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Sunday, July 09, 2006

The "agent provocateur" asked.... in his blog

and I could not leave it alone - I had to do this. And it was not Mapquest; It is "Google (maps) imagery". It's amazing all one can see, the places one can access via this satelite images - some sort of virtual travel I'd say!

I don't have the technology to draw a cirle and indicate the "exact" location. But, if you count four blocks straight (North) directly above the pier, on the right side of the green patch - which is the revine you might have heard me speak of... and as per photo from beach at the end of the tidal pools plotting and survey week-end -


ian gordon said...

That's exciting. You can gradually zoom in from outer space!

I've been sending pictures to people I know of their houses.

Metalchick said...

Wow! That is really cool to be able to see far away too.
Is that an apartment building where you live? or is it off a bit?

arkhonómada said...

Toc! Toc!
¿Is here?

A qué se debe la mudanza?
"Cambia la serpiente su piel o la piel abandona a su serpiente?"
(Benigni Kung-fu lesson one)

"Angeldust" said...

This one cannot zoom in "that" close - but it's truly fascinating
Try any country you have been curious about, I'd say breathtaking!
Apropos, your "narrative" is wonderful, I'll encourage you to do it more publicly...

M-chick, yes it is an apartment and the lighter cement driveway to the garage from the alley makes it is clearly identifiable ... cannot get as close as you though...
Do you have a chance to swim daily?
An outdoor pool is sooo, divine. I stayed at a distant cousin's property in Zihuatanejo that had one and it was the first thing I did every AM. And soaked until sundown when hot-hot!

Yes! it is here...
O, yo también como tu, con tus "personalidades"
(y, hablando de personalidades, PG no respondió a una última "nota" la semana pasada)
Estaba pasando demasiade teimpo en esto y conmigo los cambios son amenudo - a diario? Pero, siempre la misma, omo indica mi perfil...

La serpiente cambia su piel - hoy, la historia es así (Ahora esto e? Recién acabamos de resolver lo de la gallina y el huevo...)

donde estas tu?
Tienes acceso a vista de satélite - no es naecesario dar calle y número.

Ya falta poco para tu viaje.
Lindo el blog the chinochano y me gusta fogonazo - ni la hora me dió!
En fin, cosa "de los famosos"
Como estás? Están?

A big hug to all