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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The longest undefended border
in the world,
no more!
I learned tonight on the CBC News that our border is being patrolled by Blackhawk helicopters on the US side from two stations - to be expanded in the near future. This is in addition to the wall and watch towers to be built along its length!
Am I am the only one that thinks this is waaaaaaaaaay over the top?
If so, why the silence?
Bellow, a brief photo memoir of a time soon to be forever gone...

This book was produced by the National Film Board, Still Photography Division, and published the year I became one of the first ever "female" Canadian Immigration Officers (not to be mistaken with Customs or the newer "border guards"). To be precise, one of only three in Alberta, posted at the border town of Coutts, across from Sweetgrass, Montana. (There were some other "firsts" while I was there, thank God on a time specific contract.)

I soon went around having all I had (almost) daily contact with on both sides to have their signature. This little capriciousness of mine, may turn out to be a historical document and affirmation of the fact that at one time, we were indeed friends and trusted one another. We made arrests without weapons, our only badge was in the safe I've never learned to open... although I have to admit, that more than once we had entertained the idea of danger upon receiving FBI bulletins of criminals heading our way. Ohhh, do I have some stories!
Great were our schemes for "escape" down the non-existent fire escape ladder... Indeed, those were the times... when my (pretty nice) paycheck from the Canadian Government was cashed over the breakfast counter at the Gloccamora Inn... at par with US dollars, and I was known/indentified by the US Border Patrol, as the "girl with the push bike", when I was found on a lonely, dusty, gravel road in the middle of nowhere - pushing it, again - was doing a lot of that, given how windy it always was - lol!
*Photo by Freeman Patterson
Our office was on the second floor of the brown building half way up the middle left of this very foreshortened picture. In the foreground the US border office.

At the time, the person I could most rely upon was the Official-in-Charge on "the other" side.

Mr. B.D., Sir, a very belated, but very much heartfelt thank you for listening, supporting, mentoring and extending the warmth and courtesy of a very special kind and gentle neighbor.

How times change! Have we too, changed?


krystyna said...

Hi Angel!
Thanks for this post!!

A lot of blessings to you!

"Angeldust" said...

Krystyna dear,
You are welcome!
I enjoyed the warm memories of some very nice relationships and situations that arose as a result of my stint there.

Love and joy

Rauf said...

This is how we lose our cool, this is why psychiatrists are buying BMWs and Mercedes. Fears of our own making. Now you can't expect any sense from them Angeldust.

Bobbie said...

Believe me Angledust, you are not the only one who thinks this is over the top both at the Mexican and Canadian borders. Unfortunately, the majority of people in this country are not quite as interesting to the media as the lunitic fringe of extremists. From religion to immigration, the people who seem to get the most play are those with extreme views. I regularly write our representatives who say they agree with me but......? No matter how many towers and guns we put up, we cannot protect ourselves from the "vandals". When you lock the doors you only keep the honest people out. The criminal will still find a way to break in.
Your art is uplifting and beautiful. I really like the "Peep Hole". It's very soothing.

"Angeldust" said...

Rauf dear,
I humbly expect "some" sense to come about...
It is possible.
We must change this bullish rhetoric in the West and act/speak in a more compassionate, respectful manner - to start with...

L&B's for you

"Angeldust" said...

Hello Bobbie, welcome

I appreciate your comments.
What burns me is that "we the normal/sane" (politically speaking) cannot manage to turn the tide around - or, are turning it ever so, soooooooo slowly!

I feel we are in this nightmare we cannot wake up from!

Love, blessings and peace!