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Saturday, June 10, 2006

me, another kind of hidden treasure?

..... maybe.


ian gordon said...

You should make a movie. Takes up less space!

Metalchick said...

Hi Angeldust,
As always, beautiful pictures!

"Angeldust" said...

Yes.Space, a precious commodity!
It crosed my mind after I posted.
However, it would not have come out as great as yours - loved it!
(besides, by now we all know (?)what a technical "klutz" I am)

Your treasures are "exposed" to view, this ones are mostly hidden -
Which makes for cool "surprises.

The large bird cage I found last summer was protuding then, now it is almost invisible.
As it is, there were a few things we were unable to find and some I just had to leave out.
Still, hope you enjoyed.

Metalchick - thank you, again!

dragonflyfilly said...

i want to come and stroll around this hidden treasures garden....

ian gordon said...

Just following on from what you said about posts following posts:

I think across the little "community" that seems to visit each other regularly, there has been quite a remarkable degree of what we've been calling sychronicity.

Maybe it's because people feel the urge to "blog" at a certain stage in their development. NOT a certain stage in their "life". I don't think it's an age thing.

Maybe the decision to "blog" coincides with a point in one's life when things are changing. (A change that may or may not be self instigated). Changes within "the community" range from going to college, to ending relationships, to moving environment, but predominantly to -

Wanting to make a mark; a book, a painting, a song, a short story, a personal expression.

Whatever the reason, I suppose once one starts on that path there are bound to be similar and shared experiences. I've ALWAYS kept journals (mostly sketchbooks). But, for me, the decision to publish "on line" was partly motivated by the need to reclaim my identity and name. I had been a "Sir" and a "Mr" in my professional life for so long that, when I decided to walk away from its restrictions, I almost wanted to scream "I have a name! It's Ian! Gordon is my middle name! I curse! I have opinions!" Whether anyone read my journal or not wasn't too important. It was my journey; "coming out" as a normal human being. "Look at me Ma, no tie!" I then found myself on the comments page of Pete Townshend's site, the press printed what I said (which was some very basic critique of his story) and I "met" people like Anne Marie and Gary. What impressed me about them was they used their real names, just as I was stepping out into the world with my real name. No internet pretences. I thanked them for that, so even my "R.P." posts were often signed Ian G.

I'm liking the synchronicity. I note that Colide Connect (http://flagrantdrunk.blogspot.com/) has observed that things across the boards have shared a common silence of late..... And I thought it had just been me! Sadly, one side effect of the Pete Townshend blog going back up, is the fact that so many people will put their own thoughts (and maybe even their aspirations) totally to one side for its duration. (http://boywhoheardmusic.blogspot.com/). I enjoy visiting it, and hopefully instigated some discussion today (hence my Comedian post....), but I'd rather own the whole of my own tiny beach than be a grain of sand in someone else's universe.

"Angeldust" said...

"strolling" is too strong of a word, but if they meet you and "fancy you” , you are in.
They are reeeeeeeally nice people, just "a tad" more eccentric than me!
No, I confess, “they are over the top”.

Ian g.
What I meant/should have written is that while visiting blogs I was commenting immediately after your comment… as if “following you” which is also some kind of synchronicity.
Your take, and the way you elaborated on it is very pleasing. Very humanizing.
Some us have the ability to transcend chronological age – others cannot.
So, for (us?) me, the age thing is of little or no consequence. Age really is a state of mind (unless you got to run somewhere J ). Have always been fortunate to have friends and acquaintances of ALL ages. I like it that way.
I also like people that are different, by that I mean for them to have a mind of their own, people that “bring something to the table”.

“Wanting to make a mark”, yes… To define oneself and seen for that what one IS.
To think of it, you more than anyone else (the only one that I know of ), a ctually, being the first one -besides my two “friends” - that ever left me a message (it was a big day!) that has seen the evolution/changes thus far…
I started out with my real name, and two months ago – I felt, perhaps because of the changes coming about and having fully entered that vortex, that my “identity” was not defined.
At this point I don’t feel there is a thing that “identifies” me. (I”ll have to give this further thought!)
Unlike my AlmaPath blogs – name and all else , in black and white - that still hold the essence… of what once was???

You Ian, were known as Sir or Mr. For most of my life I was called by my nickname, some relatives don’t even know ‘till today what it is… not to mention the butchery I have endured since I have been in Canada. Only the English get it right.

Colide Connect - common silence of late.....? Hmmm will check again.

Donno if you are aware at all, but you play a huge part on how we are coming together and evolving as “a group” and individually too, we ARE affected by one another, even if not aware.
How is the experience for you?

Thank you for being, Ian g.
Thank you for being you.

(for now? in the initialing, the lovely symbolism of Angel Dust and, for Alicia – the little dashes for angel and airplane wings… flight ,float, glide – so, it is all me even if in code)

Anne-Marie said...

Your photographs are your treasures. They're lovely.

Ian, I am humbled by your words. And I too, am still "Madame" to most people, and so it's refreshing to have people call me by my given name.


"Angeldust" said...

PS.: Ian g.

Good God! sometimes I am sooooooo slow.
I just connected the comedy dots - I can see where you picked up ...

(I tought I was done hrs ago).
I am noticing going through some odd major (distraction ?) factor coming into play here.
This a.m. I almost walked out the store with the cleaning product under my arm.
Stopped dead a couple of feet away from the exit scanners!!!
I would not have survived the embarasment - far worst than spelling horrors.

Now, to bed, ro read and sleep tight.

Anne-MArie, Anne MArie, Anne-Marie
Anne-MArie, Anne-MArie, Anne-Marie

my apologies for having misspelled - I find that to be awful. Sincerely sorry.


Anne-Marie said...

No harm done. My name gets misspelled all the time. It's that famous author with my name, you know. People confuse us all the time. ;)


krystyna said...

Hi Angel!
I enjoyed my time very much today going through your beauty. It was my wonderful time reading your posts and comments.
There is a Paradise!!!
You are great, Angel!!!

Thank you soo much!
Good luck!
Peace and happiness be always with you!