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Friday, December 31, 2010

Human relations, are often inhuman relations tangled by language.

When we interact with each other, family as well as strangers, language - about the only thing that we think separates us, from animals - gets in the way...
Use or, disuse/misuse/manipulation of it, immediate transports us to a surreal place where the sounds that normally would clear the way, actually fog-up the panorama, and set the stage for unequal footing.
Some English modisms, such us “I don’t want to impose on you”  which, sound clear enough to be understood as not wanting to be a bother... actually, is often used as a substitute for “I want to get the hell out of here and it is easier to use you and the situation as an excuse, while I appear to be a sensible and considerate guest - and you, an intolerant fool!
Yes, yes... no two ways about it. The farce has began!
A farce yes, but not a comedy.
So, the lie/farce may be played by one or (often) by both parties.
The inhuman relations occur, with the former as the interaction moves forward in two distinct directions - only to arrive to a sudden, unexpected, chaotic disruption.
As in an animated conversation of two deaf individuals, each convincingly pursuing their own agenda as if comprehended by the other.
The situation gets reality interesting when, the one party that made the false statement is “trapped” by the hospitality and good will of the host/hostess and desperately, hastily must exit to carry out their own personal, private agenda, and chooses to further muck-it-all-up by continuing to “build” on the false statement.
Once the “inhuman relations” cease and the fog dissipates, one can clearly see “the farce” and be knowledgeable not to be in the same spot ever again.
Moral of the story, for human relations: Mean what you say. Say what you mean. Walk the talk!

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