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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Maria CallasOpera Virtuosa, Designer, Lover: Strong, Powerful, Assertive, Talented, Creative, Passionate, Intuitive, Intense, Embodiment of the Feminine…
One of a Kind, none to equal her on the Opera Stage, yet… or, even in public life?

CHANGE - Part Two:
The Very Subtle Kind …

I knew that Saturday was going to be one of those rare lazy days, when I let it unfold with the gracefulness of a gentle trickling mountain stream, familiar yet always fresh, always new.
The mind floating in that “special state” of “blissed lack” of not having had enough sleep after a looooong night… the sun already warm in the sky, indicating a special day, quietude, a cup of hot coffee and the sound of soft music playing in the background as the phone rings to interrupt!

- The thunderous voice: I am calling to tell you that The Met is playing a live 1956 recording of Lucia di Lamermmoor with Maria Callas, this afternoon, we are listening to the Seattle broadcast because we are going to the gym later….
Sacred words – Maria Callas – were spoken.
All is forgiven.

My taste for Opera evolved so slowly that I was not quiet sure until this morning when it actually began, and why. (But, that is another story, for another day (another series perhaps?), as it has to do with a lovely fat guy that could belt out Nessun Dorma like nobody else…:).

Change, often is something so slow, that it is imperceptible, even against our own will. That is why, am very much alert to what kind of thought or behaviors patterns I am finding myself living. What are the influences I am allowing to permeate my life – consciously and, most of all, subconsciously? Im am forever "scanning"...

So, I end up, in a matter of a decade or so, being “hooked” on Opera, particularly from the Met on Saturday afternoons - going as far as taking the much dreaded “plug outs” with me on my chores around town not to miss a beat.
I noticed scheduling myself around it. Getting Met Newsletters… getting opinionated and picky… God forbid I miss the intermission, with our own Howard Dick – whom has retired, but no one, including himself, seems to have accepted that fact, thus we have the pleasure of his candid and engaging knowledge sharing

Maria Callas?
Simply laughable!

Maybe not, La Callas had made an impression on me as a young girl. La Diva.
The glorious woman! She is thin now… Oh... Madre mía, she is fat again!
The absolute beauty and heroin of flesh and blood, whose life played out like a magic, often breath-taking film in front of the world.
A woman that was herself - her pain and her glory.
The woman that loved with intensity and passion.
The one that loved and was so publicly humiliated and ultimately brutally betrayed. The one, whose pain I still feel today. The ultimate Modern Greek Tragedy.

A woman I admired, even though, her singing was not part of my life and was too young to understand what I now hear in her voice.

Lucia di Lammermoor, hmmmm… Maybe, I should take a detour down to the beach on the way to my chores, up the hill?

I did, indeed.

The second act caught me half way down; at one point I had to stop in my tracks to take it all in. I was completely overcome. The spectacular view, the gentle welcomed sun glistening over the bay, the music, the voices all part of an unbelievable experience…………
For act three - the madness solo - I had to find myself a bench by the water – completely tuned out all passers by, the gentle waves persisted…
I knew in the depths of my heart, was aware of it, I was “being” changed.
Fifty one years later,
I was changed by the sound of a mono recording in a natural setting which “over-imposed” had such power, that forever the meaning of beauty was intensified ten-fold.
(Thank you Maria, Cast and Gaetano Donizetti!)

One woman, not any other Grand Dama or, any other Cecilia has yet to bring to Opera or, the world for that matter, the "open" intensity of passion as La Callas has.
Lastly, unfortunately, sad, we all whisper softly among ourselves, “She died of a broken heart, you know”?

*Multi-talented Maria Callas also participated in the design of her costumes as well as the jewellery she wore on stage. The Met is currently showcasing Callas and Swarovsky.



krystyna said...

Hi Angeldust!
Thank you for this reminder.
I like her voice, her singing.
Maria Callas - big name!
Peace, Love and Wisdom!

krystyna said...

my post about
grandmather's day is there:


samuru999 said...

She was quite remarkable!
A very nice post!
Thank you, and thanks for the links...good info.
I did not know she died from a broken heart...how very sad!

Thinking of you with joy!
Talk soon!
nite- nite!


"Angeldust" said...

I am glad we share a liking for her Krystyna...
Thanks for link.

Love and joy

"Angeldust" said...

Well, dear Margie
"a broken heart" was not the official cause of death.
But we do know that people may/can die from a broken heart...
and, some us did not need "medical proof", but alas, here it is:


Courtesy of docs at Johns Hopkins.

After her seclution as a result of Onasis marrying Jacqueline her voice losing some of its high notes - she must have died of a broken heart… an "educated guess" of those familiar with passion.

Passion is a fuel for some, when one’s greatest passions are extinguished and there is no replacement found, there is no reason to live.


Love and blessings

Pauline said...

"Life is a tragedy to those who feel, a comedy to those who think." I get alot from this quote, found on a tea bag. Tea and a deep quote what could be more comforting. Love from the USA
Have a wonderful day!don't forget the tea. lol

QUASAR9 said...

Ironic, a Diva
by many admired
by some desired
yet died of a broken heart
Alas, to be to live, to live to be

"Angeldust" said...

Dear PAuline -
Tea it is - this morn', a special blend... usually I drink mostly Twinnings (and Stash - licorice - at night.
Which tea comes with quotes?

"Life is a tragedy to those who feel, a comedy to those who think."
This is true, of course, for the majority of people, also a great number do both some extent.

However, there is a small segment of the population that Think and Feel with equal intesity/passion - these are the writers, composers,artists, scientists dreamers that bring changes to humanity.
The ones that "see", the ones that end up isolating, becoming "reclusive" at the end, (too often) negleted...

Thank you for your input Pauline
Love and blessings to you and yours

"Angeldust" said...

Deaest Q,

It is immensly ironic. This does not happen "to regular folk".
She gave all of herself to her craft and Aristolte Socrates Onassis - ay chihuahua!
He was a handfull, and must have been brilliant too - in his own way, to go from landing with a dollar (or was it a peso?) in his pocket at the Port of Buenos Aires, then starting a fishing fleet to becoming a shipping magnate...
There must have been "SOME fuel" between them, probably one of those intense true "soulmate" situations, where the guy, thinking like the basic guy -that he still somewhere is - moves on "on a deal"...
Somehow it backfires for him, THIS, this IS too much for her to take (and for some of us to watch!)

Still, I think that she managed "to be to live, to live to be"....

You know, it is not quiet the lenght of ones life that really matters, it is the quality and intensity that makes it worth living. For some - the experience not need to go on and on, as much has been learned and lived and, it is just enough!

"Angeldust" said...

PS.: Q
Big hug

Rauf said...


Rauf said...

my comment just disappeared

Rauf said...

third attempt :

Hi Angeldust, hope you are fine.
Still haven't develped a taste for the opera. Sarah brightman is how far I go, a bit of Angela Stone, I like the voice of Andrea Bocceli, josh Groban.

Don't know much about Maria Callas.
Watched a BBC documentary on her. Onasis connection who I think abandoned her. The impression I got was that she asked for trouble being obsessive about something. We all are in a way. I wrote about this subject in my blog a while ago. Should we allow the artiste's personal life to affect our appreciation of their art. It does to me. It turned out to be a good debate with good contribution from my readers.
I posted the comment a couple of times but it said your request can't be processed.
Lots of love and Hugs Angeldust, please stay warm.

"Angeldust" said...

Ahhhh, you managed dear Rauf
We may not be "compatible" - net wise, that is :)

Well, it sort of crept up on me this opera thin, just like classical music. I used to hate as a result of being my mother's steady diet and the only sound allowed in the house.
However, there is some totally sublime music in the genre... and I literally go to pieces.
I shall share with you some titles.

Yes, passions tend to be obsessive - I think/feel

I shoulf check out the debate on your blog. Date?

"Should we allow the artiste's personal life to affect our appreciation of their art" - you ask?
Hmmmm... we shouldn't, but I must admit I have/I am. Particularly in films. It is actually quiet irrational, to think of it – one thing has nothing to do with the other.
Can’t stand looking at three major male mega stars – whose manes don’t come tomind right now – puff - and will leave it there.
For instance, also in music, I simply cannot look at Liza Minelli, but I can listen to her, the same goes for the young jazz singer Diana Krall, I burst out laughing!!! She does not mean to be funny – not at all!

I adore Andrea, and his duets are marvelous, despite liking his Romanza version with Sarah the obtuse translation really bugs me - they are not saying good-by in the original, Spanish (or any other language?) That is the most beautiful part of the song and it is "con te partiro" I will go/leave with you... OH, IT BUGS ME SO!
I also like Josh and some of Il Divo.
She did nicely with Luna
How about The Three Tenors – Domingo, Pavarotti, Carreras? They are actually responsible for it al; once I saw their 1994 Caracalla Concert, I felt that if there was ONE concert I would of want to attend in my lifetime, it would have been that one! It was pure magic, still think so.

This slow change also somewhat coincides with the advent of hip-hop and rap, plus I just can’t handle “electronic” sounds very well – there aren’t many options left in our continent other than state radio…. Almost the only “sane place” to escape. Can’t listen to oldies forever. And whining and whaling kills me.

Today, as I was cataloguing and sorting paintings and all related stuff, I listened to Il Divo, North American Native flute and, a couple of really, really cool Middle Eastern, North African CD’s, from my belly dancing class times – sheer heaven! Along with it, got invitation to contort and shimmy too! J

Lots of love and hugs to you too

iamnasra said...

A really nice info ..here I am learning something new as always

Pauline said...

Music always brings a smile and your comments are delightful! Keep the music flowing.

"Angeldust" said...

Dearest Nasra,
isn't it in nice we can learn from each other?!

The feelng is mutual.
Must return to your blog and carefully read your trip's account and view photos again.

Love and joy to you

"Angeldust" said...

ah... dearest Pauline

Where would I be without music?!

Where would the world be without music?!!

Just being me, before diving deeper into the subject of change...

Thank you soooo much for your sweet visits.

Big hug

slskenyon said...

Wow--she sounds like a great talent. Perhaps "great talents" in this world can be more or less assessed by whether or not people have this kind of an "experience" with their work--be it artistic or otherwise.

"Angeldust" said...

Is that what you mean?

Yeah, if you look historically at the our greatest talents in ALL FIELDS, you will find that all “suffered” from so called "mood disorders".

That said, what happens is, that unlike the bulk of the population, they are capable to experience their emotions well bellow and above the “average” (commonly acceptable) parameters.

Thus…. “the rest” get to enjoy and benefit forever and ever from their “madness”…
So, one question begs to be asked….

Nice to see you dear SLS
Love and joy to you

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Angel,
Nice post about "la Callas", as the French called her.

I hope you're doing well.


Arz000n said...

I was not aware of this lady...thanks for sharing so much info about her :))


"Angeldust" said...

As was hoping the same with you dear Anne-Marie - I am actually much better, thank you.

Love and joy

"Angeldust" said...

Hi arz000n

I am glad you found it interesting.

May I recommed perhaps "La Traviata" - another 1956 live recording with Giuseppe di Stefano, but this time a La Scala, Milán... a little bit "lighter"