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Monday, July 17, 2006

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus...
(Thank you John Grey for the catchy little phrase we are now all so familiar with) and, some of us at times, are way off to la-la-land. Which planet may that be?
And how does it go… chivalry is dead… something, something?
Or, is it too “old” fashioned of a concept to remember???

Earlier today: shock, temporary - unexpected - humiliation and embarrassment.
Felt like a hundred gallons of waters hurled my way, hitting me, obliterating me...
There are deliveries meant to fatally wound (this felt like one) ... or, are they just thoughtless fear-based knee-jerk reactions...? The results are much the same.

I asked. Got an acknowledgement - but not a response.
I waited. Observed. Then, I asked again…

Silence, no matter how one slices it, has potential catastrophic results. Particularly, the silence of others, which may allow one even unintentionally, to see - imagine things - that are not there... or are they?

For instance, when and if I ask a question, I prefer an answer. A direct and polite - respectful, compassionate - if need be - answer.
No matter what the response is, I can/I will – and must - deal with it!
It is "this silence", that ends up somehow unintentionally accomodating (?) to “suit” ones needs/space/frame of mind perhaps... hmmm, but I am not quiet sure, if so at all times.

However, one must never break the number one rule!
Never, ever, ever imagine – assume anything!
But, then again, I have been around long enough to know a thing or two, to intuit - correctly. Yeahhhhh........ some things I can “smell”.
Sometimes the scents given are “confusing”… yeahhhh…. Accidentally? Deliberately? Subconsciously?

Silence has lots of meanings/scents – I am an expert of sorts in this matter – they are seldom innocent - and highly dangerous when odorless, colorless and insipid… as when involved in denial-S.
It may mean punishment from some; for other’s it is a refuge or a dark and comfy hole to hide in, a way to avoid expressing true feelings, a way to manipulate, play mind games by holding another's interest… some sort of deception maybe.... ? You name it - it is as varied as each individual wants to make it.
But, it is seldom good news.

We live in such times, at which perhaps, some of us disengage completely emotionally from our activities.
Times, when some of us may feel the “freedom” cyberspace grants, as a signal to shut down, and fall into a delusional world where there are neither human beings nor feelings involved.

Any interaction, no matter how fleeting or which shape or form it takes constitutes a "relationship". Even when and if, for a moment it is disregarded as a meaningless interaction, it is still a “relationship/an exchange” with another being – even at a remote end of the ... planet, galaxy…(?)

Have we become this selfish?
This arrogant and pompous ass-ed?
Assuming no one else outside our agenda matters/counts???
Just “asking”….

The answer to the above riddle (?) is: If one does not understand something, one must keep asking until one gets a clear (and hopefully kind, compassionate and/or respectful) answer. Then, only then, one may proceed with the correct action and take the appropriate direction. (Did I lean this from The Little Prince - Antoine de Saint- Exupéry?)

After all is said and done what, what else matters in life but, kind, caring, compassionate relationships.... exchanges ... glimpses of one another's souls?

revised and updated
Sunday, July 23, 2006

"There IS a reason for everything"

Monday, July 24
I AM Soooo over this right now... it was a true blessing in disguise!


Brown Shoes said...

I dunno what this was all about, but I hope you are truly settling down and feeling better.

Regarding the thimbleberries -



"Angeldust" said...

Not really... BS, thank you for the "feelings"
I feel as If I would have spend the day in a washing machine -
if I could only have a good cry and fall asleep...
Benigni's film dind't help either.
Heading to bed soon and reading might help.

One never really,truly knows what a question may bring up...

Did you have a chance to read the previous couple postings?

warm regards

Metalchick said...

Hi Angeldust,
I hope you're feeling OK right now, or there's always tomorrow.

On the brighter side, the blueberries look very yummy! I love blueberries, got any recipes?

Thanks for dropping by.

"Angeldust" said...

Yes dear Metalchik - time/tomorrow has huge "healing power".
It's never easy (for me) to deal with being "unexpectedly" disappointed by someone I have respected (in more ways than one)and trusted - a biiiig one for me - and "cared" (?) for as a friend... someone I thought I had an "unspoken bond" with, an "understanding"...


As for recipes – I mostly like my berries raw and plain…

BUT, I have had great success with Sunday pancake breakfast (or brunch) for family or friends/out-of-towners… no one gives a second thought to bacon and eggs!
You can prepare and have ready by guests arrival time… no need to sweat over oven!

- Different berry batches can be made - making it a Pancake Fest!

1. I prefer buttermilk with the/any berry of choice.
2. Make huge batch loaded with fruit – *** do NOT mix into batter – sprinkle (or strategically place) berries to be somewhat evenly distributed within pancake…(OK, I am anal!)
3. Keep the oven on a very low but “warm setting” - place a container of water in it - to keep pancakes from drying out – v-e-r-y important - and use cookie sheet (s) to place them when done – I prefer not to stack them.
4. With remaining berries (or a mixture? Only use mixture for sauce, if I use one berry for the pancake, otherwise I make an individual sauce for each berry/fruit) prepare a sauce. Bring to a boil – having initially added a FEW drops of water – as/if required – a few drops of lemon, taste and add if necessary, some sugar, enough to sweeten but not so much that berry will loose its flavor.
5. Thicken with a it of cornstarch or rice flower – prefer the latter. Again, be careful not to make it pasty, floury tasting…
Gently mix in a little cold water until you make a paste. Then you add the hot sauce to it – Not - the other way around, which is the way we end up with the lumps…
6. Whip up some cream! If that appears to, to intimidating – you know the drill… get a can, dream whip… just be “easy” on the sugar.
7. Set a fabulous table outside, under a tree with a flowing cloth, decorate…
8. Serve in large batches, with tea, coffee and juice. AND, cool music of course! Linger at the table...
9. Enjoy it all along with everyone.
10. You will be much loved…Guaranteed.

*** if you mix berries with batter it will be dyed with its colours and also burn easier than with the "method" I suggested - it is not complicated at all.

Got a great pound cake/loaf/bundt - whaterver shape you want it - fantastic recipe with fruits - if interested let me know.

Metalchick said...

Thanks Angeldust!
That looks good! I'll definately give it a try.

"Angeldust" said...

Any time Metalchick

In my former life I was a "domestic Goddess"