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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The saying goes, if you can't beat'em, join'em....
Symbolically, of course!
Only in the spirit of the "original cool" that caught my eye while attending to life in the Lower Mainland. There have not been any major changes in the climateric conditions, except that we reverted to the heavy rain and storm we had when I went in to "shock". I hope you enjoy this selection (have been having photo posting problems with blogger these last couple of days, anyone else?). I am wrapping up all of my "creative commitments" in the next couple of days and I am looking forward to make my rounds and visit you ALL!

chandelier hanging from the third floor atrium ceiling of the Nobel Sciences Building at UBC , sorry this was the best angle I could manage... ***Don't forget to click on them to enlarge!

there is more bellow


Anonymous said...

Hi Angel!
I miss you and your arts and your posts! Thank you for coming and sharing your spiritual work!
Wonderful photo!
Wishing you great time!

Spoke said...

Thanx for the shots about town...I miss it so. Been in Alberta 6 long years now.

"Angeldust" said...

Ah, Krystyna dear,

I just went to your blog and was unable to leave a comment although,I made a couple of attempts.

Hope you are keeping well.
Love and joy to you and yours

"Angeldust" said...

Welcome Spoke
Thanks for the words

samuru999 said...

Angel dear
Thank you for your selection of pictures!
I did enjoy all of them!
The chandelier really caught my eye...
love the colors...and so unique!

Rains again??
Will it ever end?

Thanks so much for your lovely visits!

Have a wonderful day!


"Angeldust" said...

Dear MArgie,
there is no end in sight!

High winds again today, rain died down a bit about 20 min. ago, and it is somewhat brighter...
More to come - in intensity -towards Friday. After a while it becomes overwhelmig, nowhere to hide. I am particularly sensitive to sound and wind has never been a friend... same as the humming of the PC, it drives me bonkers!

What concerns me is the cold temperatures and thousands of households without electricity - a lot of the homes are heated with it...

Love and joy to you sweetie

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely work, captivating in form and color.
Weatherwise I hope all is well and that you are not without power for heat. Warm thoughts from the new england area USA

"Angeldust" said...

How gracious and patient of you Pauline - thank you for your visit and words.

Hope you are having one of your "famous" New England autumns... we lost our sensational leaves overnight!

White Rock has managed to keep our power and water systems going fine.
We are "little", a small/tiny city compared to municipalitites in the area, but we are faring better than most... Thank God!
We border with Bellingham, 1hr.North of Seattle, WA. - much the same weather right now if you are watchiung the news.

The sun has just gone down and it became very cold - the strong wind is having a rather deep, menacing howl... out on the streets.
I don't recall hearing sounds like that before.

We were told to expect even worst weather for the next couple of days...
It's not even winter yet.

Love and joy to you and yours

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Angel Dust,
Really Cool - the snow too lol!
Warm Dusties flowing back to you

"Angeldust" said...

Hello dear Q9

cool, cool..... oh, yeah!

Ruffled them up and sent some back to you

Anonymous said...

Hi Angel!
You gathered wonderful picture.
Wishing you great health and great every day!

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Angel,
Sorry you're still dealing with bizarre weather but nice to see you back, and with such nice pictures to boot!

We're having balmy, weird English weather here- 10c and spring coats, very strange for this time of year. But I like it, except for the arthritic side effects.

Take care,

slskenyon said...

Very interesting chandelier--it reminds me of a very odd glass scuplture hanging from the ceiling of the lobby in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Yes, I have also been having problems with Blogger lately--I thought it was just me.

"Angeldust" said...

Hello Krystyna - tahnk you for your good wishes - they have certainly worked, as last night's strom was not as half as bad as predicted, aat least around here...
Although I did tape up again the large living room window.

Love, blessings and a great weekend

"Angeldust" said...

Hello dear Anne-Marie

It is definitely an added strain dealing with this kind of very unpredictable weather... it is sunny at the moment... was quiet a wild night again.
Yeasterday was "dusk" most of the day, ans no sooner I finally made it to the gallery - it started snowing!
It's been somewhat "nighmare-ish" at times.

Thank you for looking in on me. (The hectic schedule of the last couple of months just eased off, making the prospect of any storm more bearable!!!

Love and joy to both you lovebirdsand a great weekend too.

"Angeldust" said...

Hello dar slskenyon

Yeah... lovely piece, thisone appears to be of some kind of synthetic material - very cool, could have used a little "more space".

WOuld the one at the Alberta and Albert be a "contemporary piece'?

Have you seen any of the monumental pieces by Seatlle (glass) artist Chilhouli?

Always noce to hear from you!