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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

MY INFATUATION WITH... This IS without a doubt the best ever portrait of the Chief, even if olny a charcoal sketch.

...Chief Crowfoot has never ended, but the one with Gábor did.
Ours was a May – December relationship, to everyone’s dismay! We put to shame the phrase “whirlwind romance”.
Did not quiet brake all known records but…, in retrospect, it was utterly insane. (Or highly creative, perhaps?)
When we separated, the only thing we argued about was which issues of Omni magazine were his and, which were mine!

Just before we met, I was a prolific amateur painter, having just started selling at one of largest and most reputable galleries in the country – but what did I know then?
Despite all his efforts and encouragement, I felt so intimidated by his knowledge and ability that I did not feel I had “the right” to hold a brush – He would say things such as “but there are all kinds of artists, including dilettantes, Sunday painters"... "unknown and unrecognized" classifications in North America… no, that was still not good for me.
This man got all kinds of colors out of four (4! ) little tubes of paint – me, needing about one hundred and fifty - to start with!
Need I say more? I want to weep as I recall.

As my hoped for eco-boat-camping-holiday trip to the Gulf Islands fell through yesterday morning, I immediately thought “there is a reason for everything” I am not going to get upset. Dark prospects - no holidays.

10:45 AM, I journaled some, and by the end, I felt I needed to talk to him. NOW. I held back giving myself time to think "this idea” over.
Something I have mostly avoided, as he often, "eventually" managed to drive me “bonkers”.

Last time we spoke, in January 2000, he wanted to “donate his Peugeot to me” – such propositions always worked to my disadvantage – I thought - reminding me of my adored gold Citroen that sat in the garage for two years with only the promise to be restored…(there has been a Citroen ban in Canada for decades!)

After sharing my inquietudes with a friend over coffee in the afternoon, consensus was I had to call him.

We never had “a home”, as he insisted he was an artist and he needed a “studio”, and as such, our home looked anf felt like a studio/gallery, with all those strange people staring back at me from our walls, 24/7!

9:30PM, located telephone number… would he still be there, have the same number?
The recording came on: “This is Gábor L…..’s Art Studio, I am out in an errand, please leave… huge burst of laughter - as I always though of it as funny/silly he would be "running an errand" - and, as it was the exact same recording we had 24 years ago!

:) Of course, this is MY version of the events, and I'll stick by them

to continue....

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