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Thursday, November 16, 2006

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My re- organized ~
My new ~

UPDATES on this and that

Taking a bit of a breather after the intese last couple of weeks ~
I feel very proud of how long I have come these past few months in this new life of mine, although the beginning of the "switch in career focus" was unsettled and very distracted - or so it appeared...
I am finding myself these days booking shows for next year. It looks like it is going to be solid from May on... will keep you posted as it is all confirmed.

Sad Losses ~
During these last couple of weeks we lost a couple of journalism greats.
Ed Bradley in the US, who I have loved to watch on 60 Minutes for a looooong time. A true groundbreaker, and engaging personality.
The other one, "controversial" Italian Oriana Fallaci... I must say, she has been the single, one, inspiration and female role model of my early years.
I "lost touch with her" - figuratively speaking - for a couple of decades, here in the faaaaaar west, but was fortunate enough to find at the Vancouver Main Library the copy of one of her books fro the mid 70's, A Man - highly recommend it - an intense and passion filled historical "novel" (?).
Once again, she had a great impact on me.
Althougt out of print, I managed to locate (for keeps) a pretty good looking copy in Toronto.

I am fortunate, and changed for having "known" them.
May they rest in peace in journalism heaven, exchanging great stories over tall lattes!


QUASAR9 said...

Morning Angel Dust,
Beautiful pendant!

Rauf said...

Oh Yes This is the way to be Angeldust. Always Looking forward.
Great going
Wish you all the jou and health and some good money

iamnasra said...

This lovely ...hope all is well with you

Rauf said...

I remember Oriana Fallaci's interview of Ayatholla Khomeini. Read one of her books about unborn child, forgot the title.

a strong willed woman she was.

samuru999 said...

Hi my friend
I love the beautiful pendant!
I was a big fan of Ed Bradely too..
I will miss him!
Lots of bright days coming your way!
I am better!
Talk soon!


"Angeldust" said...

Hello Quasar dear,
lovely to have you pop in!

--------------- >>>> *

Hello Dear Rauf,
Yes, Oriana Fallacishe was a strong willed woman.
She was a brilliant and compassionate woman also.
She was a pioneer, and a true "feninist", in the purest sense of the concept, as she went and did!
Not like many other so-called/labeled feminists that give lip service to an ackward (at best) and warped cause
I believe in "equality/rights" for ALL human beings, regardles of gender or, gender preference... Age, Etc.

--------------- <<< * >>>

Hello Nasra
Nice to see you.
You too are a pioneer in your own way.
Great, great work you are doing!

---------- <<<<<<<<< *

Hello Miss Margie
Nice to see you up and about...
Look forward to hearing more from

----------- >>>> 8 <<<<<<---------

What a perfectly wonderful bunch you are too.

Quasar, always, generouly, quietly looking out for others... you got your magic ways my friend!

AnD you Rauf, you put your heart and soul to enlighten us all with your environmental photos and narrative.
You open doors for us to enrich our lives with glimpses of your culture, your country...

Nasra, you are creating new paths for other women to follow!
You, a gentle, compassionate "activist" too.

Last, but not least, you Margie, sprinking joy and inpiration around the world...

WOW - it IS a nice day.
Peace, love, joy, laughter and many many blessings to yuo all.
Just Love Ya.

Anonymous said...

That's just beautiful,Angel
loved it..
Wish u all the best
take care


mysti said...

Beautiful! :) thank you for sharing.

"Angeldust" said...

Thank you

Love and blessing to you both