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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Police Reality - not a TV show!

It is increasingly obvious that the police we might like to rely on and feel save with, is disappointing us on a continuous basis.
Gee, when do the "good guys do the right thing" ? 
"When do they win"?
And when are the rotten apples tossed out?

We still have not heard an acknowledgement for the killing of Robert Dziekanski - it took an outsider's testimony, in authority to assess publicly what we all suspect...

Also, in the news again, Woodstock - not good today -  as it was confirmed that little Vicky was indeed murdered and a couple of arrests been made in connection with  kidnapping and murder, other charges pending - neighbours!

I ask myself and shout out from this soapbox, what on earth are these people doing and when and how is negligent and/or criminal behaviour going to be properly addressed? When and How?

Its been a long day, having reached a turn-around point with the painting and yet, I cannot let go of these issues.
We have become way too "tolerant" of what should be intolerable and what we must demand accountability for.

Why are the RCMP officers still on the force payroll and why have they not been charged (with a litany long list of charges) and, why has not the Woodstock Police not listen to the parents of Vicky and treat her disappearance as an abduction from the get-go...???

It saddens me profoundly.
Peace, love, joy,abundance and laughter...

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