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Monday, June 15, 2009

Not all is glamour in the life of an artist: The Chicken Caper

It all began with the kidnapping of
the "ailing" rooster and subsequent 
mysterious  chicken disaperance
 from Mr. F's garden
aka our yard... our  (private) back yard
F's was telling me just yesterday how unfortunate 
it was that his critters were taken...
Frans has been missing the rooster for over a month,
 the chicken just this Friday
 With the looming deadlines I could not
get to work on this most desperate makeover 
Although, I have done the research ...
 (what do I know about poultry?)

in their natural habitat

I hope to hear soon about the surprising return 
to the private garden of the missing birds...
(I just might admit to it!)
Bellow: a glimpse of the garden
(click on pics to enlarge)


pilgrimchick said...

Those really look great--fabulous painting job. They stand out in their "natural" environment.

Alicia M B Ballard said...