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Thursday, October 26, 2006

It is absolutely delighful to have things that are close to our heart - that alone makes them "beautiful". The frame bellow traveled three continents and arrived pretty much destroyed, the card came from a dear friend in California, the words of inspiration came from different magazines, I put in the time... it is totally personal and, a charming reminder of "what IS important" at my glance, just at my computer desk.
Our own photos, a creative expression also makes for "good art". Pick a subject close to your heart and just go and shoot until you are satisfied with your results....
Always keep in mind to make it all personal.
The pieces, the framing (if possible), the grouping, the placement ... let it all reflect who you are.
Above all, enjoy it!

What more can I add?
The eight year old son of a friend, sitting on a little foot stool in the middle of it all, after a few minutes into his first visit - and a quiet pause - as the sun was pouring in thorough the windows, looked at me and said with a smile, "there is a lot of stuff here but, it is very peaceful"

Love and joy to you!

The "Art Exhibit and Sale" is Waaaaaay bellow! You may have to break out a sweat :)

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