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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Had to get me some of these...

Ohhhh, yes!

Been walking by them for a couple of weeks

not having had time to stop and photograph.

Today, the mischiefangels re-arranged my schedule

and ended updoing something else

- which gave the opportunity to "get me some of these".

Donno what they are.


Dave said...

What are mischief angels? I've read about them a couple of times in your blog and i am curious as to what they are.

ian gordon said...

I usually nip over here from my "bookmarks", and so hadn't realised you'd extended to 5 blogs. So I see what you mean by downsizing... People would find it easier to know where to comment (friendly hint..)

Over at my place you raised a few issues about this blog thing, and I'm in agreement.

1. "People lose interest after a while", yes, especially if the blog is about just one thing. That's understandable. Once I've expressed an honest opinion about their music (for example) then I have nothing else to say as long as their blog continues to ONLY feature their music. (For "music" substitute adulation of a particular celebrity, photos of the family, or household pet, etc.) However, if a person does just one thing brilliantly (like R J March at "Collide Connect" http://flagrantdrunk.blogspot.com/ ) then I do keep going back because the variety within the "just one thing" affords room for further comment, AND his processes interest me.

2. True that "some people do not reciprocate" the initial comment. To be honest i really think some people just want to collect comments. This I don't understand. But how many people do you get that comment "just dashing through, like the pic, must dash" as a blatantly transparent way to get you over to THEIR dull site and leave THEM a comment. Brevity is to be praised and encouraged (I never could master it), but such comments as those are bloody rude. If they're not interested then pass through quietly.

3. Taking up another language? I'd be hopeless. What has fascinated me since I started writing on the 'net a few years ago, alongside writing lyrics, is the written word itself. One day, after all the other goals and dreams, I'd like to do something with that.

4. I think that's why I'm not "looking for something else" apart from a journal/blog. I'm basically happy with the outlet it provides me, and the mirror it holds back at me the morning after when i can review the previous day's sketch / painting. That really is why i post in the end. It divorces my work and thoughts from me just far enough for me to be able to be objective and review how to proceed. I think my previous post was really just that I'd like to link up with MORE of that type of stuff as well as the hard core community I do enjoy.

Cheers for now,
I'll be watching to see if you "downsize". Would you find the activity held more variety if you mixed it up on one blog for a while? Less is more?

ian g.

"Angeldust" said...


"Mischief Angels" are what I (and some others) understand "as the cause" of all those unexplainable events, coincidences, synchronicity... the universe speaking... for me, these last two are almost always interchangeable.

Besides that, I find it simply fascinating to be able "to blame" someone with impunity?

In addition - I have no idea how, but a number of them have officially crept up into my dwelling!

"Angeldust" said...

Ian g.
always love hearing/sharing with you.

Yes, you may observe the downsizing and consolidation - and even the "splitting off"...

I felt I have come to "feed the beast" - but, not my beast... how revealing! Old habits die hard.

And yes - with all its implications and delights -
LESS is Definitely MORE.
Sometimes you absolutely manage to read my mind...

cheers to you too

ian gordon said...

"I felt I have come to "feed the beast" - but, not my beast..."

Above all else this is the one thing to be sure and avoid with this blogger thing. I came across the site of a TV writer whose work I admire. (Wouldn't take a genius to work out what new project he is contributing towards......) But I'll not get drawn in and neglect my own dreams and intentions as happens all too much on certain other "celebrity sites".

"Angeldust" said...

Yes, I have observed that there is a lot of "distracting (to me) chatter" and also "collecting of comments"
you might have noticed that I have stopped visiting - a number of weekas ago - one such site.

During one of my blog-hopping late nights I run into one that "collected statistics" - if you can imagine getting curious - I did spend some time browsing around. At one point I encountered a link named "The Test" - I clicked, it lead me to an empty blog... it took me a few seconds to realize that I've been had!
Another one that fell into some kind of "statistical honey jar", counting how many fools would stare for how long ?
(actually, it could be an interesting anthropological study on the "sheep" syndrome may we all fall into from time to time).

It opened my eyes as to how I was also going to the above mentioned blog on a daily "pilgrimage"... no need to spell it out - you'll know what I mean...

You are being good company this afternoon

back to my chores