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Thursday, October 26, 2006

F R A M I N G ?
- The frames in this series are "mostly" of my liking - but, do not indicate their superiority over other choices - these just happen to suit me and my present environment, although they have been framed decades ago! -
oil - mine, unfinished, circa 1976 (* Hanging in the bathroom above the loo - 'coz I love it)
Large painting, chopped down (with signature and all - donno why!) inherited Italian oil - Smaller painting, oil by Ken Robinson, Brit relocated to our West coast. (* Creating a vignette - group two and more)

Top - a garage sale find - oil by A.Bruce (* Solving a problem, hanging over "breaker box")
Found out by the curb - oil by H. Squire (* It hangs on a wall that is covered by the window drapes all day long, at night it becomes a mysterious, somewhat exotic corner, I originally changed the frame but recently reverted back to it, although it is falling apart!)
Oil - Mine circa 1980 - 86? (* Hanging at the entrance to my bedroom about a two feet off the floor. It is where it looks best! )

Unfortunately, a frame can make or brake a painting - in my opinion. (So, if can't afford one that is suitable, leave the painting alone! Save up for it.)
You may choose the do-it-yourself method easily accessible to most now days, but again, familiarize yourself with your options and also budget for it, in case you need to do so!
A professional framer may guide you along, ask around for a trusted one, as there are all time classics and trends in this area also and you may prefer one, over the other.
A linen mat around an oil or acrylic will, generally/hopefully enhance and, of course, enlarge the work.

When it comes to prints, you will need to look for acid-free matting, which will effectively enhance the piece - watch for proportions and different widths and sizes...
You may have more than one mat, as you will (observe bellow) in "Subtle Power".
Personally, I don't like white mats - framers adore them. This is definitely a matter of choice/taste.
I always like mats around watercolours, pastels, photos and prints to reflect some of the major tones in the piece, to enhance/complement, not distract. Got to be careful here.
Ohhh, do I have stories on this subject!
I always like to have at last one mat on whatever I am placing under glass.

cont. bellow


krystyna said...

Hi Angel!
I'm very happy for read your really educational and spiritual blog.

"Angeldust" said...

Thank you dear friend!

Anonymous said...

wow...u really have a lot of art...its nice..i wish i could get started collecting some..