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Thursday, January 18, 2007

CHANGE - Part One
obvious or subtle, it is always going on
– the no guessing “original" version –

While going to get my driver’s license renewed last week, apropos to the current blog topics, a number of things came to mind from the past, and to my camera’s attention.

The result of that afternoon’s pondering and observation brought on the selection of photos posted. As my mood took a dive right after I posted them, it occurred to me that it would interesting to see what each one of you perceived from the photos.
I don't think "the idea" generated much interest. Hmmmm?
(added a new photo)

This photo was taken in the mid 70’s at Mickey Bailey’s Wildlife Unlimited (Family) Farm (no longer there) in Seebe, Alberta near the Rocky Mountains, where they “trained” animals for films, in their home - since they were tiny little ones - about a year prior to the great tragedy.
This one was a savvy little critter, as once he felt comfy on my lap, proceeded to take off my earrings (which I was holding in my hands during photo) and later my belt… taking also ain at my scarf - as he was seriously reprimanded for his mischief.
These guys are s-t-r-o-n-g!

This was Tigger at 8 months old.

They also had a number of tigers. One awful night, someone broke in their compound and five of the mature tigers were killed… To make a story short… this barbarian act followed another at the Zoo in Calgary, where someone jumped the fence and killed an elk with a bow and arrow which had a blade attached to its tip!

Heartbroken, I began a petition that six months later changed the law and, it became a criminal offence to kill an animal in captivity with a summary conviction of $6,000dls and possibly also an additional 6 months jail term. This great experience could be a post in itself.

However… things changed with time, and it became legal to farm deer, not only it became legal to farm them but in some areas of the United States "game hunters" (cowards!) paid to kill them in “confinement”!

In the late 90’s, under Ralf Klein's Government, the law was challenged by the so-called- farmers petitioning a change to allow the killing/hunting of animals in captivity. There was "some" opposition… (but nothing near the actions I originally managed to generate from the public in general) By then, I was living in Kelowna, BC and the news this time did not travel “as far and wide as it originally did”, it was not in the interest of the powers to be. I have the strong suspicion that the hooligan’s prevailed. Money-money-money!

Not that I did not care...

This lone seagull atop the electrical pole, with the gray and turbulent skies as a backdrop, struck me as an example of the “isolation” birds experience during big storms and snow fall times such as the ones we had just gone through. They vanish from the shores; I used to get quiet worried until one day I spotted thousand of them, in farmers fields about a mile or so inland, all huddled together… This guy must be a lookout left behind (?)

When I looked back I noticed something v-e-r-y odd, while we had the persistently cold and long episode of snow up to our eyeballs, there was none on the mountains on the background last Friday (what you see is low cloud), yet we do have two ski resorts in the North Shore area, apparently operating (?).

There was snow on the mountains in Washington, US and on our beach, where the Canada Geese, that supposed to have migrated south had a very hard time feeding from the icy grass.

Sandpipers – passing through, always a sweet sight. They must have been awfully confused with the cold they found, the river and the farmer's irrigation canals had a couple of inches of ice…

No fish and chips today. Or, yesterday, or the day before… Our beaches are a destination for fish and chips; people come from near and far to our restaurants and picnic tables all year round to savior our famous “English style” fish and chips

Oh… a glimmer of hope. There IS a sunset, even if only a glimpse.
The sun is shining somewhere…

Thirty five years later, how we change…!


vinay said...

the time when things were different...the energy that took you to exotic locations...made you do crazy stuff..pic 2: bird waiting patiently...reaching the top!!!savoring every moment of it!!!and looking at the distant horizon if the "one" is coming!!pic 3: the roads are corwded...everything is coming towards you...but u still stay there..motionless....u reject things that cme to u.....pic 4:feeling out of place in a crowd....lonely in crowd..thogh there are people arnd u...pic 5:watching other people...the kids play arnd....and maybe some happiness..and sme thoughts abt ur childhood cmes into ur mind!!pic 6: the forlorn tree..and the empty benches...loneliness!!pic 7:evening....it will be night soon....the end of a long day....evening of life....


MYSTI said...

Thinking of you. Painting always help me to heal and feel better.

I am sorry I missed your B-day. Know though that I understand those mixed feelings.

I hope your week is a blessed one.

Rauf said...

Hi Angeldust.
The only thing I can make out is you did not take advantage of the chances that came your way to fill up your life.

But a sweet and warm person like you can never be lonely.
Love and hugs

samuru999 said...

Hi dear Angeldust
I only have a minute, as I am running late for an appt...so I will have to come back later!
ahhhh, so there is the picture of you and the monkey....how enchanting!
Back later!
Thanks for the lovely visit last night!



"Angeldust" said...

Dear everyone.....

The story is not necessarily and/or entirely about me...

… it shows me that the selection of these images – as my views, and your interesting and unique perceptions – make all v-e-r-y personal…

I like where this is going.

Love and blessings

sandy said...

I felt for you angeldust I hope painting helps to restore the peace and bring the magic back into your life. When the world crowds and hides the magic for me I go into the garen and spend time wandering among the trees it is a way of gaining peace, I hope you find what you need in your painting.

I'm afraid I'm having one of my *not seeing* days today lol so will fill in the gaps, hopefully, tomorrow. :)

Big Hug and smiles

samuru999 said...

Hi Angel
It has been a somewhat stressful day, so I can not seem to think well enough to comment on all the pics...I fell and hurt my foot...hope it is not broken, but I have pain.
Hope your day was fullfiling!
Nite nite!
Sweet dreams!


"Angeldust" said...

Hi Mysti dear

This "intermission" has really brought me to a place "I" needed to be.
I have had a couple of quiet and successful sketching and research days.
I am rather pleased with the progress - and a somewhat curious to where it is taking me... :)

Your are so right, the mind and soul do go to a quiet place.

Love and blessings to you.

"Angeldust" said...

Rauf dear

"The only thing I can make out is you did not take advantage of the chances that came your way to fill up your life."

Hmmmmm. With 20/20 hindsight... ?
Donno, I did the absolute best I could with what I new, within my values and principles.
I did not do "everything" I would have wanted to - but that is true for almost everyone.
On the other hand, I feel that I have lived the equivalent of three lifetimes compared to most people...

So... this is a quieter more introspective passage - just a passage.

I had to learn to be "alone and comfortable with myself", to ask, to be poor, to speak up for myself - not always others... to follow my heart, to listen and not doubt to my instincts... all of it, despite the temporary heartaches and frustrations, turning out to be not such a bad deal after all... :)

After this "intermission", I will know better and consequently do/choose better.

Love and hugs

"Angeldust" said...

Dear Sandy,

Trying out the rice paper has been a bit of a challenge, did not remember it to be like this... I am not sure how it can be used best - love how it takes colour though...

SOme thinking time and another call helped bring to balance thoughts and feelings.
Life does turn/change on a dime... I am soooo aware of it, yet, sometimes get caught unprepared!

We are still in a freeze and our street/sidewalks are quiet slippery... not safe to be out walking which is seriously getting to me as I am a walker... and this can be be such a pretty place to just do that.

Thank you for your visit
Love and blessings

"Angeldust" said...

Miss Margie K – Ouuuuch, what am I going to do with you girl?
Hope it was not a major thing! Ouch.

The post is about "changes".

As you know I have already posted the pics when you called...
Later, I did not have the mental and emotional presence to enter any text, and being “on a schedule”… sort of required that I proceed.
Not a life altering post!
Still, it is soooo is interesting how things are perceived.

The good news is I am quiet amazed with the direction the "paintings" are going... Hmmm... I am finding a way to express what I want without running the risk to offend - which is what has happened with those other works I mentioned…
yeah… I like where it’s all evolving

Take good care sweetie
Love and hugs to all of yous

Anne-Marie said...

Hmm, I see the passing of seasons and a close love of nature- the person who took these pictures loves nature, realises that sometimes we are alone with it, sometimes not, but that every picture has its own beauty.

That's my rose-coloured shades, anyway. Lovely skies, my dear- may they always be before you.

"Angeldust" said...

Thank you dear Anne-Marie, you have come "somewhat" closer to what I was trying to convey, it has to do with nature...

Love and blessings to yous

QUASAR9 said...

Winds of change.
Angel Dust - you had a pet tiger?
or was that a safari park or open Zoo?

"Angeldust" said...

I wish I had him...der Q, he was one sweet darling?
Although I don't believe that is the thing to do - keep one at home, that is.
(Did not read caption, eh?)

The Camel in previous post was more like the later, but this was different, as the family raised them "at home" and on weekends, shared them on their grounds(for a donation) to subsidize their keep.
These were tame amimals, born in captivity, some recued young with a posible film career.

This particular one grew up bottle fed by the kids.

krystyna said...

Hi Angel!
You are beautiful!
Thank you for sharing. This is wonderful!
I found this word:
"Never be sad....because just live every moment....and we live only once..and lets make one of happiness....lets be happy and try to make others happy as well!!!"
Be happy!!!

Pauline said...

This is what I see:
Wildlife unlimited; animals trained for films.An admirer of fine jewelry that sits upon your lap. Tigers, presence of natures true strength with a story of life moved to the great beyond. You jumped and took a stand, be proud of your response. Lone sea gull on top of pole stands like a weather vane, assessing climate change. Mountain view appearing without snowcaps, yet you should not fear for man has learned to copy nature with machine; allowing ski resorts to combine cold with water churned about to sprinkle snow along the ground. So people dressed with gaunty clothes can ride the slopes with laughter's glow. As for the geese, do not fear they look well fed to me and once again
God is in natures plan so they burn less calories! Sandpipers at waters edge where they wish to be just briefly pause for a snack and then they fly away. Those fish and chips are still delicious, no matter what the temperature. The only problem I see here, is that we eat indoors! The sun always shines if only in another room. Change is life, we grow and learn. We share, we take, we give, we laugh, we cry, we question why. We change or I prefer to say we tranform into a greater place of wisdom, faith and understanding.
May this be you birthday blessing that you will continue to grow and change for everything we learn is of benefit to us. Happy B-day!

"Angeldust" said...

Hello dear Krystyna, sounds like something the Dali Lama would say... he ought to know!

Thank you fro the sentiment.
Received Caroline Myss' CD's on manifesting - as usual, I can count on a realistic yet spiritually soothing proposition...

Big hug
Love and joy to you

"Angeldust" said...

Pauline, dear, I am moved...
what a wonderful comment.
Thank you for taking the time.
This is an example of what blogging is all about for me.
The exchange, when possible, of our thoughts and feelings in support of one another (even when ortherwise contributing with our own distinct and oposing feelings)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kindnesss you have woven through it.

love and joy

samuru999 said...

Hi dear Angel
I so very much enjoyed all the words you put to your pictures!
A lovely experience!
Thank you for sharing all your warmth and beauty with us!
It truly does warm my heart!

I am doing much better..
I will call very soon...
and no late calls.. I promise!

From a clumbsy Colorado gal...
I send my warmest wishes for a lovely day...

Hugs and luv!


"Angeldust" said...

Dearest Margie

good to hear you are on the mend.

I am glad to share - you have no idea how "boring" it may get, as I have a story for everything!
Well, almost...

Big loving hug
Will wait for call.