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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Terms of Endearment, and such

Shimmering Shore - One ("manipulated" photo) ©2006

My cultural background(s) are full of loving (and colorful other) superlatives that are used on a constant basis , maybe no longer with so much discretion. So, you must imagine what it was like growing up "Hungarian" in South America.
A very intense, dramatic "coloratura" to say the least.

Years of emotional and verbal "oppression" in North America have taken its toll, although thanks to my rebellious personality I still managed to keep a lot going , only imparted to those I feel are close to me. Sort of allowing myself to "let the cat out of the bag" situation.

The polite mannerisms of decades ago have also gone out the window including the new email "communication" style, which a lot of "cool and aloof" users assume precludes all manners whatsoever, including that of consistently failing to respond.

Got to be so bad, in both my personal as well as business experience, that I set out to research the topic. Some University sites offer a somewhat comprehensive protocol to follow.

And I was right... Imagine!
it is "supposed" to be addressed and written as a letter. It is also "supposed" to be responded to politely within 24 hrs. - or a.s.a.p! My, my... who would have thunk it!
And, miracle of miracles, someone is actually addressing you, speaking to you... What a concept!

All "manners" aside, about a year or so ago, I noticed a dear Baha'i friend of mine always addressing me as "dear Alicia", I soon noticed that she called her children and husband even in their absence "dear" so and so. Her other Baha'i friends did the same as they spoke to each other and each other's children. I found this to be invaluably warm and bonding for an intimate relationship and close friendships,
I became immensely enamored with the practice and permanently adopted it.
Living the times we do, I practice it as much as my "environment allows".
I'd say, it could be much improved upon... dear ones...


QUASAR9 said...

Hi Angel Dust, dearest.
Beautiful post, shimmering coast, terms of endearment, pastel blues, we are flowing on the same wavelength of peaceful thoughts.

You are right terms of endearment are welcoming and embracing. One thousand best wishes come flowing to you

"Angeldust" said...

What a darling you are...!

A thounsand best wishes to you dear Quasr9


serenity said...

Angeldust, What a beautiful site you have created here. Just lovely, such stunningly beautiful photographs and words of magic and loveliness. I can smell the sweet fragrance of all the flowers. Thank you for sharing. Blessings, light, and smiles sent through cyberspace and across the miles.

Anne-Marie said...

My dear Alicia,
there is a belief in pagan culture that good deeds are returned three-fold, and so your grace and gentleness will be rewarded in kind many times over.


-Sedna- said...

Hola, Gracias por tu visita...

Tu página me parece de lo más interesante...comparto muchos razonamientos de tus textos...


Me enamoré inmenso con la práctica y permanentemente me adopté te.
Viviendo los tiempos que lo hacemos, yo practicarlo tanto como mi “ambiente permite”.
Diría, él podría ser mejorado mucho sobre… los estimados...


Plus Ultra said...

Always always a pleasure to read you, again another edifying post