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Monday, September 25, 2006

closer to developing a style?

It occurred to me this morning, that I used the same method for painting as I use for cooking.
I look, sample, buy the books, get inspired, buy the ingredients, set the book out on the counter... and, do my own thing!
I'm a trial and error girl. Get some pointers from here and there, but my compass takes over when I start doing something.
(Ahhhh, one is missimg! I realized this one work might be "salvaged" and re-named :) )

Hope will enjoy this batch and even have a smile or two!

"Churning Waters" - "Tentatively" ON HOLD
But, Leonard thinks it should be called "Beginning of Life",
what do you think?
"Heritage Update"

"Mayan Mod" - "Tentatively" ON HOLD

"Tribal Circle" * SOLD

"Hip-Hop Jungle"

Cont... bellow


Plus Ultra said...

Very fascinating, I am thinking how lovely it would be to line a whole wall with all these, it seems they belong together, a family of sorts.....I think you have a fantastic eye for colour combinations....there is also that uninhibited element that delights..the spontaneous that comes with creativity at its best...dare I guess that when you started you had no detail plan but simply follow the muse as she leads you along.....!!!!

"Angeldust" said...

Yes, PlusUltra
When I prepared these I allowed myself the free flow of movement - and as you suggested - a larger much larger canvas - would be exactly what I would love, as I can feel my arms moving well over my head....

I have also prepared three frogs, which will require a different attention and not so easy flow; more of a calculated one, not to say that there wasn't a deliberate intent for each one of them.

Thank you for your visit and you thoughtful comment

I still can't figure out exactly what is that you do! :)

Much love and joy to you and yours

samuru999 said...

So very creative!
Beautiful colors!
Have a wonderful day!
P.S oh! I am so glad you want to
share my Wings!
Together, we shall soar!

xmichra said...

Any intrest in parting with "Tribal Circle"?? That would look lovely in my living room :D

"Angeldust" said...

Thank you for the visitand comment!
We shall soar, yes!

"Angeldust" said...

xmichra, welcome.

Thank you too for your kind words and Interest!

If you are serious, I suggest you enlarge it (sometimes it enlarges a bit fuzzy) - take a good look, as the paper is thorn a bit on the left edge... and make an offer, don't be shy (including air mail postage cost) and confidentially email it to me ...

What do you think? :)

Only Nautilus' Eye and the Chapel are for keeps.

xmichra said...

I wouldn't know where to start with an offer!! I really do like that one though, and it would seriously look good with the colors in my living room. How big is it?

"Angeldust" said...

Xmichra dear

With a mat around it, overlapping the "missing" bit - from outer edge of circles to outer edge - the image would be 11 1/2" X 9 3/4" (paper sheet about 12X10") The paper quality is the lightest weight of watercolor paper available.

This one could look quiet striking/impacting with the right matting and frame!
I like it myself for the "potential story" it tells.

It’s been a few years since I sold a/any painting …
I have an idea of what I want for each one…
Got to go by the gallery tomorrow afternoon and I will double check –but I AM SURE it will be “affordable”!

How does that sound?

Thank you for your interest and patience.

Love and joy to you

xmichra said...

Definately interested. let me know.

"Angeldust" said...

OK. Will do.

Anonymous said...

yay!!! so excited.. :)

~blogger is being evil, this is me, xmichra.

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Angel,
I think you have a wonderful way with the choice of colours you place together. They complement each other beautifully, in a way that's pleasing to the eye. The contrast works really well too.

Lovely work.

I hope you're well.


serenity said...

Hi Angeldust,
Beautiful works. Lovely color combinations. Your creative spirit is soaring and flowing and we are all enchanted to be in its presence. Bless you for sharing, and I am so happy to see xmichra will have a creation of your lovely spirit in her home.

Blessings, joy and Love to you.

"Angeldust" said...

dear girl!!!!
I am totally moved by/with your exitement... thank you for sharing it... for giving me this experience.

"Angeldust" said...

hopelully you are feeling better!

Thank you for your comments.
Yeah... can't be accused of being color-shy - big grin, big, big grin -

ACtually, by back is giving me a lot of grief these days... it's been somewhat rough..

Keep well
Love and joy to you

"Angeldust" said...

Serenity, hello!

This experience/exchanges we are having are bringing "me" a lot of joy - and appreciation for the caring comments of others and the influence we exercise at all times on each other - it's amazing, isn't it?

OK, you do experience it on a daily basis...

Loads of dusties to you.

Rauf said...

Contrasting colours compliment each other Angeldust, highly imaginative pieces of art.

Plus Ultra said...

Angel, thanks for your email, I intend to come out with a paper batik thats is good enough to give to you...or a collage, please wait and you can give me one of your own choice,thanks. Now try this, take large sheet of rice paper, crumble this(yes crumble it), stretch it out (could do this with tape), light a candle and allow wax to drop on the rice paper, lines, dots, blobs, etc, next colour the rice paper, use bright watercolours, allow to dry, put paper on top and iron out the wax!

QUASAR9 said...

Beautiful! Angel Dust.

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Angel Dust
and a little something for you
Inner life of a cell. - Enjoy!

"Angeldust" said...

Thank you soooo much!


for your visits and kind words.

Love and bundles of joy to you

Joan González said...

Gracias por tu visita, he visto tus flores !
Joan G.