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Saturday, June 10, 2006

and, I finally “found” most of them…
there is a frog still missingfor sure!

I like to share with you what possibly will be one of the longest postings (ever?). Yes, keep on scrolling until… God's other...
These items are found in my downstairs neighbors' deck garden. They are no ordinary neighbors; they belong to the “special” category, in more ways than one…
One is a collector, the other a gardener – among other things, of course!
Following, the resulting merge of the two hobbies and personalities – a labor of love – in the edited version of one afternoon’s playful “adventure”.
A little tribute to the great pleasure this little-great place gives me at all times.
Hope you will enjoy it as well.

"THE" deck garden in question...
very innocent looking
the bashful gardener extraordinaire, in an impromptu beekeeper’s disguise

my contribution to the cause - found it last summer


dragonflyfilly said...

hey there angeldust, i can't find my "AnimalSpeak", book, but it has a good description of a shapeshifter in there, also how to achieve this...thanks for stopping by, more later....

anyway, "bashful gardener", these are fun and fab fotos .... i will come back later, but i have to have some lunch now and water my own poor thirsty plants, (i have been blogging the better part of the morn)

"Angeldust" said...

OK, this time I answered at yours...ahhhhhhhhh

I reversed things today.
Started with the walk and up the hill for "stuff".

"bashful gardener" is my neighbour F., notice his adam's apple?

dragonflyfilly said...

hi angeldust, sorry i have not got back to you yet, but have been very busy...the locale was The Surrey Arts Centre's Studio Theatre, i think in Bear Creek Park, and if you are interested the G & S Society will be holding auditions for Hansel and Gretel in September.

took me a while to figure out what you meant by "up the hill"..heh heh.

cheers for now,

"Angeldust" said...

I'll be by the Centre next thursday for the Artist's Café.
Will folow up on it, although I am not sure I want to do any acting at this point - too many good (and younger) ones ahead of me!

Yes "up the hill" can be a harzardous area - I had to "loiter" around Vida (on Johnston - familiar with?) waiting for the ophthalmologist that was unusually late.

It was a total "frog" day for me.
I am dying to talk with someone about all of this...
I found a potentially interesting set of "shapeshifter" cards @ Amazon's site.

dragonflyfilly said...

more MIKATO photos up

do you mean Vidal, near that blue building that is a big restaurent?

well, e-mail me about the frog day, and i found my Animal Speak and was able to refresh my memory about shapeshifting according to Ted.


Brown Shoes said...

LOVE the garden - and nice that you dressed for your stroll!!
I love your photographs, and would like to add your link - okay w/you?


dragonflyfilly said...

Hi there AngelDust,
have not been at Creations of JOY for a long time so i missed your comment, sorry!

actually, i was trying to disable comments, but it did not work, taking too much time having to check all of those Blogs, but i do not want to delete them.

"Angeldust" said...

I found both the Summer Festival and the Mikado "stapled in flier" in last months Surrey Arts Counci newsletter...(in the bathroom's reading basquet)
will try to locate AnimalSpeak - it may also give additional info for my jewellery charms...

would love a link from your prestigious blog
I still have not managed to figure out how to "manipulate" the setting to suit my need...
last time I tried to "edit" my entire side barr went South again.
Will have to get in my techie for a "tutorial"

"dressed for a stroll"?
Well, my neighbours have their ideas - A. kept on "directing", offering and handing me props!
Most of the photos ended up burred from all the giggles (and some "fur flying") - thus, ending up "on the cutting floor"

warm regars to both

dragonflyfilly said...

Kath send me instructions on how to add a link but i have not had time to do so yet, if you like i could send you a copy...in the meantime, I FOUND MY ANIMAL SPEAK!!! -- when i was trying to figure out why my computer was "dead" -- checking the wiring i found that the switch on the power bar was OFF, ...soooo, little Miss Kitty (the wee bratcat) must have accidently stepped on it when she was trying to hide from me after i have been pestering her trying to get her ears cleaned -- anyway, long story...there it was, on the little stool that is under my computer desk...i would never have thought to look there if Kitty had not "switched off" my computer!!!

yesterday i had a surprise outing when friend called to invite me to a "dance recital"...her dance class was putting on a show [Classic Steps Traveling Salvation Show] at the Earl Marriott School (Wheelhouse Theatre) on 16th Avenue...mad dash to get ready, but i am glad i made the effort...it was lots of fun watching young and old "strut their stuff"

-- let's try and chat soon -- i will make an effort to call you...

cheers for now,