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Monday, August 21, 2006

- Revisiting the past in thought and watercolours -

I never found one I disliked (no matter how small or old and decrepit), despite the many atrocities committed (past and present) in the name of religion... for me, these monuments of faith, that so strongly reflect the human dichotomy, have remained a spiritual refuge; no matter what the "denomination"- as long as I am allowed to enter the empty, sacred space at will, to appreciate the cleansing and healing solitude of the enclave...

The little chapel of my former boarding school "ironically" was such place. I believe the refuge it provided me at the time sealed my spirituality - not my religiousness (!) - for life.
I experienced peace for the first time - at such tender age - within it's walls. Total peace and safety from all predators.

The impromptu balcony studio (on a wonderful summer sunday)

laying it on thick , like jam

my forth watercolour! Not For Sale

It was hours later, after it was done and dry and enjoyingjoying a little glass of wine that I noticed the pad on the floor, as I picked it up it read: Canva-Paper, for oils and acrylics. Hmm... must use the "right paper" next time as I am planning to experiment with this image in acrylics and oils...

Perhaps the right paper would have "facilitated" more "movement" (?). OK, I am my worst critic!


serenity said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful......words and watercolor!!!! No inner critic allowed. This is just magnificent. I too have entered the world of watercolor for the first time, experimenting with illuminated calligraphy, and having been used to the flow of acrylics, I am getting used to it. I absolutely love this piece, and the words you wrote along with it. I have had the same sense about churches, and the way you put it to words has just echoed through my spirit.

You are a beautiful shining diamond, and I am blessed and gifted to be surrounded by your light!!!

blessings, peace, love, and joy flowing to you....

QUASAR9 said...

Dearest Angel Dust, hmmm sounds like you are 'expensive' perhaps I should say priceless Angel Dust, lol!

Angel Dust darling, by all means any thoughts we exchange you are free to share. I too thank you for your thoughts, and I'm most impressed with your fourth canvass - are you painting on site or from memory???

Please tell me more about your Ripple effect workshop, not forgetting that literally whenever we walk in thru certain doors, and especially the doors to friends places we walk into other 'worlds' - and again some museums and galleries have that timeless feel, where one is transported thru the ages by the paintings and works of art, and historic buildings where one gets the sense of people having walked those same 'spaces' for hundreds or thousands of years. Time as we know it only exists in the spacetime or planet we are travelling in on. Same 3D space, same City or street, the only thing that changes is time from one moment to the next or one day to the next according to our perception and the revolutions of the planet.

"Angeldust" said...

Dear Serenity

once again humbled by your words and also appreciative of such enthusiastic support, kindest words... should I be so blessed!

What IS illuminated calligraphy?

Bundles of joy to you

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *

QUASAR, dearest

You smart one, you guessed! Indeed (I am precious) priceless... and expensive if need/may be … J

This "forth" watercolour is from a black and white (what else!) from boarding school - as for the memory (what/where?) part, just the colours - which I suspect where darker - so many years later, I am sure my imagination and selection of green paint had an impact on it.

I have a "pretty good" description of the "Ripple Effect " workshop at www.AlmaPathAdventures.blogspot.com

a modest little info blog...

I shall read and re-read the rest of your text - it's not clear in my mind at this point

ripples of joy to you

Anonymous said...

Hi Angel Dust, carinyo
Yes the link 'above' works perfect, try it. i've passedby your wbsite and left a comment on Alma Matter
PS - no tengo enye en el teclado. lol!

QUASAR9 said...

Opps! that was I not anonymous

Hi Angel Dust, carinyo
Yes the link 'above' works perfect, try it. i've passedby your wbsite and left a comment on Alma Matter
PS - no tengo enye en el teclado. lol!

Metalchick said...

Hi Angeldust,
That watercolor painting looks very nice!
Sorry I haven't been here for two weeks, I sent you an e-mail which explains why I was gone.
take care.

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Angeldust,

I understand what you mean about places of solitude and peacefulness. Old country churches in Europe always had that effect on me- the one in Nohan in France with the 12th century frescos was the most striking one for me in that regard.

Your watercolour is very pretty.


Plus Ultra said...

The picture of the chapel is lovely, conveys what you want to say....not too many details, the walls not ornate and the trees are just monochrome, the sky just a tinge of blue without clouds...they all add up to what you want to convey, and the right medium too, oil and acrylic would have bee too uneven...

VallyP said...

Like Anne Marie, I know what you mean about the aura you can feel in old churches and chapels...absolutely apart from religion, they can offer so much stillness and peace.

I really like your painting, wrong paper or not! Water colour is my favourite medium, and I love the vibrancy of your colours. Thanks very much for your sweet comments on my blog, dear..xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, a long forgotten talent that you are rediscovering? enjoying and being really good at? It reflects your creativity but most important sensitivity and perception. Picture and painting are both works of art.