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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Oh, yeah... ? What that's got to do with it?
Connecting the dots...

Today’s images are an example of how advertising also – as a “religion” of sorts - a guiding the path for many… is influenced by deeply rooted theological beliefs and, as an unperceivable consequence itself holds enormous influence over all of us (even when we think we are absolutely immune to it).
A picture tells a thousands words… Judge by yourself and see how they fit into the context of today’s post, and our lives.

Last night’s topic brought as around to discuss celibacy, virginity, the expectations attached to them and the “political” reasons it might have gone in this direction and not another, as well as how it had negatively affected both genders, etc..

What “If” Eve would have been portrayed as a loving, healthy desirous women – exercising her God Given Biology, instead of a sluttish temptress whom got herself and her mate banished from Eden carrying the burden of bestowing birth in sin to all to come - ay, Chihuahua, that's starting off on the wrong foot! What about this forgiving God concept/stuff?
What “IF” Mary was Not a Virgin… What “IF” Mary Magdalene was indeed or would have been portrayed as an enlightened disciple or a rightful lover/spouse of a flesh and blood man…The Son of God, a human on Earth. We all being children of God, would not that make him our brother? All women being his sisters? Making us “equals”, hmmm?
What “IF”!?

From "Elite Traveler", Sep. 06 issue. A high end and high gloss mag. my "pilotchick" sister/friend picks up a copy now and then, when she goes through the private jet terminal at YVR ...

We would most certainly live in a very different word.
We would live in a much healthier emotional and sexual environment and most likely, despite our differences we would all be, without any doubt from Earth instead of being from “Mars” and “Venus” –“intellectually” compatible that is… lol

Who wrote “This History”?
Who revised it throughout the centuries?
How many interpretations do “Sacred Scriptures” have?
Who believes to hold the truth – and why?
Personally, I do not care.
What I care about is, how are “we” revising it, interpreting it all. What are we believing. How are we being affected by our beliefs or, imprinted behavior - today.
What are “we” doing today and/or going to do about it tomorrow?

Those initial teachings of convenience - and there is not much need for double guessing this one - drew the proverbial line in the sand; the one that separated man from woman/ good form bad! Thus, automatically making one “superior” to the other ”inferior”.

We all got this drilled into us, in innumerable subtle ways – at this stage of the game, this is experience is within us, at our cellular (genetic) level. As, in “boys will be boys”, kind of thinking/feeling.

I have been unable to ascertain if it takes three or five years to renew all our cells and how does that exactly happen, but the reality is, that in order to change a cellular “imprint” we must continually “feed it” different information.

From the Nov. 2006 issue of "Flare" mag. - are those legs of a female older than twelve? Younger?

At one extreme we have celibacy/virginity, at the other pornography, eating up at present, a large percentage of a male generation or two? Perhaps three, four generations of males? With its trail of generations of generally female, but also male “victims” .
Where is our healthy biology? Where is a healthy sexual life spoken/written of?
Who decided and most importantly why, that intercourse was for procreation only?
Who decided that affection, love tenderness is not associated or it is separate from sex…?
Furthermore, who decided that man can “have sex” (I abhor this term, even “making” love* irritates me) mindlessly, detached and just move on from bed to bed or “whatever” – and not being somehow affected?

We don’t even have a language that can accurately express a loving joining interaction/communion that can have profound emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual sustained effects… Or, at the very least be a caring, joyful exchange… a playful romp in the hay even…

From "Chatelaine" mag. issue of August 2001

One of things that also caught my attention lately (I have not always been this cleaver! lol) is how this belief has also been brought into “new age spirituality”, where the concept of “holier than thou” is alive and kicking and “abstinence” is also form of virtue…
Ok, let me clear this for now and eternity – I am not advocating debauchery!
We are of flesh and blood, living in a physical plane… it begs the question – won’t it be enough time in “the spiritual afterlife” (that many of us believe in) to do spiritual/non-physical body things? Just curious.
Or, even worst, reincarnating, to go through this same rigamaroo over and over again!

In our schools for the past 3-4 decades - we still almost yearly debating - if children should learn “about the birds and the bees” in Biology class or, is this the job of the parent? Many parents chose to be the ones; how many are “truly” knowledgeable of our “biologies”, or simply repeating words read in an instruction manual or religious precept.
How much of our personal true biology is really taught and how? In what context, in that of a laboratory/species or in the context of human/loving relations?
These are questions that we are all still touched by as adults, as the children - the young ones today appear to be terribly confused as to what’s what.

I am afraid we have passed on our “twisted”, poorly informed, “guilty” beliefs.

Those beliefs enmeshed with a cunning, profiteering, unscrupulous ever increasing unsatiable desire for more and more, combined with media proliferation and easy access to it around the world, filtering down through all economic stratas, the results are catastrophic not only at the community level, but are more poignantly at the individual/personal level.

* I donno about you, but I “feel” love in every cell of my body, on every inch of my skin, in every breath, in every… how can I then “make” love, when it is much more than a manufacturing/assembly process of emotions (?).
Maybe we have also find a new vocabulary.
For myself, I don’t use either term to describe such “sacred” communion. I only call it “loving”, feeling greatly shortchanged by the lack of proper vocabulary.

To continuo - I am going to go with the flow… I will eventually come to how Religious Institution jockey for position…..

~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

P.S.: Another Indo-Canadian (33 year old) woman, a mother of three girls under 11, has been found brutally murdered in her Surrey home (it appears, in front of two of her daughters) by her extended family yesterday. May she rest in peace.

P.P.S: Ana Nicole, I just heard in the 1:00PM news about your untimely death as I was re-reading the above, it breaks my heart. You are a true example of what a society, it’s beliefs and behavior can create, soil and destroy. I am deeply, deeply sorry for you, your recently departed son and your infant daughter that survies you, I am really sorry dear girl…
My heart has gone out for you … a victim – some, may say willing – of our times.
Clearly, we – none of us - have taken the time to tell you/do for you better!

photo = net search
Anna Nicole, may both you and your son Daniel you followed so close, rest in peace.

(I wonder who will ET obsess with (in frozen, “botoxed” smiles) in a week or so, when she is no longer “news”... yet another young woman stepping right into her shoes?)

Love and countless blessings to one and all

Originally poted on Feb 8, 4:00PM under the tittle of: WHAT IF… ? FEMINIST THEOLOGY, cont…. Advertizing deeply rooted in beliefs. HAH? Changes - Part Five (Just like Stalone in Rocky)


"Angeldust" said...

Rauf said...
Dear Angel, I don't confuse myself nor I want to confuse you. Like Greek and Roman gods, each god has different names. You just don't know what kind of idiot I am Angel.
Perhaps the best kind. You would spend the whole day explaining epic Ramayan to me. In the end I may ask you who Rama was ? You would throw a bucket of ice cold water on me.

The Pregnant woman god you mentioned is Chamundi. I am not sure. she has different names. I do not know if she is any different from the destroyer or goddess of evil Kali or Durga. their rituals are pretty gory, they accept only blood. those rituals are fast going out of fashion.

dear Angel, I would like to draw your attention to Lorenna McKennit's songs. She is a canadian. just beautiful. I am not connecting anything. Please look into pagan rituals. You may find some answers. This may take you to Irish history. Witchcraft and pagan rituals, nature worship.
Female superiority. It makes lot of sense. I was very seriously reading pagan material some 20 years ago, all forgotten now. please look in to it, and refresh my memory as well. unfortunately later in ireland and england harmless witchcraft and paganism was out lawed and they were all burnt to death. When you say a 'witch' we think of a evil woman.
completely wrong. They were more close to nature and God than the pope ever was. I would like to kick shakespeare here. Writers made witches unpopular. though there was no media, church is largely responsible for the bad image of witches and pagans.


I lifted this response from Rauf's blog, featuring a pregnant Goddess (at a recent festival) by a man impersonating her...

I saw some interesting parallels in our posts.

Katie McKenna said...

I love reading your blog! Thank you!

"Angeldust" said...

You must have read my mind dear Katie,
I was preparing to pop over for an (overdue) visit for the last couple of days... later...oowrh

AWh! There aren't enough hours in the day!

Thank you for reading my blog and, for leaving word.

Love and joy

Pauline said...

I need more time than I have at this moment to comment properly. I so want to write of the Anna Nicole tragedy...and the exploitation of women in our society. Lord I could fill a book with my emotions. love and hugs!

"Angeldust" said...

I am in some desbelief, Pauline, at how much it has actually impacted me, particularly as I was finishing the acticle, quietly listening to CBC Two, th enews coming up...
I have been tearing up each time I hear of think about her tragic life ...
The Coroner did ot find "drugs" in her stomach?
Well, they better look closer until they find them, because I am positive beyond the shadow of a doubt that she was at a minimun heavily sedated these last few months...

My reaction is just as "unexpected" as the one I had when Diana died...

I am actually "in morning" for her.

(And what is yet to come!)

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Angel Dust, seems we want our cake and want to eat it ...
Too much candy, there's a price
Too much pizza, there's a price
Too much wine, there's a price
It is is wanting we are unfulfilled
whether it be Eve or forbidden fruit
The more we want, even
the more we want to give
the more we are unfulfilled if the other half does not want or want to give.
Love should be a blessing, but few things come for free ...
Pain comes often & free, and
Disappointment comes often & for free
So it is not only the best things in life are for free.

But, a thousand dusties and smiles I leave here for thee!

"Angeldust" said...

"the more we are unfulfilled if the other half does not want or want to give."

Q dearest...
Aside being in agreement with you, this quote is perhaps one of those life situations when we learn more about ourselves - "when the other half does not want to give" or does not give enough - when we want and how we want, interesting what may happen with a slight shift in "expectation".
And, I know 'cuz I am an expert on expectations...
Hmmmm..... all good.

Donno about your isle, but here, in the greater part of this continent "excess rules" in absolutely everything!

I gratefully accept the dusties and smiles and with added/padded warmth return them to you!
"Thee" sounds so much better - :)

(I wish I would know how to do the italic thing)

Annelisa said...

Interesting post, Angeldust - I'd never thought about the 'making love' expression like that... I think of it, not as 'manufacturing' love, but of 'creating' it... a creation of an additional action to the feeling that already flows.

Thanks, I will think about the role we, as women, have in a new light.

btw I can't tell you how to do the italics thing here, because it'll do funny things to the post, but you can see on my oh-so-helpful blog post (that I did for someone else) how to do it within this post. (It shows the tags for italics in the first picture on the page - it's the same whether in the post, or on a comment. :-) )

"Angeldust" said...

Thank you dear Annelisa - I will follow up in the next "few" days... lol the Film Festival is coming up...

(((Big Hug)))

vinay said...

i know a really serious blog..but then the first thing that came to my mind is..."the garden of eden" had computers!!!!remember eve had an "apple"!!!dont knw this was the first thing tat came to my mind!!

"Angeldust" said...

Fantastic Vinay - that would make us even more "precious" as we hold technology in our hands and men cannot and will not resist our allure - great story topic.
I dare you!

vinay said...

@angeldust:hahaha...adam had an small Ipod!!!hehehe

Rauf said...

Dearest Angel,
People who are sure of themselves and people who claim to know the truth are big fat liars.

We are still confused about life about what love is. these chaps seem to be pretty sure of it. I can just smile at them

I have cited vegetarianism and male domination against the laws of nature, What I did not mention is that the institution of marriage itself is against the laws of nature. lying cheating deceit dishonesty comes out of it.
you can add a few more. Yes I know we have a few saints over there who are boiling at my statements.
We have been cheating ourselves with all the beliefs the organised religion created. Religion took us further and further away from nature, we have gone so far away that we nearly belong to a different planet, not to this earth. We have such a wealth of information how this planet functions and we have all the information how all the species work and we refuse to learn from it. We have made a mess of this planet. We the humans, with all the guidance of all the saints prophets gods have messed it up.
look at the animals, they are at peace, what ever problems they have are created by us the humans.
They had to create a story of Adam and Eve. How ridiculous !! Holding Eve responsible for the downfall of man and god cursed all the women
i wrote about it last year


lots of love and hugs dear Angel.

Rauf said...

and its time some one starts writing the Bible from a woman's point of view.

"Angeldust" said...

I love ya dear Rauf!
It is beinf written as we speak - I am sure there is a woman or teo working on it!

I'll ask.

My eyes are burning from being tired - will come back and give a proper response.

Thank you for taking the time to comment.

"Angeldust" said...


No Vinay that won't work - "too short".

You have to come up with "a longer story"


vinay said...

sure i dont mind taking up the dare!!but "who dares wins"..what would i win???:-)) i will take up the challenge..but some problem here at work!!!!fight with team lead..unpleasant mails in the mroning...i am like so mfcked!!!!!wish i could leave this software industry....and do something else!!!

"Angeldust" said...

Follow your heart vinay...
(with a plan B)

What do you win?
Let me think...

I'm afraid I am not as sharp as you are - give me time to think.

Hope all gets better at work.
It is soooooooo overrated. WE should find another way to sustain ourselves - other than working 9 to 5 for someone else tha is. It does make people stupid.

(Anyway, I was sef-employed most of my life and I was due a total overhaul/re-invention to proceed with life...

Take good care

"Angeldust" said...

"People who are sure of themselves and people who claim to know the truth are big fat liars."

Dearest Raufie:
a totally true statement, because those that truly know, know that they don't know... much.

I like your take on religion and vegetarianism... There was one of those "cattle production" docs. that was really tauting it to be the only "good" way of life... (quiet sick sanctimonius, holier than thou attitude), we ended up not including it as it was more about advocating vegeterianism than exposing the awful side of the cattle industry!

As for matrimony - I don't think that as the concept is lived/practiced, is what it supposed to be all about.

One other favorite author of mine - Gary Zukav - Successfull Physicist turned spiritual man - says that we "couple up for our spiritual growth" - to work out/learn what we need to.

OK, me jumping into it cold, I admit it does not make much sense.
But within its context, I do believe that coupling is/can/should be a deeply spiritual experience and that includes magical physical bonding...

I have been thinking that that might be one of the reason "sex" became so "bad" in the theological arena.

Imagine IF we would have been told that the commmunion of our bodies is a joyious,sacred act and one of great hights of spiritual experience...

THe church would have been doomed - who would be sitting at the pews "praying for something better in their lives".

Got to run along, busy weekend coming up. HAve a great one.
Got to get myself prettied-up

Love and hugs dear friend

Pauline said...

Yes, I understand your emotions. and now a child to be pulled about like a second course dinner. I am appalled, truely...

"Angeldust" said...

WoW dear Pauline ....
What a shameful state of affairs!

Years ago, when my mother startedlisting the things that "will be mine", I suggested she had a detailed will because I was not willing to get entanlged in what was to come (from my sister-in-laws).

I made a will when I Was 26 and travelling a lot... time to review.

Particularly, if you have specific wishes as the what is to be of what remains.

I have only seen a news bit and had to go out, so I don't know what's going on...

But, let me tell you, her mother may not be the one to end up with the little baby but - I do not trust that Howard Stern at all!!!

THey should get going with the DNA paternity tests.

Big hud
keep well

vinay said...

hope you had enugh time!!!now i am out of topics to write about anyway!!

"Angeldust" said...

DO not tease me... as I might give you some "asignements"


Katie McKenna said...

"We don’t even have a language that can accurately express a loving joining"

I love rereading this post and a few others... so much to contemplate! Thank you!