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Saturday, April 28, 2007


Charlie the First at New Westminster Quay, BC. Canada,
in his "mellower" years - at one time he was a fur ball looking for kill!
The newscaster issued a warning before showing the footage of the dog fight in Afghanistan... Accusatory words carefully chosen insinuating vaguely some sort of "savagery" - no one wanted to be interviewed as "they were ashamed" of their participation - the commentary concluded.
Perhaps, we should send then all computers and XBOXES to amuse themselves in a more civilized fashion! (A "better violence" type of entertainment... no?)
And maybe, at the same, deflect from the (now almost certainty) that Canadian official/authorities were aware of prisoners being tortured in Afghanistan... have participated in - hm?
Us, no longer the Peacekeepers - it breaks my heart!
I suppose when we keep our attention on others, we don't allow much of an opportunity to look at ourselves .


Dog pack!!!

Charlie the Second to the right, with friends Duffie up front and (?) at the back. Ooops, memory lapse!



Katie McKenna said...

cute puppies!

"Angeldust" said...

yes the puppies are/were sinply adorable

Rauf said...

Civilised ? How do we judge who is civilised dearest Angel ?

"Angeldust" said...

Better yet Raufie - WHO is qualified to decide on it?
I Do hope that the sarcasm was not "lost in the translation"

Wenda said...

Keep up the good work.