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Monday, October 03, 2005

"...People will not forget how you made them feel".

Reaching Out But Not Connecting
When Mischief Angels don't push hard enough, we still have to take that one extra step!

Ahhhh, how nice that I am able to blame it all on the mischief angels!
Yeah, they can take it.
I have observed lately is how we cannot take it. How otherwise we, bright, intelligent, articulate, caring, lovely people, lead by the hand by mischief angels to a journey-companion, a friend... freeze up and turn away. In (un-registered) fear perhaps?
What on earth are we doing to ourselves?

Wednesday, October 5
I first began writing thoughts on the subject of "reaching out but failing to connect" in early August and kept on "building" on it.
Yesterday afternoon, I felt I have expressed my thoughts to a satisfactory degree and shared all of my insights on this most "tender" topic of feelings. I felt I have finished writing about it and re-published it as I done a couple of timens after prior editings.
I do that sometimes...like a painter with her canvas. It's done when it feels done.
I noticed this morning that only the title has been published - so I followed my usual recovery steps, and nothing. Well what's above...
Ninety eight percent of the words have simply vanished into cyberspace (or...you know whom, took them away ...hmmm?)
So, I though I might have a copy... I will re-write... Some frantic moments...
Then, I concluded that it was not meant to be.
Ironically, it will just remain an another example of reaching out and failing to connect.
Somehow this has saddened my heart.
Just now, brought tears to my eyes...
"People will forget what you have said,
people will forget what you have done.
But, people will not forget how you made them feel".
Maya Angelou
Love and blessings to one and all!

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