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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

AvisArte 2010 Exhibition, Mexico City

March 9 - 30
Foyer, Loteria Nacional de Mexico,
Avenida Juarez 101, Mexico, DF

"Intermezzo Giocoso" ©

In celebration of the 50
th Anniversary of the Mexican Cancer Society and in conjunction with the World Colon-Rectal Cancer Awareness month, and special commemorative draws from the National Lottery of Mexico during the month.
I am very pleased to be part of what is (also, more importantly) an educational/awareness campaign. Often times we don't manage to talk openly about life's important matters. This is one of them.

* While the original work is still taking part of the Itinerant Exhibit "Contemporary International Art II" in Argentina, the image has been reproduced and placed vertically by AvisArt, with all due permission.

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bazza said...

Hello Alicia. That work looks like it's based on something organic; like a cross-section of a human organ.
By the way, the italic type quote at the end of your blog is too small to read! (For me , anyway)

from Alicia M B Ballard's Studio said...

Hello Bazza:

I know, that, is what some see...
which I am totally cool with...
It is fascinating for me to hear/read what others perceive.

I painted "a visual translation" of a diversity of energies I may feel when surrounded by others... these energy waves have each a sound - it can sometimes be very overwhelming, particularly when not harmonious.

I painted it in a horizontal position, but realized at some point that it could be viewed from all 4 angles, therefore it is signed at the back... :)

from Alicia M B Ballard's Studio said...

Can't figure out what you refer to.
Can you enlarge ....
Got a Mac, can't tell what actually others see.

bazza said...

I was referring to the part that begins *While the original work....!