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Sunday, July 16, 2006


1. It's been a "blueberry" weekend - photos to follow - had all kinds of net and up-loading problems - just stopped for a (turned out long-ish) coffee brake. As I am once again trying to fit the furniture - I have kept - into this small apartment, and make even better use of the space. (No decorating award for this one!) I keep on buying canvases and have nowhere to settle and paint!

2. The verdict about " blogging or not blogging" is in! I have to elaborate... Not surprised?

3. It has been a loaded week. A few crossed "smoke signals"??? Donno! In "Vinny Barbarino's famous words - I'mmm soooooo coonnnnnnnnnfused!-
Not very good for "a blonde"... oh... sometimes, things got to be carefully spelled out for me - really!

4. The gallery scene on Vancouver's famous Granville Street - this past thursday - was absolutely revolting. I' ve never seen so much crap (in a couple of blocks) in my entire life! Left out the last three galleries. ..
I kept asking myself: what IS art? What do we call art nowadays...? And of course the inevitable, bringing me again close to tears: does the world really need another mediocre painter? Although I could easily surpass that shamefless lot, even if Gábor makes it, and I get an immersion "techinique" paint-a-thon, still... what? What then?

5. The jewellery is selling nicely at the Angel Store...
I am very pleased.

6. There have been approximately 200 hits on this blog this past week... Even if the handful of us that visit are jumping back and forth checking out each other... there are still, what 125-50? unaccounted for... no?
those of you that stop by and peek, read, loiter, whatever... say something!

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