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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Snow again... in disbelief!!!

I must be hallucinating...
Thought I heard a lawnmower - oh no, that was yesterday morning!
Before it snowed. It is still there, laying white, silent and virginal all around - ay Chihuahua!
This is walking on the beach time, warm winter days time... days we love to boast about to everyone that will listen all over the continent, and beyond... not this year - ouch


Margie said...

Hi alicia
More snow...oh no!!

Heading out on a little holiday to the mountains later today.
Hubby will ski while I just relax.
Since I have the knee injury, I cannot ski....boohoo!!!

Be in touch soon.

Miss you!

love & hugs


Alicia M B Ballard said...

Hello sweetie
AND... it is freezing cold again - possible snow again this Sunday.
This is totally absurd!

Hope you are having a restful, but still enjoyable time -
Lots of love and hugs
Call soon :)