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Saturday, April 01, 2006

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ian g. said...

Hi Alicia,

Nothing you posted was a problem at all. Not at all.

What happened was this: Some smart arse posted a link to that "April Fool's" joke on the very Paul McCartney thread in which I'd placed it. In other words my identity was viewable on the McCartney site. The problem with that would have been that the site posts a number of harmless bootlegs. (Concerts etc.) So I thought it best to delete all connections.

I guess some people can't just roll with a bit of simple fun.

Cheers for now.

Sublime said...

Hi Angeldust,

Thank you for leaving your answer today at my blog, The Big Question. You are welcome back anytime! I post a new question each day.

"I am only surrounded by things I love – but nothing I cannot live without." - Sounds like a very healthy way to live!

Take care,

"Angeldust" said...

Well, "Sublime" it was quiet a revelation for me too - the day I felt I can just walk out of my life and also away from my things...
Now, when it comes to people - for good or for bad - "some" I will carry in my system until the day I die.

"Rusty Pearl" thans I was hoping so...
(still can't manage to fix profile booboo)
I will enter links for last two left at your blog as originals and oposites (of sorts ?):

Thanks for stopping in
Love and blessings