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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Warning (?) - Part Four -
Another "editing" reflection passage pour moi.
(So unpleasant of me...)
Those of you that have known me for a while, or read my profile, know that I am really into "relationships" and I try as much as possible, given time and moods, to communicate and respond to you in my comments with an "involved" spirit and manner, whether at your or my blog.
Most of us that are finding one another in this vast cyberspace, are coming into blogging with an open heart (and, with all our baggage in tow - such is life...), sooner or later, becoming "a clear reflection of whom really are" away from the keyboard... oh, yeeeeah...
Sometimes, this does not necessarily manifest in what we post, but in how we follow up and interact with others, in how our blogs are kept... Are they an "open window" or a mere "showcase of our capriciousness?
A former blogger friend (I am truly sorry that that is what he has become - baggage, baggage we both had/have - once told me, he felt very uneasy with bloggers that did not share their face and names - I was too green to understand way back then as also, I mostly kept to myself.
As time went on, I began to appreciate the importance of "knowing" whom I am interacting with but, it was not until lately that I feel it is of paramount importance whom I give my time and emotions to in the blogging world as well. Under what kind of situations do I do that?
How often am I drawn into someones world to find, that it is a one way street... in the final analysis - that is - I been had, again.
Although it may not read as such, I do have a "trusting" nature - awh, poppycock!
I rephrase. Perhaps, more foolish and naive than trusting... But, I learned in time to search for clues (when I get a "funny" feeling in my tummy), to see beyond the written word, or images... with no due credits..., no follow-ups, no "maintained archives" to speak of... hit and run comments... tit for tat...
All "red flags"!
While some bloggers cannot be more transparent, others, hide behind clever smoke and mirrors ...

Where is my energy going?
Would I give my energy to the same situation "in real life" - ooops, this IS part of my real life nowadays!
The answer is clearly, NO.
With a heartfelt goodbye blessing to "them" and,
a joy filled open heart to each and every one of you... with love
cont. bellow...


Paul said...

Cyberspace is a more like real life than I would have thought. With blogging over time, there are people I feel I have a better sense of than acquaintances I "know" in person.

In some ways you get more info about the person, for example maybe their thoughts on serious matters; in some ways, less, for example, no body language or tone of voice or eye contact.

"Angeldust" said...

Isn't it interesting how, particularly after a while, one gets to "know" fellow bloggers, there is no way to "hide" ones natur/personality (of course I am strictly speaking of mainstream bloggers)

I am veeeeeery fond of a number of blogger friends and I genuinly miss not hearing from them, and I am concerned about their well bieng... just as much as with those physically around - and feel awful when I am focusing on my stuff and "negelcting" them...Ouch!

Leaving a little "thinking of you" in the comments section at times feels innapropriate as there is much effort and time for each one to post.

So, anyone else than yourself (included) is reading this -

I am lovingly thinking of YOU!

Love, joy and laughter

PS.: I does bring joy to my heart to see their photos or icons - it really does!

Katie McKenna said...

It is difficult to find "enough" time some days.. some weeks even. We simply do what we can. I have found that it is as necessary to "weed" on the blog sphere as it is in my garden. On one level , We have a limited amount of time and energy to share at any given time... on the other we know that what we have is enough, as we are full of Abundance. Being selective, desiring to embrace "real" is what helps us become who we are.

I appreciate You in my life for that reason - you are real,filled with light, love and laughter.

"Angeldust" said...

and you, dear Katie are so precious yourself!

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Alicia,
I am guilty of neglect these last few weeks, drowning in school work and depleted of much energy by the mid-winter blahs that a grey Toronto always brings,

I love the idea of just popping by and saying hello. I hope this quick note finds you well!


"Angeldust" said...

We all get caught up in the "winter blahs"...
I got my nose close to the ground with my "creative cocooning"

Rauf said...

Hi Angeldust,
recently I found a friend having one set of manners for himself and one set for display. This happens in blog world as well. I am in the blog and mails with all my stupidity, I have no wise and intelligent profile to project, that is why I call myself blunt knife Blunt knife is torture actually
love and Hugs Dear Angel

"Angeldust" said...

Well, my dear Rauf
sometimes we are "sucked in " by those crying wolf.... hm...by those appearing to need our support...

I found that some cry wolf one too many times and we have fallen for it with our compassionate friendship - but don't respond when a hand is extended with some "actual/factual help"- then a few months later thet do the same thing...seeking sympathy from others again - smoke and mirrors!

We had fallen for one recently. Me? for the third time!!!!
"I'd been here" I realized when I kept on returning for some sort of follow up on her part and response to valid questions to some of her claims...
Ay Chihuahua, enough - she is full of it.

Still, love your caring and supporting spirit - your big heart
Biiig Hug