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Sunday, October 01, 2006

are calling my attention in every direction…

What I am to do?
I am well passed the age I believed I can change the world – yes, I have dedicated a lot of time, energy and voice with some success but, have come to understand that all I can truly change is myself and thus affect those and that I come in direct contact with…

My socio-political activism, my environmental/eco -concerns, animal rights, multi-cultural orgs. and festivals – public no longer - gone!
No more Liberal Party membership and meetings, no more socio-cultural presidencies, boards and advisories, no more Greenpeace, SPCA… no more… no more refugee settlement, no more pain – I thought.

I thought, that if I just stay in the background and “mind my own business” sort-of-speak, I would eventually find a balance, a quiet spot in my milieu.
Three years ago, I came to live to this quiet, immaculate, beautiful tiny city tucked away by the ocean, a little forgotten by time...

Lately, every time I leave my place, some building or another is being thorn down and small neighborhood businesses are moving - out of the city - permanently?

I live in a society that has no sense of cummunity value, of permanence, of culture building – of any kind of nurturance… sadly, it has no points of reference! Everything is disposable. Everything. And, whatever is replacing the older, is also of paper and wood... one strong gust of wind, one match ... PUFF!

How can I, or anyone find any comfort and peace in a community that is in turmoil? (Not progress, turmoil!) AND, in a society such as ours that chooses violence at all times?

I tune into the calling of my heart… as Maria Callas sorrowfully sings in another spectacular performance, a mono-recording now a CD… and design jewellery, paint and prepare for my upcoming workshops wishing I were somewhere else!

Bellow - as five additional individual postings:
yesterday’s "paper crumpling technique" testing results, which brought around some joy, particularly “Earth”, which I am sure will become a looooooong series and, will be tried out with other papers.


"Angeldust" said...

PlusUltra suggested rice "crumpled up rice paper".
In our peninsula we have absolutely everything big money can buy, not necessarily everything we need... including some basics.

I located some in Vanocuver, will get it at one of the art shops or in China Town in the next week or so day trip as I am planning to visit an outstanding exhibit I will share my experiences of...

Jon Cox said...

AWESOME BLOG!!! Oh wow!!! Sad but interesting. I wish you the very BEST!!!!! Good luck!! Thank you so much for stopping by & for your wonderful comments! I'm very glad you enjoy my work!

Metalchick said...

Hi Angeldust,
I know how you feel, there's so much we want to do to help the world, but with all the tragedies, it's hard to help everybody. Still, I think that if you can make a difference in one persons life, it will have a big impact on others.
Good talking to you again, I've been very busy with college and I try to drop by when I can.

Take care.

Anne-Marie said...

remember Voltaire: "il faut cultiver son jardin." If we all take care of our gardens, the Earth will be great.

I love Earth One. It's stunning.

mysti said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog today. I decided to check yours out, and found you and I have lots in common. :) Very cool. I love your paintings! They are simply wonderful. Now I need to lighten up when I paint, and not be so concerned what others might think.

I am going to bookmark your page, and come back and spend more time looking.


serenity said...

Would love to hear more about the crumpled up paper technique. I've been experimenting some more with wax resist, and having loads of fun.

Your creations are beautiful! I love where the Spirit is moving you.

There will always sadly be those who will choose violence and hatred over Love. Those of us who choose Love grieve for those choices and their consequences. For me, it makes my resolve to Love even greater, my Spirit moves me in my grief to know that LOVE is the answer, the great healer.

Peace, comfort, well being, and Love flowing to you, dear heart.

-Sedna- said...

Ya estoy de vuelta amiga...
Mi paseo por tu página siempre es hermoso... desde luego que eres un Angel...

Besos muchos.

krystyna said...

I want to visit you and invite you to my new blog:
Blessings to you!

Rauf said...

I often wonder about the claims of enlightenment, tranquility and Nirvana. How can we remain in a state of enlightenment when there is so much of pain around.

"Angeldust" said...

- John Cox
- MetalChick
- Anne-MArie
- Mysty
- Serenity
- Sedna
- Krystyna

I thank each one of you individually for your visit and your kind words.

- Rauf,
this time you have completely "read my mind".
The thought and feelings that prompted me to write were those you expressed.
I have noticed, particularly in these past six years that the "enlightenment" we are proffesing to have found and live with" is tucked away along with that marelous new understanding of "intent".
We have been hearing from those "in the know" that "intent is all that counts".
And we - a lot us, let the ball drop at that.
Add to that, the nonsense of “political correctness”, and a dash of some transplanted western version of Buddhism, some “philosophical” fad or another, the unfortunate lack of “individual thinking/analysis”, or simply/inadvertently being caught up in the peer pressure thing and have the disaster we have in our hands at this moment.

It is rather sad that the result is a whole bunch of caring, intelligent, silent and immobilized well-intended people.

A workshop participant said tome this January as a response to my “Intent, without commitment is nothing else than wishful thinking” – oh…” then I just realized that Love is an action verb”!
WOW, that more than completed my statement… and it truly, forever further changed how I feel and do certain things.

Loads of angel dusties to all

"Angeldust" said...

And thanks (!) to
- Margie/Samuru
- Quasar9

"Angel Dusties" or simply "dusties"
are all things wonderful, loving, peaceful, joyful etc...

Brown Shoes said...

you have bee BUSY since I was last over your way.

I love your 'Earth" - makes me think of dancing trees, moving along the sand at the water's edge.


krystyna said...

Peace and love to you Angel.

"Angeldust" said...

Hey..... BS
Nice to see you around and about.
Yes, a lot has changed.
Inside and out.
Lost some "loved ones" along the way... (oh, you were around for one... yeah, some people are not willing to mend bridges unfortunately, never mind apologizing (?)
I don't "get over" things easily, I am sur it comes form investing in my interactions/relationships.)

Always, always changing - everything is changing.

Hope all is better at your end - with everyone.

Love and joy to you.

"Angeldust" said...

Krystyna dear
A pleasure to hear from you, always!

Loads of dusties to you today.

samuru999 said...

a litle quote to share
Be what you are and speak
from your guts and heart-it's all a man has.

-Hubert Humphery

Have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

Very wise and generous quote Samuru999 dear

Thank you for sharing.
Angel dusties to you

"Angeldust" said...


Blogger "moody" today!! lol
NOW it IS working ...