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Friday, September 22, 2006




Bellingham,WA. US. across from Semiahmoo Bay, beyond,

The San Juan Islands in Puget Sound

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The PC was out of the house longer than anticipated, which, naturally brought on a much needed "rearrangement" of my dysfunctional - but really cool - former daily routine.

Ever since I decided to change the focus of my interests, or career, to my artistic expression side - as all I do, has a huge creative component - I have been winging it, without finding a leveling point, a rhythm. Eureka! I found this week.

These past eight months have been rather arduous (agonizing?), although to the untrained observer, I was merely wasting time - as I am well aware of those that think/feel and have even expressed it very eloquently (aggressively), as they were trying to shame me... ('coz they are "respectable", hard working - nine to five - citizens... a-há!).

I am beginning to understand now the plight of the artist, and, as with everything else, this change also brought on "so called friends" losses and, some new ones into the fore - it already looks much, much brighter.

I also found that people in general react more comfortably, to the "Interpreter","Facilitator", than to the uuuoh, "Artist".
For myself, it has certainly become a "loaded license" to "officially" be myself - or, as no so kindly labeled, this past February, an eccentric. I think I will be very happy in a full fledged eccentric role - presumably, something like "being out of the closet" like feeling - since "normal me", outside the box me, has not necessarily perplexed, but continually annoyed some along the way.
Who does she think she is?

Well, with my struggles and achievement and survival-s, I don't "think" who I am.
I know who I AM.
All that, and much more!

I am very exited that I have been able to feel comfortable in this - OK, only a few days old - routine. I am bursting out at the seams!
Sure, I missed you all - but, I will be visiting you in the next few days
Many "angels dusties" going your way...


serenity said...


I celebrate you the artist, you the eccentric, you the everything that you are, you, you, you.

Sending you love and peace on the wings of angels.

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Angel Dust
and many best wishes
flowing warmly back to you.

Krystyna said...

Best wishes to you Angel!

"Angeldust" said...

Dear Q

and so your warm wishes flow back to you along with angel-dusties

"Angeldust" said...

Dear Krystyna

Great weekend for you and your mum
Love and blessings

Anne-Marie said...

It's good to read that you've found your place. That is no small feat.


"Angeldust" said...

WOW Anne-MArie

You said it!!!

I feel like crying "ugly" - the detours we make in life are simply unbelievable - lessons to learn - I suppose.
Me, always the hard way...

Thank you for your lovely and consistent visits.
I'll be making my rounds as soon as I came up for "some serious air"

Love and blessing to you!!!

"Angeldust" said...

ahhhhh uasar

Should have guessed
A "Centaur"

What's the entire ram?

Rauf said...

It was always there Angeldust, it just surfaced.
There was this "ugly detour" in my life for 12 years, right after college, well paying though, came out of it when I was 32 and followed my heart which was less paying, broke always I am now, but happy.

I wish you all the joy in your world of creativity Angeldust. Had a glimpse at the fruits of your imagination, eagerly waiting to see some more.

"Angeldust" said...


“It was always there Angeldust, it just surfaced.”

Yes, it was and have known about it all along.
Life does have a way of sidetracking one…

We are the same age, so you do have an advantage over me in that respect, having followed your heart sooner than me.
Although, I had the opportunity to experience many, many things during this grand detour of mine… I often say, compared to others I experienced three lifetimes….
I am looking now for lasting peace, love and harmony… oh, yeah!

You were wondering about the animal names that pop up when you enter you birth date at profile, they are Chinese Zodiac Signs you can check them out at http://chinese.astrology.com/ or any other listed on Google, etc.

Much love and joy to yuo!

PS.: good thing that age dos not matter much/at all? in blogging only affinity does.

Pauline said...

When I was in fourth grade I was given an autograph book. I ran around to everyone in the family begging for some signature. I still remember my uncle wrote: Roses are red, violet are blue I wear glasses and so don't you! My aunt wrote: To be what we are and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life.
Much discussion took place between these two adults over what was written and my youthful inability to comprehend. Facinating that many many years later the book is gone but the words remain. Live them!