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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The "truckload" of stuff I need to get off my chest

The "truckload" of stuff I need to get off my chest, may not be as huge/heavy a load as how it actually feels.

There is a saying in Spanish: "If you sleep with children, you'll wake up wet".
That is how my years on FB have been. "Mostly sleeping well but, waking up truly soaked with the urine of this "young diluted souls" involved in the management of the same.

Goes back to education. One thing is to have a degree. Another, is to have an education. Actually, a person can have various degrees but still be an ignorant imbecile. Still does not necessarily be cultured, worldly... "Education" is not entirely acquired in a building with one or another prestigious or not name above the entrance door. It is something, gifted by family, in the milieu of each individual, the company he/she keeps, the books read, the movies or TV selected for viewing, travel, observation, variety and depth of interests, social circle, and so on. It is unlimited and always open to "the new".... in other words: Every minute, every situation, every day an unending source of richness to file that, for some of will continue until our last breath.

I will miss the interaction with some creatives that have become dear friends, some of whom I met personally and became family. BUT, There was life before and I am sure there will still be a rich life after FB. Which, I cannot entire leave as I have group commitments and my art page. Again, who knows when I find a way to "circumvent" the bad.

This time, as other times, I am utterly pissed off at their "censorship" methods. Last night they literally cornered me into "disliking" some groups they alleged were doing one thing or another (?) and also some issue with some minor trivia on post I had to agree to delete to access use.

The most offensive was the allegation of a nudity, claiming I posted and image not complying with "their standards". MY STANDARDS are HIGHER than FB will have!!

For one, I can differentiate between an art nude and naughty nakedness (plenty of those annoying ones, keeping women's existence as objects alive!)

So, someone must have complained. Someone with malice as it happened before, or a new "sick/perverted" bastard or bitch. I have eliminated a couple of people before that I suspected of "denouncing" me, and been in peace ever since... This time I don't have the time nor the inclination to investigate any further than requesting they have the courtesy to show me the so called "offensive image".
By the way, I do not recall even sharing the nude work of a colleague these past few weeks. The only one I would share, I don't, simply because his images are of skeletal women (I find unhealthy and a further promotion of diet neurosis). So, I am at a loss for what to do other than focus on something else, particularly now, that I am busy preparing for our "5 Nuts and Squirrel" month long event at the PopUp Gallery coming up in late May-June.

I will post my nude works at my @ Alicia M B Ballard blog - at my heart's content, knowing that Google standards include a cultured agenda.

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