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Friday, November 07, 2008

The swift pelting of Sarah Palin (Or the building and deconstruction of an “American Icon”)

She was “vetted”, she was vetted! The machinery behind McCain and the Republican Party (tried to) assured everyone.
She was shown and paraded like pedigree cattle, her husband and children along… good American stock!
Good American values = A Real American for Real America.

Now, the election lost, she and her paraded family, including her infant Down's Syndrome child, no longer serve as example of American Family, of American Values.
She shopped too much (!) and now is described as “Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman-Marcus”. Reeeeeeeealy?
Pretty good results I’d say.
Good enough to fool herself, in her naïve ignorance (as she does not yet know what she does not know!) and millions of others in their naïve ignorance (that also don't know yet what they don't know), that she was a truly “a contender”.
I’d say l-e-t h-e-r k-e-e-p t-h-e c-l-o-t-h-e-s!!! She deserves them, if only for being used.

So, let’s continue.
She was vetted! By whom? The Veterinarian at the Pet Clinic down Wasilla’s Main Street glanced over and gave his OK? That kind of "vetting"!?

We all know I am no friend of Sarah, nor the Republican Party for that matter, but I am very much a friend of fairness.
All right, she might not deserve fairness either, after (further) instigating millions into believing that Obama had terrorist ties, was “un-American”, along with other inaccurate and malicious character assassination propaganda…
Still, it is entire possible that Sarah herself believed this… After all, Republicans did believe that Saddam Hussein was a Terrorist threat to the US and therefore, the war in Iraq was justified. And justified, and justified… while the rest of the learned world watched the development in horror.
That same learned world that failed to stop the war, that failed to stop the re-election of the Bush administration… It took the help of the hungry and under-privileged to be given a glimmer of hope to stand up and be counted, to join in the effort to return to some semblance of sanity. To bring it up to 52%. No?

Sarah Palin is now is a liability to the Party – ay Chihuahua, a little too late and futile don’t you think? After all, 45% of US citizens, “The Real Americans” (the largest numbers from, generlly speaking, the poorest and most forgotten areas of the country - or, was it the affluet that chose for them...) have voted for a ticket that named her for "Vice-President" .

I suggest that instead of pelting her, a good look be taken at the machinery that put this in motion, and I don’t mean the 21 year blogger that started it all (!) I mean the erudites that met with her and deemed her a suitable prospect, including McCain whom claimed to have “vetted” her personally – ouch!

I do believe Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is a true representative of those she was addressing, those that saw themselves reflected in her, voted for her, for them…
As it became obvious, (not soon enough to them) she is an inevitable international embarrassment, also, as a representative of a huge segment of the population, that reflects not only a hugely failed US education system, but the consequences of what a serious lack of access to diverse (and somewhat (!?) impartial) sources of information may bring forth.

Personally, I prefer to look up at my leaders.
My reflection is just that. Plain and simple.

(PS.: Too bad they failed to locate our Rick Mercer, he most likely could have put Katie Couric herself to shame ...)

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Pauline said...

I see you are keeping busy with mind games which is always a great idea. Personally, I've had enough "talk" and am longing to see positive "action" to stir the economy and the country itself to a more positive mode. I would not object to some moral code either integrity, honesty, trustworthy etc. etc. etc. Hug to you my friend :)