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Saturday, October 14, 2006

– The Exhibition and Sale –
October 6 - 20, 2006
due to life's strange circumstances... extented a couple (?) more weeks,
maybe just one, until the 27th?... NO...
OK. extended 'till - until Nov. 2
- On Nov. 10, 2006 it has all been set up at my Studio Galeria -

(If none of this tickles your curiosity at all,
there is always my deepest sharing... maybe that will, at

Deciding to create, “paint full time”, has been one of the sanest decisions I made I my entire life.
I am enjoying tremendously the unfolding of this new phase despite going through some really rough times that don’t appear to end … and are dragging on, and on, and… despite all my efforts. This too shall pass!

Some of you might have noticed a *SOLD above one of the posts. A fellow blogger fell in love with one of the works (plays) and asked to purchase it… what a novel idea! (Scroll down until Aug. 23 post)
It all went sweeftly and smoothly, which made me decide to share them (paints as well as jewellery) with all of you.

Before taking some of these works to the gallery for sale and some to exhibit, I would like to give you friends and visitors an opportunity to purchase any of these watercolours - I call "sketches" - should any of them tickle your fancy...

Most images are For Sale - all “as is” - not mounted, matted or framed
Pre-paid by Money Order or Bank Draft
Please, allow 10 days fro process

“EARTH” One – Series A,
Due to the fact the there may, or may not, be more than one interested blogger party, having generated the most comments, I would like to take bids during these next two weeks,
starting today Friday Oct. 6 until Friday, Oct. 20 – midnight.
Also note, there is a $75.00US Reserve on it + S&H
Bids start at $35.00US

I am also posting new (priced at request) jewellery items at
For the next week/ten days, as they too, are going to the newly relocated gallery, and other places as well.

I am looking forward to “sticking my neck out here, so “intimately”.
Blog will return to "normal" in two weeks (as you now can see!)


xmichra said...

yay!!! hehe. But of course I am excited for you!

"Angeldust" said...

xmichra dear,
And me for your "new look".
Nice blog you have started... for your beginnings.
I also like this pic.
You look good girl.

Donno what will happen, I don't think I have that much traffic for this kind of thing - just friedly bloggers.

It is all part of the journey, the process.

Hapy Thanksgiving to you and loved ones!

Jon Cox said...

Haha, your blog is so GREAT!!!! You're very creative! Wonderful work! :o) Thank you so much for stopping by, I'm very glad you like my latest creations! :o)

krystyna said...

That's really great news!
With friendly, lovely greats!!

Metalchick said...

What a great idea! Good luck with selling your paintings.

mysti said...

Oh wow that is so wonderful! Congratulations! I am very happy for you. Your work is beautiful.


Rauf said...

Thats good to hear Angeldust.
Your work is vibrant with colours and imagination. Any one would love it. Hope you sell many many more.

"Angeldust" said...

And of course, xmichra

All wonderful guests that come to visit, and each leave behind a warm gift of your spirit with your kind comments.
Thank you

Love and joy to each one of you and yours

slskenyon said...

I'm glad to hear that your creativity is taking you somewhere you really feel comfortable and enthusiastic about going. Creativity like that puts all kinds of possibility into new perspective, and I am sure you will enjoy it, but also grow with it, too.

arkhonómada said...

No puede venderse el acto creador, tan sólo sus resíduos. Son los restos deshechados de la belleza. Los pequeños retazos de un instante que se posó un segundo en el cuerpo y salió por la mano. Lo que queda es la memoria "eclosionada" de quien estuvo con ella.

Que quienes "reutilicen" tus trabajos, tengan la suerte de saborear el fondo del ingrediente.
Abrazos. Miles.

"Angeldust" said...

arkhonómada said:

The creative act cannot be sold, only its residues. Those discarded remains of beauty. The small remnants of an instant that rested for a moment on the body and left by the hand. What remains is the cloned/burnt on (?) memory of whom had it.

May those that “use” your works, have the fortune to flavor the depth of ingredient.
Hugs. Thousands.

(I had to translate this for all of you enjoy - I adore his writing!)

------------ * >

Nómada querido

en tus manos, palabras tan hermosas en secuencia perfecta.
Gracias por la visita. Me deleitas el alma - mate.

Abrazotes - así como en miles.

"Angeldust" said...


thank you for you visit and words of support.
Lova and joy

mysti said...

I love your new pic! It is just lovely.

krystyna said...

your new pictures are amazing!

Blessings to you!

"Angeldust" said...

Thank you Krystyna

Lova and joy

Metalchick said...

Hi Angel,
Thanks for checking up on me, I appreciate it. I am doing really well with my lifestyle change, my new post explains the progress I'm making.

"Angeldust" said...

metalchick dear
here I come!