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Thursday, July 13, 2006

As the fear , retaliation and aggression are escalating once again to the point where we will soon have "a free for all" situation, it is about time that , we the sane, start taking serious steps in calling our politicians - and all those that would do anything "in the name of democracy" - to task, and to "stand up and take responsibility" for their actions and right the wrongs as there are bringing dispair upon many.
I did not sign up for this deal!

A suggestion?
"Charity" begins at home.
Let's clean up and tidy up our own back yard, before finding fault and going to "fix" someone else's; because everyone, sooner or later follows the example of the (self appointed) leader!

Let's talk peace, compassion, understanding. Not "self-defence"!

Do you believe that the role of our Armed Forces should revert and remain in a Peace Keeping role?
Phone the Prime Minister's Office and tell him so
- on your dime: 1.613.941.6888

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"Angeldust" said...

Ever since someone (?) gave me this number, years ago, each time I am either for, or against something, or simply have a strong opinion I need to express, I just pick up the phone and tell it to whom it matters.
You may leave a message any lenght, at any time 24/7 - they will even call back if that is your wish - as may choose to speak personally to one of his Aids.
My experience has been consistently satisfactory with the previous gov. and, have the feeling that this new gov is also "listening".

Not only those killed in a action are now seen on the news but, today on the 5:30 ones regarding the escalating aggression in the Middle East, Harper was finally clearly heard "speaking the Canadian mind" as “opposed to Bush” insisting with his OH-SOOOO-Old-Pathetic-Rhetoric!

It was a reassuring moment... hope there are more to come!