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Sunday, June 03, 2007

PART TWO: Finally The fun Stuff - STEP 30!
Identifying Plants and Animals
=We documented life in each of the three habitat study areas, which I found to be somewhat different than the one we visited for the Identification Workshop three weeks ago - as you have seen in posted pics - going back there in a couple of weeks to do the same monitoring yearly visit

This litle guy is a hermit crab "transitioning" from plancton to dweller, possibly in search for his first shell. That piece of seaweed is resting on a finger. This one is already at home, resting on a palm, about 1cm. in length.

This tiny (dug-in) one is a juvenile Purple shore crab (anything but purple - green and white).

The "molten" adult Purple shore crab with its distinguishing spots.

The larger one by far this weekend was, the Dungeness crab (the edible kind). He was not happy as he was accidentaly separated from his "chosen" (actually kidnapped) female that he will (eventually) mate with (more like, force himself on) Look at that face!

Same place - Same time - Next year - Another beach in two weeks - yippy!!!

(Oh, see that cluster of trees half way up the hill, in the centre of the photo? I live just beyond its southern tip)

Originally posted on May 28, 2006


iamnasra said...

I know Im spoiled brat but what you were doing was so wonderful wished I was there

"Angeldust" said...

This is the beauty of it Nasra - anyone may volunteer and participate (after being trained).
It is a cooperative "labor of love" between the Department of Oceans and Fisheries (Gov.), The A.Rocha Conservancy Institute, a handful of Biologists and Marine Biologist (and just some regular lay/regular nature loving people like myself) that huddle together in a not so big living room at the Institute's main house - and intensely share with us their latest knowledge...

This was the third year the study was carried out. (My first) It takes 10 years to begin seeing patterns.
Although, I see and feel changes on/in the beach with some frequency, some things may change overnight, such as the plant life…. One big storm and a major “relocation” took place!

Maybe you like to join is this year?
It can get veeeeeeeeery dirty though... lol

samuru999 said...

And how I wish I could have been there too!
It would have been wonderful to have taken part!
The pictures are great!

Talk soon!
Have been "a little under the weather"
the past few days!

Sending hugs!


"Angeldust" said...

Awhh dearest Miss Margie, sorry to hear you are not feeling well.

Not much change here either... I am at my witts end, being unable to stabilize the blood pressure... getting very little done - and had plans to be already preparing for the May shows, all in my mind at this stage.
"there is a eason for everything"

Well, there is always this season...

Take good care - nurture, snuggle up to Jeff more often!!!
Hmmmmm - always a good home remedy. :)

Big hug

Rauf said...

We have to know what not to touch Angeldust. Its good to know. Some birds discard the chicks touched by humans and leave them to die.
In the forest I ask the guide what insect is this and I forget the name the very next minute.
Looks like you are having a great time.

Rauf said...

lovely pictures and good information, never heard of them
Thank you Angeldust.
love and Hugs

"Angeldust" said...

Same here Rauf... my memory isn't that great - or, too much information to process and retain!

Birds eggs are generally touchie.
A number of people were counting eagles this weekend as they are migrating south.
This is a designated (worldwide) refuge/sanctuary area, being a resting place for large numbers of migratory birds...

Thank you for sharing my interests
Love and a big hug back to you