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Sunday, August 13, 2006

"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing."
- Abraham Lincoln -

- As opposed to the previous post -
(Response to "Victim's Victory" article in local paper)

Rob DeMone, Editor
The Peace Arch News
White Rock, BC

August 13, 2006

Re.: Victim’s Victory

Dear Editor:

My own experiences were relived as I felt nauseous reading yet another account.
I could possibly match and perhaps surpass the length of your well written report on Joanne Morrison and the other many Chatham’s women’s case with my own; not only recounting my experience but, the witnessing of the boarding school’s old priest also do with the other young little girls, during daylight, on the veranda, as the nuns were walking by, not farther than 15 - 20 feet away…

Just like in Joanne’s case, we all took turns sitting on his lap – except for me, it was an honor – on the lap of “the representative of God on Earth” - and, to top it all off, just prior to our First Communion, such spiritually charged time!
Abuse, sexual and other, did not happen in residential schools only, my parents “actually paid for it” (unbeknownst to them). How ironic is that?

These are stories of sexual and/or physical and emotional abuse, abandonment, control, pedophilia, hypocrisy, lack of ethics and morals and an unrepentant, arrogant church. A system sick to the core, as those that remain inactive within it, are just as guilty for holding their silence - for taking part in the “greatest cover-up”.

However, my story did not take place in North but, South America instead. The Vatican has shamelessly claimed that this is almost an exclusive North American phenomenon… Well, it isn’t!
I am sure this type of conduct is rampant around the world. At this very moment, as I am writing to you, there are a number of priests and other church “associates” around the world, still sexually molesting and abusing/controlling children/human beings and being overlooked, hidden and protected by their respective dioceses and the Vatican.

I hope the priest from my former school is dead and buried and with him, his shames.
I have no known way of taking action on my own case from here – I greatly admire the “endurance”, thank and support the steps taken by Joanne Morrison and the other women. I also wish more man would come forward to further unmask the perpetrators hiding behind the cloth.

Without a doubt, those early experiences in boarding school shaped and influenced my entire life and keep on affecting it’s course, as what I am doing today www.AlmaPathAdventures.blogspot.com
is a direct result of the journey that (abruptly – with innocence lost) started a number of decades ago.


Alicia M. Ballard (a.k.a. AngelDust for a lot of you!)

PS.: I wish we could find a word other then survivor to substitute for “victim” … which in itself is as spell casting/binding as the perpetrated acts.
High time to revise our concepts, our vocabulary.

Link to story in Peace Arch News


QUASAR9 said...

Hi, pickedthis from a previous post:

"Do you believe that the role of our Armed Forces should revert and remain in a Peace Keeping role?
Phone the Prime Minister's Office and tell him so"
- on your dime: 1.613.941.6888

I think that should be the only role of any army - like the fire services.

The fire services are not there to start fires, but to put out the fires.

Wishing you a lovely day
All the best - Q.

"Angeldust" said...

Nice of you to visit Quazar9

Yes, I agree,
The army to keep peace.
Fire fighters to put out fires.

If I may add...
Clergy to soothe souls and build spirit.

Joy to you

Plus Ultra said...

For that may I give you a bouquet of roses...

"Angeldust" said...

I gratefully accept!

joy to you


Anne-Marie said...

Hi Angeldust,
you've written a powerful and moving letter. Luckily, my catholic experiences were relatively benign, but I am aware of people who suffered greatly at the hands of those in authority. Shame doesn't even begin to address what was done.


"Angeldust" said...

Thank you for your words Anne-Marie.
You ar fortunate indeed, as there are many that have or know directly of one that has been - as my "longitudinal survey" suggests...


Joy to you

slskenyon said...

When an institution exists worldwide, it is impossible to point the finger at one particular geographic area as having a behavioral mishap that only applies to them and no one else within the same institution. OF COURSE all kinds of offenses are happening all over the Catholic Church, as well as in other religious groups. The sadder thing is that instead of crimes like these being brought to the forefront by those who know about them, we have to go looking for them ourselves. For a group of people who preach over and over that we should be open with our sins in order to seek forgiveness, over and over again, we see the victims having to point fingers and those in the know, as well as those who commit the crimes, remain "mum" on the issues.

Perhaps we can learn something from this, but this isn't the way we should be learning those lessons.

VallyP said...

Your letter reveals a very sad, nay appalling experience which you should never have had to go through. I am increasingly sickened by the crimes committed under the banner of religion, but this is of the most sordid and shameful. Those who pretend to protect and offer peace and tranquillity are the abusers.

Like Anne Marie, I grew up in a benevolent church environment with nuns and priests who were all true to their faith, but I am shocked to the core by these continuing reports of abuse you and those like you have suffered Alicia. I sincerely hope that your current actions will go some way towards rooting out this horror from the church. You have my support and admiration.

Thanks too for your beautiful blogs! xx Val

"Angeldust" said...

Thank you slskenyon,
and all of you the showed support through posting a comment.

Please feel free to send a link to this post and link bellow, as this is the “largest” case thus far to make it to court.
Over 70 women came forward and pressed charges. The Crown only prosecuted – for trail expediency –42 to date…
Joanne Morrison initiated the process she had settled before these other women came forward…
There is soooooo much one can endure.

Love and joy to all of you!

vallyp – all my blogs?
I’m blushing….
Wow, that’s cool!