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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Some loose thoughts on FEAR

We just had another storm… (“Rain” my poem)
The sun is trying to push the heavy clouds aside, it is only managing a glow; enough to make me want to get my runners on and go for walk before the deluge and strong winds return.

An interesting observation came my way this past week - during “the biggest storm” ever – of how “conscious fear” feels.
I was aware all day Wednesday that I was afraid, was actually concerned for my well being all day long, it was exhausting.
There was nowhere to go, no way to help it.
I tried to ignore and work. And work I did – ignoring it, was impossible, as the wind gusts reached 125km/hr and pounded the large glass pains – my stomach churned each time.

Yet, I am one of those fortunate/blessed ones that still has an intact roof over my head, electricity and crystal clear – well – drinking water, had “a bowl of chili” with neighbors (that turned into a banquet!) last night, unlike nearly a million others in the area that still don’t, today.
To add, we are expecting more to come our way…
And, what about all those around the world in shelters and refugee camps, the homeless, the abandoned... what about them? - I think as I head toward the front door -
... What about them...?!


samuru999 said...

I know what a difficult week it has been for you!
All the rain and storms have taken such a toll on your beautiful haven!
You have weathered the storms...
and I am praying the golden sunshine will be blessing you very soon!

So the chili dinner turned into a banquet!
I was thinking about it last night, and wishing so much I could have been there with you to meet your friends!

Yes, what about all those who have so litle...it makes me realize how very
blessed I am!
You did a wonderful deed this week..
and , and I am so proud to know you!

Many blessings to you my dear!


"Angeldust" said...

I am glad "that" wek is over, hopefully this week's stormare going to be gentler...

Re chili: I gave up, as they insisted in bringing something... I tell you, there are a bunch of hot heads around here - including me! No sense in planning aorund here - one must expect always a hostile take-over. lol!
I wonder what would you have brought? he-he-he

Thank you.... :)
I hope Oliver is warm and fed... getting his life back on track.
Have not run into him. Keep my fingers crossed.

Many blessings going your way too

Anonymous said...

Hi Angel!
I wish you many , many blessings !

Heimdallr said...

I've been hearing about the effects of these storms from other blogger friends, so glad you and your home were unharmed.
Take care, and may you have blue skies and sunshine once more.
Sandy UK
To avoid confusion will post as bloggr ID :-)