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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Anne-Marie, Arconómadas, BrownShoes,
Dragonflyfilly, Ian G., Metalchik
Thank you for dropping by,
your visits (and comments) are much appreciated!
My comment in response to your kind words went up in a puff late last nigh, and this being another day, another time - another day out of town and feeling flat and uninspired -
I am looking forward to returning the courtesy tomorrow.
Ta-ta for now. Sweet dreams everyone.


Anne-Marie said...

You're most welcome. I like your blog very much- your work is colourful and offers an interesting perspective.

What pretty flowers. It looks like they've been slightly peppered. Can you tell I need to go have breakfast? ;)


Brown Shoes said...

As are your comments to me -
I appreciate the connection.


"Angeldust" said...

slightly peppered?
Hmmm, actually I like them "au naturel" just the way they will be soon - dark, juicy, plump, tempting, seducing as I walk by - those naughty blackberries!
Your subconscious must have picked up on that...