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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ah....The good life! Hmmm, Is is?

John, shy but comfy (brother Johnston, gregarious, but unavailable for pics...)

Such is life, at times... Comfy, safe and nurtured cherished.

At other times life bring countless moments and passages of unsettled uncertainty and even periods of fear as choices, circumstances and changes unsettle our familial-tested, mental, emotional and possibly even physical grounds. There is no comfort, safety or nurturing to accompany us, as for the most part others around, apprehensive of their own situations shy away from the other's pain.

I've done so myself, as if keeping away paralyzed by an invisible "contagious" disease. I did not understand that no matter how close we are to one another - we are on a separate journey, most of the time.

Parallel "time zones" I'd say, where our own, private lives unfold according to our choices, fate and destinies - yes, I have come to believe that while positive thinking/feeling and prayer have also their proven energy - well, as everything else does - dah! - so does the dark/shadow forces brought forth/generated by those that act with disregard and/or ill intent... And then, there is the "collective energy"; that influences circumstances, so called "luck" that has nothing to do with what we may or not think/feel/intent!

Which brings me, to feel even more alert/compassionate/understanding/accepting of myself and those "less fortunate" as society likes to label that and those which have missed the "acceptable" mark.

Now days, that it is ever so fashionable to "be responsible" for our own destinies, that we can "manifest"/create a life in the image of our own desires, pray it better... "charity" or "giving back" that some can muster to feign - for good karma sake - a simple reality of life being a succession of flowing/diverse/intersecting energies gets lost in the mumble-jumble.

As I try to define life as "is", not as presented by religious or new age interests, I adventure farther away from the comfort zone my thoughts and feelings may rest at. Experiences, observations, sometimes (rather often lately) awaken me from the delusion that it is all well as long as a follow a prescribed line of thinking/feeling. Hah!

Those that lack comfort, safety and nurture... those that simply try to survive a day to day life in a parallel time zone we don't much care to identify and accept as part of the whole, are as much our collective doing, as are part of our collective undoing indifference.

This is the result of what happens when I come to post and I have not prepared for it... And, all I felt was wanting to share my friend's cat

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