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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Kora said...

Am i allowed to post now or no. if not i will delete this and leave you alone.

oh yea everything in the world of Kora is well i am happier than S**t. My boyfriend and I had a discussion and we are doing better he is understanding and my fire of love has been renewed for him. He has agreed not to bug me about it no longer.

tell me if you wish that i still not speak with you. I MISS YOU.

"Angeldust" said...

We all screw up... BIG TIME - sometimes... (we may not mean it – but that is how it unfolds…) and, IF we realize our mistake or that we have hurt another, are TRULY sorry and take steps to make amends - from the HEART/HONESTLY - there is always a way to move forward.

I feel it will take time to re-establish trust - not impossible...

I do find myself in a "very vulnerable spot" right now - so I'd like to proceed with caution.

Sweetie - one promise please... no games - just the truth.

Let’s get past this, shall we?
I did not feel comfortable with the steps I took – hope you also forgive for being so harsh.
Do feel free to visit. Just go easy… OK?

I am really glad to hear all is well.

It takes a "big person" (not a 103 yr old one) to admit having made a mistake...Thank you for opening your heart - I will try my best to honor it.

Love and blessings

Kora said...

Thank you and yes i will try to go easy.