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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Petit Tour de Force - Apple store/Pacific Centre, Coffee @ the Hundson's Bay... and the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Touch

An installation with no name/title plaque-nothing (!!!) between Pacific Centre and The Four Season's Hotel(did not bother with another nearby interesting sculpture because of no name/title plaque-nothing!!!

Granville looking southwest...

Granville looking northeast-ish?

Dogs in stores - we are finally "civilized" (maybe?)

People were made to line up outside, on Seymour Street, to enter the store its Olympic shop - for "security reasons". Either The Bay had serious threats or, they are cashing in big time... They were actually limiting the number of shoppers in the olympic shop - while inconveniencing the rest of us!

While one could shoot a cannon anywhere else in the building... having us actually make an effort to enter the store - it is the most absurd situation, ever.

On the 6th floor, The Seymour Room, the same,
just a handful of us by the windows...

It is normally a quiet place, but, with all sorts of people milling around.
My "tour de force"... can't miss stepping into the Hudson's Bay ever since I arrived in Canada in 1969... Started in Calgary and continued the "tradition" in Vancouver.


Margie said...

Dogs in Stores!

You shared some great pics!
Thank you, Alicia.

How are you?
Sending you hugs!

<3 <3!


arkhonómada said...

Te sigo leyendo... no lo dudes!
Y me parece "preciosa" -no creo que sea la palabra más adecuada...- la foto que tienes puesta en tu título.
Mil besos, Angel

Alicia M B Ballard said...

Margie dear - yes, dogs in stores... what a delight!!!!

Nómada, compañero de jornada, gracias por lo que tu contribuyes a mi existencia. Mil besos.