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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Never a dull moment by the beach...

The rays of the sun are softer but still warm

sending this tired body and soul into a lull... :)

Can you see/find "the angel"?

She wants to be fed and waits patiently...







the last of the blackberries....



Anne-Marie said...

Hi Alicia,
The blackberries look temptingly delicious, and I'm always a sucker for cute animals.

I hope you're doing well. The days are glorious here, best weather I've seen in the summer for many, many years.


"Angeldust" said...

the balckberies are awesome Anne-Marie...

These two were around "illegally" as (so very unfortunately) this is not a pet friendly town - but a couple of hundred yards East - doggie heaven (!) as we enter the sacred and free land of the Semiahmoo Reserve - Thank You - the last of the older, luscious trees on the beach and a large delicious green grass area courtesy of the Charles family band members.
Grateful they share their private land and allow access to one and all - pets included!

Otherwise it is a sorry state of affairs with the anti-pet side ruling.
It is equalily as bad for artists!

BUT - some of us are trying to change that!
Working in organizing an Artist Market - on Private land - of course... :)


Anne-Marie said...

Hi Alicia,
We're having our own anti-pet crusades at our local condo level, but it's going our way. How can people be so worried about little beasties?

"Angeldust" said...

well, Anne-Marie
I do believe that people that son't want pet (or like animals, critters included) are basically very sad and lonely inside - afrais to allow any type of feeling to surface.
These are generally rather unhappy people.

"IF" I am ever in a positon to determine such matters, I would rule for the "absolute contrary"

People without pets not allowed!

The mess left behind at is actually minimal - considering the amount of the four-legged ones.

I did not move to White Rock in 2000 because of that reason, movend after Charlie died...
I was not going to be told where we could or could not go.

Rauf said...

ah you have friends dearest Angel,
very cute friends
i had one, ginger my cat but i never carried him outside.
He was my biggest fan, let me correct myself he was my only fan.
loved to wwatch me work. he used to try to catch my fingers typing.
but he used to annoy me by walking on the keyboard, sometimes stepping on the stupid power key which my previous keyboard had shutting down the system.

Hope you are doing fine dearest Angel. having some time to yourself. And hope the weather is fine too
love and Hugs

"Angeldust" said...

Raufie dear
"most four-legged are... lol

I am finally even caught up with my laundry, thank heaven I got plenty of "everything".... :)

Did some "serious cooking" - meaning, the entire process it took more than a half hour ... :)

Not so OR well rested.
I do need that holiday that never happened - but came up witht he idea of accompanying a frind back to the Island.
She comes over once a week to university for her Theology classes and I will meet her on campus and take the journey back with her, and renturn the same day... I love the ferry passage. It will be a "mini-holi-day.

Of course - I managed to schedule it for mid-October!!!

Hope you are well too
love and hugs back to you

slskenyon said...

I love the blackberry shots here--it reminds me of what the end of the season is like out here, just before the leaves really start to change color.

Pauline said...

The angel is quite easily seen! Lovely indeed. Dolly looks angelic herself. Each photo a treasure!!

"Angeldust" said...

HEllo slskenyon
HEllo Pauline

BiG HuG to both of ya!