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Wednesday, November 22, 2006



Heimdallr said...

Beautiful cotton candy clouds Angeldust, I love taking photos of skies and could lose myself for hours just watching clouds.

Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving with all those you hold dear.

"Angeldust" said...

Thank you dear Sandy - clouds... yes, I have a fascination with them, as a child I used to lay on the grass and spend hours watching them move and transform.
I still do that occasionally.

Thank you for your good wishes - we have Thanksgiving in OCtober - I belieive it must have to do with a somewhat different harvest season end....

BEst wishes back to you and yours

Katie said...

Lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing!

krystyna said...

Hi Angel!
Great pic.I can say that for me it is a big pleasure to look at the skay too.
Thanks for your great and lovely work!
Thanks for being you!

Metalchick said...

Hi Angel,
Beautiful pictures!

Just dropping by to say Hi and have a great weekend!

"Angeldust" said...


So tired I'm falling off my chair, still, had to take a minute to let you know I care!

Thank you for your visits and words. They bring joy to my heart knowing that we enjoy many of the same things.

Love, joy and laughter flowing your way

QUASAR9 said...

Gosh, Angel Dust,
had to wait forever it seems while 300 files or more opened .....

Aaah finally I can comment:
"Beautiful skies" "magic photos"
Hope you are having a fine day!

Anonymous said...

A breathtaking view of heaven from a living angel...

Hope you're having a great weekend! =)

VallyP said...

What a stunning series of photos, Angel. Very uplifting to see sunsets and skies of with so much light and beauty...I'm afraid ours are a bit grey and dismal these days....with the usual consequences ;-S

Rauf said...

Hope you are doing fine Angeldust.

"Angeldust" said...

Dearest Q9

Slow... that's me!
But I am sure I'm worth the wait -lol!
Dusties flowing your way

---------- *

Dearest Irene
Sweet in everything you say or do.
Love and joy to you and yours ...


Dearest Val
It has been like this almost at every sunset - it put me in the same obsessive state I was earlier this year.
Click,click, click
Love and joy to you and yours


Dearest Rauf
I habe been "unusually" busy and, there aren't enough hours in the day to do all I want, but I like all I am doing!
Tired. I am somewhat tired and rushed - I imagine is an "age" thing.
The body not being quiet able to keep up with the mind. He-he-he
Big Hug

PS Are you working on your "weird" meme yet?

Rauf said...

Yes I Am dear Angeldust
lots of love an Hugs