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Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Abbotsford International AirShow 2009

Active Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield

A wonderful, wonderful day!
Enjoyed everything and every minute from departure to arrival back home.

Guest at the President's Chalet ; got to meet super Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield - a true highlight.
Totally, completely, absolutely, no doubt impressed!

Fell in live with Rob Holland and his routine on that fabulous little power machine of his, an MX-2

And, wondered along with Charlie and Lorraine what could they be driving - a little rusted Neon, perhaps?


Anne-Marie said...

Hi Alicia,
what an exciting day for you. I think it must be amazing to be able to say that you saw the Earth from beyond it.


Alicia M B Ballard said...


It was very exciting - more exciting than meeting the Pope or Dalai Lama!

Hope to find yous well and settled comfortably...

rauf said...

what a day for you dearest Alicia ! i am glad you enjoyed every minute. Must be quite noisy. Better than boring silence. You can take silence for a while but it gets on your nerves and i get back to the traffic.
Then i go after silence once again.

Everything looks ridiculous from above Alicia, the kings and queens, superior and inferior, the right and wrong, poor and rich. What madness ! We are just another species crawling on earth.

Enjoy the season Alicia, hope it is productive and rewarding.
Lots of love and Hugs

Alicia M B Ballard said...

Raufie... yes, very noisy, at times. We took ear plugs and made it all enjoyable.
It was over all a relaxing day.

There are (oddly) some noises that do not get on my nerves.
Airplanes and race cars are among them - go figure!
Then, we have my neighbour upstairs... chipping at my patience - not as often as she used to though.

Silence - looooooove the silence of nature - there is always something going on.

I am going through a "tolerance" period, listening to music all day - often, I must be in total silence; much like you.

Lots of love and hugs

Margie said...

Sorry to be late getting here to leave a comment.
What a thrilling day that must have been!

Love to you, my friend!


Alicia M B Ballard said...


it was a niiiiiiiiice day
sipping Mimosas, flavoring bbqed salmon, chocolate fondue and being looked after, planes roaring overhead... good company, my kind of fun day!!!

What will last longer is my impression of meeting astronaut Chris Hadfield... icing on the cake!