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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Just found out this afternoon that this brilliat, endearing, gentle being has passed away in his sleep on Jan 03 ...
I have hung to every word he uttered as each soflty flowed with the ease of a familiar and embracing melody... although not in person


Pauline said...

Aah to die in ones sleep embraced in sweet dreams of joy and peace.
Thought I would check in on you and say that the jewelry pieces are delightful and bringing many compliments ;)Hope you are well.

Alicia M B Ballard said...

My goodness Pauline - it looks like I just "surface" for the "eulogies"!

He was actually 52!

Thank you for the jewelry feedback.
Huuuuge changes in that area and in the entire creative front!.

Can hadly wait to have it all "together".

Hope you are well
Lots of love and hugs

Katie McKenna said...

Hello and hugs to you Alicia!

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Alicia,
52 is too young, surely, though to pass in one's sleep is a mercy.

I hope you're doing well- we've had yet another beautiful dumping of snow. Not the cold winter they predicted, but a gorgeous white blanket yet again.