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Thursday, August 10, 2006

( after seriously assessing "to blog or not to blog" )
is to find some compatible, like minded/hearted
people ( "soul-mates") in the great cyber world.

One such blogger, "dragonflyfilly", turned out to live only a half hour north of White Rock, although we met at Iang's, waaay ooover in Nottingham, UK ... and, it wasn't that long ago either!
She picked up on the "shapeshifter" description at my profile and that opened up the door to a wonderful connection that is in its way to becoming a friendship.
We soon talked on the phone, and as most people that come to our lives - had a gift for me - she came along with information I needed to have.

Although her understanding of "shapeshifting" and mine turned out to be different,
I am absolutely thrilled that in order for me to gain more knowledge she recommended Ted Andrews' Animal Speak: The spiritual and Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small. Thus, opening a door I needed to enter... How wonderful!

This past Friday we had the opportunity to meet personally as she drove down (South) for an afternoon visit and an evening Gallery Opening/Reception. I can only describe it as the meeting of two dear old friends - utterly comfortable with each other....

She gifted me with a very special (mystery) berry jam, made by herself, which photo does not want to be posted for some reason - been trying for a couple of days - to view such precious jar you must visit PJ's blog or otherwise, just imagine it!

And, señor frog here - with a flower on his back.
The frog, being one of my totems...
Here is PJ enjoying her expresso out in the balcony,
as we were fortunate to have a warm and windless afternoon

As in food mags - PJ wanted us to take some pics ... , we had a lot of play and laughter throughout the afternoon and evening between all the serious talk - and, some blog visiting... owwhhhh, yeeeees! We "lurked" around some...

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." - Anais Nin -


dragonflyfilly said...

kool quote by Anais Nin, and Froggie came up nicely; when did you notice the flower on his back?

photos, not bad of me, (i finally got around to doing my hair, one shade lighter than usual, i am quite pleased with it - need another photo taken now!) -- what about posting one of you? -- exie photo of the very tasty expresso.



"Angeldust" said...

Dear PJ,
It is really indeed a nice quote - and so true to my beliefs.
Did you notice I wrote about the flower on señor frog's back?

NOOOO (did I say no?) photo of me at this time!

Just posted your and Suzie's "wacky" bags - as well as Julie's...

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Angel,
there is indeed something very nice about meeting another blogger face-to-face when you've already connected on your blog. I felt that way in Rotterdam when I met Val and Koos, like we had known each other forever.


"Angeldust" said...

Yeahhh, same here with PJ, since the first phone call - it was as if we had knows each other forever, and it was around the beginning of June that we first commented on our respective blogs...

I believe that there is a reason for these connections we make and that there are precious indeed, as small miracles that joint particles of energy to make a whole...

I am sure your European rendez-vous were just marvelous - you lucky girl!