a mischievous angels take-over".
Just as it happened on a fateful day in June!

When, while all I intended was having a cup of coffee and sitting down to read Caroline Myss' newsletter on "Spellcasters", somehow I found myself looking into what a blog was/is (?), since I only heard about it a couple of days before (as how it could also possibly be used for work opportunities? - it came to me on a listserv email, posing a generic question to all.)

So, why am I here writing about the unfolding of events out of my (our) control?
As it happens, I felt the impulse to set up a blog sharing information about my Life Skills - Recovery, Personal, Spiritual Development Workshops and Talks.
(Recovery mostly from bruised souls/spirits, stuff generally referred to as Depression...Mood disorders? Those dark times that come about after hurts and loses and,
pushing ourselves too hard, being angry, unable to move on...)
Those (healthy and much needed)
times of "rites and rights of passage" © 2004

(As I believe there is a reason for everything, there must be a monumental conspiracy of the Universe and mischievous angels, to have taken me sooooo much off track once more (Or.., did it really?)

that is what has determined and defined this particular one. Once this one other new "mischiefangel" name "was accepted", I just flowed with it...

It has actually been a real pleasure!
My belief is: there are no accidents in life and, all has its meaning, even when it is not immediately evident. Everything always, always turns out for the best in the long run.

I hope this blog will serve to bring lots of joy into all of our lives and will help us follow the events as unfold instead of insisting with our determination to follow a particular path.
road has some many twists and turns!)

I will post the inspired and wise words of admired contemporaries and those of "great ones" before us.
And, from time to time, I'll be also sharing my thoughts and insights as well as some of those marvelous events that unfold as a graceful ballet in my life and bring so many unexpected gifts
(and adventures) into it - when and if - I am paying attention and just let it be!

Hope you will share your "mischievous take-over" experiences to help us all better understand and follow observantly with our heart and instincts - rather than our heads.

I am happy to have "been ushered" here this afternoon and I am looking forward to the many changes and happy developments this creation will continue bringing forth. I am sure this is the beginning of something wonderful.

Love and blessings to one and all!

"Originally" posted in June, 2005

Updated December 31, 2005

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Star Hazel said...

Yes, there certainly are no accidents in the universe. We come to various cross roads throughout the day, I feel, and make choices. Our angels are there to guide us and it's up to us whether or not we listen. Thats why I like signs and I ask for 'em. An orange butterfly flew into my 4 liter watering jug I use for watering plants. You know how small the opening is on that! It was awesome.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog Alicia.

ian g. said...

Yes, I've met those angels. Many times and in various guises.