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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

So, let us look at his calmly...

A man, any man (a, person like you and me) sets up a website to share with us all around the world information that it is "kept" from us ... As such we, cannot make proper/adequate decisions about just anything.
Because, while the intentions may not be sinister, are mostly based in outdated concepts and,  as this has never changed since the dawn of civilization, it only serves the interests of a precious minority/few.

That does not benefit us personally nor, does it benefit society as a whole, wich, at this point in time, is finding itself in a seriously desperate global financial, as well as intellectual and emotional, highly charged state of affairs.
This has come to fruition as a result of a number of things, among them, the lack of proper information and/or its substitution for the now common "spin". The safe-keepinf of the satatus quo and other minor and major interests. As a result, a great number of the north american population is getting even a greater distortion of our reality as it is regurgitated by some insanely ignorant and word power drunks that have managed to captivate a hungry audience with their sugar coated venom.
These are the ones that call themselves "patriotic" and scoff and scorn anyone sane enough to be able to see the difference...
How sad it is to observe the slow demise of a nation, through the acts of a handful of public figures, wolves dressed in sheep's clothing...

It is these people that ought to be charged with treason... OK, at the very least  with malicious public mischief,  if we don't want to get overly dramatic and, in the name of freedom of speech.
While I believe they have the right to think and say what they want, they do not have the right soil and prejudice others, let alone those that have actually have something to contribute.
We all know that desperate times drives us to desperate measures.

Rape allegation aside (as tremendously serious as they could potentially be), Jason Assange is a daring man. And, I believe that we can only come out of the current chaos with a huge reality doses, and among those leaks is, what really, truly is going on in the international scene - behind the scene!

Those of us that are alert, either rationally "suspect" (or the gut feelings don't let us sleep) of all we are hearing now.
Don't tell me any of these "leaks" are "news" to anyone!!!???
What they are, is a confirmation, they are the dotting of the i's and the crossing of the t's.

So, I ask... why such accusations of terrorism? Why calls for assassination?
We be better served as a society, if we ask why accusations of terrorism, calls for assassination... suggestion of "hunting him down".
Wow, it does stop my breath....

From the BBC: Assange Arrested earlier today in the UK

From CBC: Earlier this week
Calgary Police to probe ....


rauf said...

who is going to charge them with treason Alicia ? They seem to own everything including the judiciary. The wikileaks seems to me like a farce. We'll never know the truth. What we may know is only half truth. i have written about it

Hope your imagination is sharp as ever dearest Alicia
lots of love and hugs

from Alicia M B Ballard's Studio said...

My imagination is!
But also those that leas the Wikis'

I like to support them, we need people whom at least attempt to speak the truth - as journalism has become a sport