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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

"Do you know that when the sun
slants a listless gold
on hearts like mine - Because of you
- my heart is never cold?"

I have been taking notes for a couple of weeks with big plans to write a 2006 review. A lot of things came to mind, mostly things that really ticked me off; I think it was more about getting them off my chest than anything else. The notes were on our disparaging dichotomies - stupidity, absurdity and abnormality - we generally put up with and feed with passivity or indifference. But, I assume we already know aaaaall that. To make matters worst, it pumps up further my blood pressure - so there is “no need for me to add any further”.

I’ve done “my private” assessment and conclusions (http://www.wordrapture.blogspot.com/) and, I chose to revisit one of my most enriching and gently inspiring experiences of 2006 instead, and share it again.
(It was waaaay back in the Spring - feel free to visit the archives photo-journal of budding-growing-blooming nature I obsessed with at the time.
I believe, most of us have not met yet...)
I have always loved the ocean (and other large bodies of water) and as a result, a closer interest in its life and secrets became more intense after spending a couple of hours with a Marine Biologist wading around the tidal pools of our beaches and my subsequent visit to Ueclulet/Tofino on the “edge” of Canada’s west coast Vancouver Island, and doing something similar at the Interpretative Centre of Wikinninish Beach, where I got to hold sea stars, and play with anemones… and hide inside ancient rainforest trees for the first time in my life.
Three Parts bellow .... hope "you" enjoy


iamnasra said...

This very heart to heart talk ..its nice to be here and be the first t read it ...
How is your new year going

"Angeldust" said...

New year going good (?) dear Nasra, this is for me always a new a time for renewed hope and dreams, I feel good about 2007

There defimnitely more "heart to heart" talk to come... ahhhh

And you?
How were YOUR holidays?

Much love, joy and laughter to you

Anonymous said...

Hi Angel!
Have a great, healthy and prosperous days!
Many, many blessings to you!

trinitystar said...

It so refreshing to do something different in life ... something that takes us away from the norm.
Seems like you did some great things.
:o) Heres for doing great things everyday.

Katie said...

I feel fabulous about 2007! I hope you are filled with love, light and laughter!

I also.. love the oceans. ;) Thanks for sharing!

"Angeldust" said...

Thank you dear Krystyna, many blessings back to you and yours too.

- Since my 50th, I began to shamelessly celebrate almost the entire month of January... can't leave alone the sweets
Your greeting is certainly a great "opener of festivities", setting the pace of things to come - I hope.
The "Big Day" is the 14th.

"Angeldust" said...

Hello Dear TrinityStar

It definitely is something different and I am looking forward to give it another go this coming Spring.

I never knew before how exiting marine life really is... had sat by the water forever and somehow did not have an incling of the richness of life all around me - in the non-obvious zone!

Thank you for your visit.
Many blessings to you

To life, to doing great things every day!

"Angeldust" said...

Hello dear Katie,
Thank you for your lovely wish, the same to you form me...

Yeah, there is something about 2007.... something different, more exiting? Donno really what!? But something good to come.

Happy, delighted to share.

samuru999 said...

Hi dear friend Angeldust
How wonderful!
Is that "your Charlie" sitting there with my words?
Brought a tear to my eye!
The words go so well with how you felt about him!

Big Hug!


"Angeldust" said...

Hello dear Margie,

This one is an old girl from around the block, but here she was waiting for her family while they were in the restaurant down at the beach...
I took this pic a while ago. When I saw it again, I totally identified with her, the feeling, the words of your poem... :)

My Charlie was an American Cocker Spaniel, all black with a streak of white on his chest - with the handsomest face ever!
A loving fluffy ball of black silky fur

Big hug

slskenyon said...

Sometimes, it is comforting to think of making some kind of a "fresh start" when the new year comes along. However, a new beginning could come tomorrow, a week from now, or even in another minute's time. The earth may have completed its revolution around the sun, but we don't have to use that as a measuring stick for time generally. In that sense, the good comes with the bad and no "new years resolutions" are ever necessary as soon as January 1 comes along. I hope, however, that the new year has been an enjoyable one for you thus far.

"Angeldust" said...

Hello Dear Slskenyon

No resolutions for me, but the "year end review", such as the one you had a few months ago yourself, developed naturally... as also my birthday is in January.

And you are very right, time/timing? is really of no essence in the big scheme of things, as I know too well that life may change course drastically "on a dime"... and I go with the flow - most of the time!
Some other times, however briefly, I stubbornly sulk.

I have been quiet “mobile” for the past few years of my life and, I have set up myself to be able to re-locate, move/change whatever/wherever it may be/need…
So, in brief I am “self-contained”, which gives me the opportunity to be flexible at all times – for me, everything is always “under revision” at one level or another .
Can’t imagine life otherwise!

Enjoyable in many ways in others… as I only tell my closets friends when they ask “ My head is running ahead of me and my ass is dragging behind a block away…”
lol - I think it’s called aging.

Big hug, much joy, love, and laughter for you as you go forth with in budding life journey…

Anne-Marie said...

Happy birthday, Angeldust,

I find it interesting that you and I, both Capricorns with our hooves firmly planted in the earth, are so drawn and enchanted by water.


"Angeldust" said...

Thank you dear Anne-Marie

"The" day is on the 14th a week from day after tomorrow.

YEs, the water

When exactly IS your brthday?
I got the feeling is has just passed...

Love and joy to you

"Angeldust" said...

Dearest Youngen

Donno where your comment vanished to... looked for it everywhere until the Christmas post - cannot find!

While some feelings just are - what they are - some propel us to action.
Few are those we just "observe", and let be... something usually happens to them - inward or outward.

Most of us – not being voyeurs, and having some life experience, adding some extensive knowledge of psychology, would feel there is an implicit responsibility in the sharing of personal, intimate thoughts of another. Genuine caring for that other person may also come into play, not wanting something bad or untimely to occur.

Having done a lot of personal “work” I know that one can move from one situation-set of feelings- frame of mind/heart soul to another. Sometimes by miracle too…but this is a rare phenomenon!

Some questions fro yourself – shucks you said “no assignments”!!! Have you got a clear feeling about why to share, particularly with me?
What would be my role, how do you see the sharing unfold in practice?
Is there a specific role that you need me to play? What would that be?

Big hug

I think these are valid questions

Rauf said...

'stupidity, absurdity and abnormality' Is only found in us Humans Angeldust.

My aapproach in a tropical forest is very flat. I don't get too excited. I feel, they exist and I exist. I feel I am not superior even to an ant or a termite. They have equal rights to survive. They are not inferior beings.

'I live and I have to let them live' is a pretty rotten statement. That makes me superior
Which I am not.

Don't bother them is what I would say.
And believe me Angeldust they don't need our help. they just want to be left alone.
You are doing a great job. Its good to know
lots of love and hugs Angeldust.

Rauf said...

OWEEE ! Angeldust, When was your Birthday ? I missed it . Happy Birthday Angeldust !! Too late ??
Me a january man too.
Take care

"Angeldust" said...

--- ---- EVERYONE, NOT YET -----

14th of JANUARY!!!

It will not escape mention on my part.
I will be really "coming to age"... even outside "MY" box - can hardly wait.

"Angeldust" said...

Dear Rauf

I also feel as one with the critters/nature, it is amazing the life they have and to know that we have evolved from them...(sea critters, that is, at this time)

You and I cound have a nice long chat about our connection with nature - got a great, life altering rock (as in stone) story for you - hope I can share it with you sometime.

Loved your photos today - was moved by their serene beauty.
A veeeery special thank you.

Lots of love and big hugs

Not only are we the same age, but we have a bithday on the same month?
I NEED to know when yours is, please share in advance

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Angeldust,
my birthday passed on the 27th.

"Angeldust" said...

Dear Rauf – All other possibly interested:

Just a few words to re-assure you, we are not doing anything other than “observing” the inter-tidal zone, in 6 different areas of our coast.
Very little is known about this transition area as to whom, where, who many species of plants and critters inhabit it.

It is only recently, for the first time ever, with the help of a few scientists and a little more than a handful of volunteers, that “very careful” inventory is taken in the exact same areas – year after year – there seven more seasons to go, in order to establish some sort accurate data and serious/credible patters.

We follow very strict protocols in order to be the least intrusive possible in the habitat as well as with all living beauties.

(It never occurred to me that I would find “expression” in the “faces and eyes” of crabs, yet I did.
We have found even the tiniest worthy of much awe, like that almost undistinguishable/invisible hermit crab transitioning from plankton.

(Not to mention finding out about the intense and extremely interesting and naughty marine sex life, mmhmmm – yeap, who would have thought it! As the “saga” unfolds, we all chuckled at our limits during training)

"Angeldust" said...

Dear Anne-MArie

I do believe I greeted you... in the event it is just a delusion let me tell you

Happy Birthday Dear Friend.
Wishing you more to come in the the joy and love you presently know.

MYSTI said...

Beautiful post, which does not surprise me in the least, because it comes from a beautiful person! I Hope your birthday is a wonderful one, and is full of blessings.


"Angeldust" said...

Thank you Mysti, that is so kind of you.

Thank you also for the birthday wishes - this one I like "to milk" for more than it is worth... lol
HAving fun with it since I turned 50.
The celebrations are getting longer and longer... it looks like they might start on the 1St next year, for the BIG ONE.

Love and blessings in return to you to.

sandy said...

Ooo that date will go in my diary birthday girl :-)

And what wonderful images you send to me with your ocean and rainforest memory strolls. I love both too, especially the vastness of the ocean.
Have a fascinating year and good luck with your work.

Pauline said...

I hope my package has arrived it was interesting to fill a form for customs!Did give me a moment to pause on the state of the world.Best wishes to you from here.

"Angeldust" said...

Thank you dear Sandy,
nice to see you!

We nature lovers may summon up all sorts of magical memories in no time.
For my part, at times, all I got to do is look at a blade of grass and the flood begins.

Love an joy to you

"Angeldust" said...

NOthing yet dear Pauline

But, now that I know it is on its way I will keep an eye on it...

hmmmmmmm, will see what kind of spell we may cast with it!

Now, for a weather update:
It is STILL raining and storming here, the odd breezy or partially sunny day, and back for some more.

Stanley Park in its 9.000 acres, has possibly lost 90% of its mature trees, and some residential areas resemble war zones.

We are looking pretty good compared to the rest of the area as we thankfully never even lost our electricity for a minute, which is an ongoing concern for thousands.

Apparently, good weather is desirable for the project... will see when I get the materials, which, apparently only come in industrial quantities!
lol- ahhhhh

Thank you for entrusting me with such family/historical memento and the possibility that I might come up with something creative to do with it!!!

Will announce and show results with due fanfare.

Big Hug

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Angeldust,
I wrote a reply to your question on my blog (about publishing). I hope that answers it for you.

All the best,